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Metcalfe County 1911 Births - F-J

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According to various records, the following children were born in Metcalfe County in 1911. If you find an error in this listing, please Contact Us with a correction.

Farhes, ChristineDec 22, 1911Pendletin, Lemara
Faulkner, VirnellSep 21, 1911Finn, Sally
Ferguson, JamesJul 25, 1911Fengusin, Igora
Ferguson, LauraAug 2, 1911Walkup, Malissia
Ferguson, MaryJan 26, 1911Ogynter, Verna
Fernell, OakleyJul 26, 1911Pechgv, Nchie
Field, CaffieFeb 21, 1911Gibson, Callie
Field, CallieFeb 21, 1911Gipson, Callie
Fields, GeorgeDec 4, 1911Bryant, Lev
Fields, RubyJul 21, 1911Russell, Lorwada
Ford, FlorenceSep 22, 1911Edwards, Nellie
Forrest, EmeryOct 3, 1911Comarch, Jennie
Free, MildredOct 22, 1911Free, Vesnes
Freoedge, ThomasNov 17, 1911Gorman, Lulal
Froedge, JamesMar 1, 1911Luster, Dora
Froedge, MarvinAug 28, 1911Smith, Lucy
Froedge, VersaMar 21, 1911Runyon, Hattie
Froggett, KatherineAug 1, 1911McCandless, Lillie
Froggett, WilliamNov 21, 1911Mikham, Ida
Frotdge, MaudieDec 24, 1911Shultz, Docia
Fudge, GladysJul 8, 1911Smith, Allie
Fudge, JohnJul 21, 1911Roe, Mary
Gaddie, GlynnJan 23, 1911Oakes, Kizzie
Garman, GlenaDec 31, 1911Stodone, Mattie
Garman, HermanDec 30, 1911Garman, Lela
Garmon, GlennSep 22, 1911Hurt, Barbra
Garmwn, LucyJan 20, 1911Shirley, Dora
Garrette, JewellOct 29, 1911Shane, Nora
Gibson, DellaApr 20, 1911Woodrum, Mattie
Glass, AlonzoAug 4, 1911Wheeler, Lee
Glass, WilliamDec 23, 1911Taylor, Oma
Glover, EuralAug 17, 1911Franklin, Florence
Gloves, DavidJul 4, 1911Mandoye, Lillie
Goode, NellieMay 24, 1911Hall, Hester
Gravin, ViolaMay 25, 1911Wilty, Maud
Green, HarryMay 20, 1911Lane, Mary
Green, LeonMay 20, 1911Lane, Mary
Grider, LectorMay 26, 1911Hoover, Nila
Grider, OrvalSep 11, 1911Edwards, Addie
Hagan, MabelMar 10, 1911Jones, Roxie
Hamilton, IrineDec 30, 1911Demenbrum, Emma
Haney, EarlDec 24, 1911Franklin, Endora
Harper, AmandaAug 24, 1911Bragg, Francis
Harper, RobertJul 23, 1911Willeax, Calidonia
Harris, LeeMay 7, 1911Compton, Florence
Harvey, CayDec 7, 1911Sparks, Almar
Hatcher, LizziebethFeb 21, 1911Yates, Cora
Hayes, CloeSep 1, 1911Pennington, Nancy
Hensley, ElmoseMar 13, 1911Edwards, Victor
Hensley, PrentisApr 17, 1911Word, Myrtie
Hill, LouieSep 3, 1911Greer, Pearl
Hingery, PearlJan 8, 1911Sanbens, Davie
Hiser, JosephApr 18, 1911Coomer, Jane
Hodges, PearlMay 10, 1911Branstetter, Cora
Holland, CharleyApr 20, 1911Wheeler, Allis
Holland, JamesAug 27, 1911Simmons, Lilly
Hood, CecilApr 2, 1911Cable, Martha
Howard, OaklyJun 5, 1911Wright, Lakcie
Huff, JosephSep 10, 1911Moliny, Bessie
Hufman, RobertJun 16, 1911Dautherty, Laura
Humes, WilliamFeb 18, 1911Cowthorne, Lucy
Hurt, BurleFeb 27, 1911Glas, Goly
Hurt, EnelMar 23, 1911Johnson, Bettie
Hurt, EuraMar 24, 1911Shaw, Bertha
Hurt, RussleFeb 27, 1911Glas, Goly
Hurt, WillieSep 4, 1911Smith, Annimita
Jameson, RobertNov 9, 1911Jameson, Kate
Jancher, GloddinFeb 9, 1911Vhnn, Kizzie
Jennings, CharlesMar 8, 1911Jones, Mary
Jennings, FlossieJun 1, 1911Cole, Embla
Jennings, MaggieNov 10, 1911Whitlow, Minnie
Jessee, LorenaFeb 20, 1911England, Lou
Jessie, BessieOct 13, 1911England, Ellen
Jessie, MarvinSep 5, 1911England, Lula
Jessie, WillieOct 31, 1911Wilson, Eliza
Jewell, SallyMay 28, 1911Gibson, Icy
Jobe, ElsieApr 3, 1911Lowell, Sousan
Johnson, HenryMay 19, 1911Miller, Arizona
Johnson, HenryMay 19, 1911Miller, Ona
Jolly, AmosOct 16, 1911Morgan, Eva
Jones, MaryNov 11, 1911Jessie, Lillie
Jones, MearNov 16, 1911Johnson, Mevin
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