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Metcalfe County 1911 Births - T-Y

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According to various records, the following children were born in Metcalfe County in 1911. If you find an error in this listing, please Contact Us with a correction.

Thompson, ElsieJan 10, 1911Harris, Sarah
Thompson, DaveMar 22, 1911Slavey, Cora
Tomlin, MarySep 20, 1911Hurt, Virgie
Toole, FrankieJun 2, 1911Anderson, Veda
Travis, IreneNov 20, 1911Ray, Sofa
Trent, AnnieOct 3, 1911Payton, Mattie
Trent, CarlosSep 25, 1911Long, Mary
Triggs, NersaMay 21, 1911Renyon, Hatie
Trowbridge, ElizaNov 17, 1911Kidd, Nannie
Tudar, CharlieNov 6, 1911Husley, Flora
Tudor, AnnieJan 9, 1911Cockrum, Anita
Turner, MyrtleApr 8, 1911Clarkdosn, Mary
Unccer, PerryJun 27, 1911Brown, Ada
Urnett, JarmceApr 15, 1911Lonw, Lourinda
Vanzant, JohnMay 29, 1911Norris, Mary
Vanzant, WillieOct 19, 1911Boshoss, Ellen
Walbert, GraceDec 24, 1911Nance, Iva
Wells, DelsieMar 1, 1911Eppear, Ora
Wells, ElsieMar 31, 1911Apear, Orrie
Wells, OpalApr 8, 1911Spear, Ollie
Whitlow, BerniceJun 29, 1911Denton, Laura
Whitlow, BufordSep 12, 1911Page, Ollie
Whitlow, DorothyJun 27, 1911Franmbin, Laura
Williams, HarlanOct 26, 1911Romines, Emma
Williams, ImaJan 4, 1911Barrett, Bj
Williams, PaulNov 10, 1911Derrett, Hattie
Wilson, CharleyMay 12, 1911Harper, Connie
Wilson, LJun 1, 1911Martin, Nina
Wilson, MagdaleneSep 26, 1911Wilder, Panpie
Wilson, SMay 7, 1911Hubbard, Myrte
Wilson, StellaFeb 17, 1911Thurman, Hattie
Wilty, EdgarMay 16, 1911Pain, Lace
Witty, OnlissDec 20, 1911Cole, Imia
Woodward, MattieFeb 11, 1911Glans, Nanie
Word, MildredAug 28, 1911Harbison, Maud
Yarberry, AnnaJun 18, 1911Duzzby, Lillian
Yates, GertrudeDec 6, 1911Garvin, Jane
Yates, LouJan 10, 1911Roberts, Vergie
Yates, RuthJun 2, 1911Squires, Irene
Yates, RuthJun 2, 1911Squires, Irene
Yates, SimonApr 16, 1911Curry, Mary
Young, HughDec 2, 1911Shive, Milie
Young, JudyFeb 14, 1911Young, Nancy
Young, LillieOct 29, 1911Spears, Norma
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