Metcalfe County Genealogy

Metcalfe County Deaths - 1911

According to the Kentucky Death Index, 143 people died in Metcalfe County in 1911. With the small exception of a few of them, the Kentucky Vital Records Project has images of their death certificates online. To see the certificate image, select the person's name. This link will open a new browser window. To return here, close that new window.

NameAgeDeath Datecertificate #
Bailey, Virtia E308-09-191121799
Baise, Ellen T6308-17-191121788
Beachamp, Matilda A8911-30-191130265
Beard, James FU/110-19-191126711
Beck, Delia S2905-10-191113324
Begarstaff, Mamie 103-16-191107709
Blakey, Lee 411-06-191129425
Blaydes, Alonza 210-29-191127395
Bobbet, William 8406-09-191116049
Broady, Ellen 4301-12-191102124
Burns (Crews?), Ervin U/101-12-191102128
Cage, James E7703-14-191107706
Cassady, Mary M7301-08-191102126
Clack, (female child of Jerman) U/103-30-191111223
Clark, Christien U/106-25-191116048
Clark, Joseph W7403-20-191107704
Clark, Lanan M5511-17-191129420
Clemmons, John W6705-17-191113327
Coffey, Fannie MU/106-04-191116856
Coleman, Leona C3001-14-191102122
Coleman, Mary E6001-13-191102121
Coleman, Zachariah G02-24-191104583
Conrad, Sanford B1109-03-191124116
Coomer, Eula J210-07-191126706
Crews, Nancy E3802-28-191104594
Crews, William R8308-27-191121801
Cross, George F108-14-191121792
Dougherty, Hanibal BU/101-18-191104587
Delk, (male child of Dan) U/112-20-191105740
Dilley, Omar B911-08-191129421
Douglas, Nellie 1404-18-191111342
Dowell, Dodie B3005-16-191113321
Edmarie (Edwards?), Abbie M3106-29-191116045
Edwards, Andrew 1102-04-191104592
England, Nannie 6712-27-191132255
Estes, John W7612-28-191132252
Farhes (Forbes?), Christine U/112-22-191132251
Franklin, Austin W6505-15-191113325
Franklin, Tandy M7712-02-191132254
Freeman, Smith 5802-05-191105307
Frizzell, Charles 10-07-191126709
Frudge, Mandy W7601-15-191102129
Frugges, Arthur R7708-09-191121798
Furkin, Wilson B8408-09-191121797
Galloway, Leon 605-16-191113318
Garman, Bessie 108-11-191121800
Gravin, Viola MU/107-17-191119114
Gray, Gissy (Gerry?) M5605-07-191113317
Green, Harry U/105-20-191113320
Griffith, Lydia A6903-24-191107711
Haggard, Othie LU/108-21-191121794
Hamilton, H E3611-28-191100073
Hariford, Martha A7201-07-191102127
Harper, Eddie LU/102-15-191105306
Harris, Carrie 710-29-191121786
Hensley, Burrell 8705-14-191113314
Hensley, John W9607-02-191119112
Heron, Martha S04-07-191110620
Hoover, J M8004-26-191110615
Huffman, Mary J7205-18-191113315
Huffman, Nancy 8601-24-191102125
Hupp (Huff), (male child of Joseph) U/109-10-191124113
Hurt, Ida 2401-24-191102130
Jewell, Eugenie F4004-03-191110617
Jolley, George M2502-14-191104586
Jolley, Louis B3806-16-191116046
Jones, Veachel A204-24-191111343
Kesler, Vallie 609-11-191124115
Kidd, Alex C8504-01-191110616
Kingrey, Davie M2107-06-191119117
Kirkpatrick, Callie 212-06-191132249
Kirkpatrick, Mollie 2412-27-191132250
Kirkpatrick, Stanley U/110-29-191126708
Leftweh (Leftwich?), Isabel 6007-12-191119110
Lile, Lester CU/102-20-191104591
Lorrinder, Melinda G8202-12-191104596
Love, Sarah A7402-01-191104584
Mackey, Callie 2406-18-191116047
Martin, Quintilla A5507-13-191119892
Medley, Clide U/107-21-191119115
Mitchell, Pheoba B5605-17-191113322
Morgan, Verda MU/104-20-191116700
Murrell, Martha A3607-19-191119893
Norman, Viola 2504-29-191110619
Norris, John S3205-25-191113326
Nuckols, Geo C2507-04-191119116
Nuckols, Margarel 104-28-191110618
Oliver, Joseph 7407-15-191119894
Pace, Catherine 7409-27-191124114
Page, Nancy E5401-25-191104598
Park, Elbert 311-30-191129424
Pedigon, Cortis FU/108-03-191121796
Perkins, Alphy U/105-11-191113323
Perkins, Della JU/107-15-191119119
Perkins, Phelps (Phelby) J3002-29-191104599
Pierce, Callie D2610-28-191130111
Pierce, William F7202-06-191104588
Pitcock, (male child of Walter) U/108-31-191121795
Poynter, Jose TU/109-26-191124117
Read, (female child of Birdie) U/101-29-191111185
Redman, Nancy 8801-21-191102123
Richardson, Mary S6102-13-191104585
Riggs, (female child of Eugene) U/112-20-191132253
Riggs, (male child of Jean) U/103-25-191107712
Rodgers, (male child of J.B.) U/103-27-191107707
Rodgers, (male child of J.B.) U/103-29-191107708
Scarbough, Elsie 6309-27-191124111
Scott, Ulyssis G4305-01-191113319
Shinkes (Slinker), Nannie 4707-22-191119111
Shirley, George A4210-28-191126707
Shives, Charlie 8902-11-191104600
Skaggs, Jane W8301-20-191102684
Smith, Emuel LU/110-28-191126714
Smith, Eva L1312-21-191100160
Smith, George W9102-16-191104597
Smith, Jack U/112-20-191100159
Smith, John T7308-02-191121793
Smith, Martha E8002-09-191104595
Smith, Nancy 7708-16-191121791
Smith, Sarah 6507-19-191119120
South, Robert O310-08-191126710
Stevens, Sarah 6403-27-191108561
Stilts, Susan 9002-06-191104589
Stone, Lena 2907-06-191119118
Tayborn, Annie U/110-03-191126713
Thompson, Martha A7710-21-191126712
Tolle, Frankie LU/108-08-191121789
Travis, Charley W1808-08-191121790
Vanzant, Elizabeth E7704-14-191110614
Vanzant, (male child of John) U/105-29-191113316
Wallas, Sarah E3802-07-191104590
Whitlock, Avery LU/111-15-191129423
Whitlock, Lee 2010-17-191127394
Whitlock, Mary 6302-17-191104593
Williams, Bazil 2304-14-191110613
Williams, Melvina 5609-30-191124112
Witty, Delia F3503-21-191107710
Wood, German 2711-29-191130266
Word, Eliza 8707-10-191119113
Yates, Charley J8108-01-191121787
Yates, W T5011-04-191129422
Young, John U7303-22-191107705
Young, Maranda C6807-27-191119121
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