Metcalfe County Genealogy

Metcalfe County Biographies

The Kentucky Biographies Project, begun by Jeff Murphy in 1996, contained hundreds of biographies of Kentuckians, including more than seventy that have a connection to Metcalfe County. Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem with the link to the project itself. You may find it on the WayBackMachine for now at this address.

The individual text bios are still available in their original locations on Rootsweb, and we have listed links to the ones from Metcalfe County below. You will need to use your BACK button to return to this page.

Allen, Orlando C.
Anderson, Franklin Doddridge
Beauchamp, Edmund R.
Beauchamp, Neuell R.
Beauchamp, Robinson P.
Bell, Nat G.
Bell, Sebastian C.
Boston, James H.
Bragg, Levi
Branstetter, Michael Preston
Burks, James
Coleman, James B.
Compton, John W.
Conyers, William A.
Crenshaw, Anderson
Crenshaw, William A.
Dohoney, Robert B.
Dowell, John S.
Eubank, William Anderson
Faulkner, David
Ferguson, Joseph
Franklin, George H.
Freeman, George W.
Garman, Alfred A.
Gibson, John C.
Grinstead, Francis M.
Hamilton, Bloomfield S.
Hamilton, E.F.
Hamilton, Robert T.
Hamilton, William
Hamilton, William W.
Hodges, Benjamin A.
Hubbard, Joseph H.
Huffman, Simeon
Irvin, Martha L.
Jameson, James W.
Leamon, Jonathan S.
Lewis, Elzy
Marcum, William
McBeath, J. Mark
Mitchell, Samuel W.
Morgan, David N.
Morgan, Henry A.
Morris, Jerman B.
Muncie, James Calvin
Newman, Eugene W.
Pace, William Thomas
Pedigo, George E.
Pedigo, John Grogan
Pendleton, John A.
Pile, Alvin C.
Porter, Braxton D.
Ray, Joseph F.
Read, Jonathan
Reid, Henry C.
Riggs, William M.
Rush, Peter Stevens
Scott, John H.
Smith, David
Smith, David C.
South, Joseph
Stockton, Joseph B., Jr.
Taylor, Benjamin F.
Taylor, Zachariah
Thompson, Catlett W.
Vanzant, Hugh Robert
Vanzant, John Paul
Wade, Matthew
Walker, St. Clair
Watson, Marcus L.
Withers, James A.
Witty, Ezekiel
Young, John U.

Genealogy of the Clark and Pace Families

In July 1905 William Henry Clark, then approximately 80 years old, published a booklet titled Genealogy of the Clark and Pace Families in which he set down what he recalled about his Clark and Pace ancestors, as well as many of their relations. These families were a part of Metcalfe County history.

The booklet has been transcribed, with additional information added, and is available online at this site.

Family of John & Celia Bowles

John and Celia (Sally) Bowles raised a family in Barren/Metcalfe Counties KY during the early to mid 1800's. Because they did not transact much business or sign many documents, and because they were not a prominent or wealthy family, it has been a challenge to learn much about them. What is found at this site has been pieced together carefully, and is supported by documentation.

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