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Metcalfe County 1911 Births - K-O

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According to various records, the following children were born in Metcalfe County in 1911. If you find an error in this listing, please Contact Us with a correction.

Kiltnes, KatieDec 16, 1911Srelliman, Cleo
Kirkpatrick, BennieMar 3, 1911Travis, Lubirtie
Kirkpatrick, StanleyOct 29, 1911Ray, Amillie
Lawbirth, JehmaMar 22, 1911Jewall, Dora
Leamon, BerthaMar 9, 1911Gibbons, Mary
Lee, AlmaOct 19, 1911Carter, Vandella
Lee, EmmaJul 1, 1911Pipes, Sarah
Lile, LesterFeb 2, 1911Nance, Laura
Lile, TonyJul 16, 1911Burry, Louilla
London, LillieNov 10, 1911Jeffier, Ann
Love, MaryMay 6, 1911Turner, Olga
Lowe, SanithJan 5, 1911Smith, Cora
Marcum, LeonardJan 1, 1911Reynolds, Cora
Marde, JohnJun 10, 1911Fruman, Lou
Martin, FloraAug 25, 1911Martin, Rosa
Martin, WilmaDec 1, 1911Coy, Cleady
Mathews, CoraApr 3, 1911Bradley, Clara
Maupin, AnnieDec 3, 1911Peak, Dora
Maupin, RollinSep 2, 1911Henager, Helen
McCandlers, JohnMay 3, 1911Vauzant, Ada
McCauly, JayDec 22, 1911England, Minnie
McFarland, PollyJun 30, 1911Shoultz, Margaret
McKinney, EugineJan 13, 1911Hubbard, Sarah
McKinney, GordonFeb 7, 1911Terry, Bessie
McMartry, TriggMay 26, 1911Wilson, Vinda
Medley, ClydeFeb 8, 1911Medley, Nancy
Miller, JfJun 27, 1911Wilson, Ida
Mills, LoisOct 13, 1911Smith, Mulchie
Mills, WilliamJun 4, 1911Mitchell, Nannie
Mitchell, ClarenceJan 21, 1911Poynter, Belle
Molene, SadieApr 7, 1911Simmons, Oma
Mooneyham, ElzaAug 11, 1911Wilson, Viola
Moran, HenryDec 1, 1911Knipps, Etta
Morgan, DelzaFeb 20, 1911Jobe, Roxie
Morgan, EdgarDec 17, 1911Thinker, Mary
Morgan, RayDec 22, 1911Grider, Minnie
Morgan, VerdaApr 20, 1911Morgan, Senie
Mouser, GeorgeSep 13, 1911Perkins, Jane
Muncum, KittieJul 16, 1911Nance, Sarah
Nance, RossieJan 21, 1911Shaw, Smantha
Nichols, GertieAug 24, 1911Baggy, Elizabeth
Nicols, WilliamJun 10, 1911Herriford, Necie
Norman, WilliamAug 22, 1911Tudor, Mary
Nunn, EarlSep 22, 1911Tartar, Mary
Oakes, ClaraAug 4, 1911Durrett, Maud
Oakes, JohnOct 31, 1911Poynter, Nellie
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