Metcalfe County Genealogy

Houk Cemetery in Metcalfe County

The cemetery is located in Metcalfe County on highway 218 west of Greensburg and east of Horse Cave.

The information below was gathered by Ethel W. (Walton) Douglas and written on paper. Her son has graciously typed it for us. Mrs. Douglas died March 9, 1989 and is buried there at the cemetery. These records are incomplete as the cemetery continued to accept burials after Mrs. Douglas completed her work.

?? All ??9-186210-6-1862
Addis Ray Nunn3-27-19143-8-1915
Asbury Mary A.19431966
Atwell A. J.????21st Ky Inf
Atwell Aaron18421908
Atwell Alma Lois5-4-193411-4-1935
Atwell B. B.????
Atwell Birdie18851965
Atwell C. C.18861959W./Mary Lou Huff
Atwell Catherine18841948H./Porter
Atwell Catherine Huff18471891
Atwell Cindy Nunn18611945
Atwell Cora18921965Husb Henry
Atwell Damon191010-4-19721stw./Hazel B 2ndw./Blanch Mccubbin
Atwell Elizie19091963
Atwell Elva Thompson18901973
Atwell Ethel18891908
Atwell Eva188511-22-1936H./W. (Bee)
Atwell Evelyn1-29-19124-14-1913
Atwell Florance London18611927
Atwell Glyndell V.19381969
Atwell Hazel B.19097-6-19361stw./Damon
Atwell Henry18911975Wife Cora
Atwell Henry18851920
Atwell Ida Fory Greer18941973
Atwell Jackson18611917
Atwell James N.18781959
Atwell John (Fekir)18601957
Atwell John R.18391924
Atwell John R.2-19023-14-1902
Atwell Kenyon19201951
Atwell Lavern5-2-19325-2-1932
Atwell Lawrence18941971
Atwell Leamon19031975
Atwell Lester19041973W./M. Carrie Trowbridge F./Bee
Atwell Louise4-15-1919
Atwell Lusinda Nunn18811962
Atwell Mary Eliza18471929
Atwell Mary Lou Huff18981919H./C.C. - Sis. Of Boss
Atwell Mose18481927
Atwell Nancy E.18261868H./William
Atwell Oscar Verlan1926
Atwell Porter18711936W./Catherine
Atwell Richard N.18121880W./Sarah P.
Atwell Sallie18811904
Atwell Samuel E.19431943
Atwell Samuel Venson18861963
Atwell Sarah P.18161887H./Richard N.
Atwell Sarah P.18771877D./A. & S.
Atwell Susan Nunn18451908
Atwell Thurman Ray11-3-192011-3-1920
Atwell Victor L.10-30-19116-12-1966Wife Lora Webb
Atwell W. (Bee)188212-17-1975W./Eva
Atwell William8-16-18008-17-1877W./Nancy E.
Atwell William H.18671872S./A. & S.
Atwell Wood18861977
Bastin8-24-19428-24-1942S. Of/Marvin & Violet Asbury
Bastin Amos18759-14-1946W./Launa B. Fancher -M./1938
Bastin Newman9-30-191511-17-1973S./Amos & Launa
Beckner Lizzie Huff18661938
Bell Anna E.18811939H./Shepard L.
Bell Ida18891912
Bell Shepard L.18751946W./Anna E.
Bishop Allie M.18851961H./Samuel E. M./10-18-1900
Bishop Samuel E.18781963W./Allie M. M./10-18-1900
Burd Armeda Chaney4-28-19245-23-1965H./Orville
Calhoun Audrey19161960
Calhoun Avlet L.19021941
Calhoun Callie L.1900
Calhoun Elmer18941959
Calhoun Namie B.18811919
Calhoun Thomas R.18621946
Cantrell Claudia9-12-18999-19-1959
Cantrell Melissa????
Cawthorn Alfred18931971
Chaney Beatrice9-23-19212-4-1922D./Roy & Isabell
Chaney Ersel18911931H./Will
Chaney Georgia19101974H./Jack (Luther)
Chaney Isabell Fegette8-10-19022-5-1985H./Lee Roy
Chaney Jack (Luther)2-26-19118-15-1969W./Georgia
Chaney James Alfred18751937W./Nellie Donan Houk
Chaney James Weldon19231939S./Will & Ersel
Chaney Lee Roy18991954W./Isabell Fegette
Chaney Linden19431946S./Jack & Georgia
Chaney Nellie Donan Houk18911932H./James Alfred
Chaney Paul V.19291938
Chaney Ruth Dale Sexton6-5-19238-11-1969H./Duluth
Chaney W. T.11-14-191911-15-1919S./Roy &Isabell
Chaney Will18781931W./Ersel M./Puss C.
Chaney William19091935
Clark Dora18871970H./Harlan L.
Clark Harlan L.18771957W./Dora
Coffie J.????
Cook Ernest188919691st W./Lillian Jewell
Cook Lillian Jewell18972-3-19211st W. Of Ernest
Cook Thelma Overfelt19101971
Crain Alzora18891924H./Arthur
Crain Arthur18861940W./Alzora
Crain Beulah5-25-19247-27-1924
Crain Glen19191954
Crain Ida1921
Crain J.M.18641925
Crain James19091931
Crain L. H.18691939
Crain Mary18741951
Crain Mildred19141927
Crain Ray8-12-1919W./Vera
Crain Vera19161976H./Ray
Crain Victor19121930
Crain Walter18941970
Crenshaw Amos18911970
Crenshaw Frances18631940H./James W.
Crenshaw James W.18551931W./Frances
Curry Donnie Wood19481952
Davis Ada Lee Gore19081974Husb. Floyd
Davis Amy18801964
Davis Cleo1896??
Davis Daniel18581940
Davis Dollie????
Davis Donan19111963W./Hallie Trowbridge -Ww Ii Vet
Davis Edna M.1898
Davis Fayetta Mouser18631-1-1939
Davis Flora Irvin18766-14-1941
Davis George Perry18781933
Davis James P.4-7-18946-23-1976Pfc Ww1-Wife Zilpah Mccandless
Davis Joseph18531935
Davis Katherine H.18341916
Davis Leola18741936
Davis Levi18881972
Davis Louis V. (Tina)18771937
Davis Margie Mae3-6-19323-9-1932
Davis Mary19211922
Davis Mary Kathleen1-18-19181-18-1918
Davis Samuel N.18831922
Davis Sarah18581913
Davis Violet Isabel11-28-191612-23-1916
Davis William S.18721946(Sammie)
Davis Zilpah Mccandless7-21-189911-24-1966Husb James P./Marr. 1921
Dobson Cassander18371913
Dobson Henry19021977
Dobson John D.18431914
Dobson Rosa Ettie19061907D./Henry & Lovie
Dobson Sallie Mouser18771959Dave Mouser's Daughter
Dobson Sam18681927F. Of Henry Lovie Ruby Charles
Donan Chris????F./John -Bro./Dr.Dave
Donan Liza Houk11-??-184310-27-191911/20 Or 11/30-1843
Douglas Jesse Edward9-18-19036-25-1969Accident -W./M. Ethel Walton
Eaton Ray M.19161971Ww Ii Pvt Co D 764 M P
Edwards Lucian187919382nd H. Of Minnie Mouser
Emory Samuel10-7-194710-7-1947
Emory Virginia19241948
Fancher1-27-19491-27-1949S./Leslie & Arvetta
Fancher5-6-18815-6-1881S./H.W. & S. Lucinda
Fancher Alfred B.18771953W./Emma E.
Fancher Beula Mae19071975H./Garnet
Fancher Birdie19141944
Fancher Carl19131966W./Ruby Nell Light
Fancher Chloras18571933H./H.W.
Fancher David R.19491961
Fancher Dwight19511964
Fancher E. E.18891920
Fancher Elbert L.3-20-19303-20-1930S./William & Katie
Fancher Elfred18891920
Fancher Eliza Nunn18961973
Fancher Emma E.18821962H./Alfred B.
Fancher Garnet19041951 ?W./Beula Mae
Fancher Gordon19181918
Fancher H. W.18611934W./Chloras
Fancher Henry1871??
Fancher Ida V.1879??
Fancher J. T.192612-15-1958Air Force
Fancher J. Thomas18721936
Fancher Jackie Sheldon4-22-19416-8-1941
Fancher James11-24-19194-5-1920S./J.F & Lucy
Fancher James M.1865??
Fancher John19261958
Fancher John F.18871923
Fancher Katie Perkins18881964H./William B.
Fancher Kizzie Nunn18921978
Fancher Larry8-14-19458-18-1945
Fancher Launa B.Bastin18821977H./Amos -M./1938
Fancher Lee Thomas192110-26-1965W./Vernell
Fancher Lucille19241973
Fancher Lucinda E.18796-13-1880D./H.W. & S.
Fancher M. L.4-5-1877??
Fancher Michael18411903
Fancher Odeal2-9-19122-11-1912
Fancher Ora B.6-188412-22-1899D./H.W. & S.
Fancher Otis19061971
Fancher Richard19531964
Fancher Ruby Nell Light1922H./Carl
Fancher Sarah E. Houk18421892
Fancher Turah5-1-19136-9-1913
Fancher Vernell1926H./Lee Thomas
Fancher William Benjamin18711937W./Katie Perkins
Fancher William T.18511909
Fegette Dan T.18671942W./Sarah Cattie Hensley
Fegette Kirby9-7-19056-19-1944
Fegette Sarah Cattie Hensley18741965H./Dan T.
Ferguson Lori Michelle2-7-19662-7-1966D./Leon & Virginia
Ferguson Mary F.18601940
Ferguson Virginia L.19221966
Ferguson W. P.18551936
Forbes Earl12-8-19281-11-1929
Forbes Everet (Buster)1903?? 1985
Forbes Mae Poynter19051961D. Of Henry & Ida Poynter
Frobes Allyne19221938
Furgerson A. M.????Co E 30th Ky Inf
Gentry ???Ell18691943
Glover Karen19491974
Gooden187512-30-1875S./William H. & Pocahontas
Gooden Henry Feelen18796-22-1945W./Maymie Kenslow
Gooden Malissa B.1847??H./G.A.
Gooden Maymie Kenslow19011977H./Henry Feelen
Gooden Pocahantas18551886H./William H.
Gooden Stanley11-19211-1927
Gooden William Henry18481897W./Pocahontas
Gossett M. Ellen18781928
Gossett Terry Huff18771956
Greer Carl D.8-11-19258-11-1925S./Herbert & Lucy
Greer Dorothy Jean3-29-193110-1-1931
Greer Eula Rock189612-16-1961H./William T.
Greer F. G.2-1-19302-1-1930S./Mack & Ruby
Greer Herbert??1982 ??W./Lucy A. Fancher
Greer Lucy A. Fancher18991974H./Herbert
Greer Willim T.18921952W./Eula Rock
Harlow Jno H.18801970W./Lucy E.
Harlow Lucy E.18721944H./Jno H.
Hay Lettie18831921
Hazel Martha J. Mouser18651941B./Grant Mouser
Hazel Samuel W. (Tant)18661954
Hester Samuel Depp2-14-19372-17-1937
Hicks John V.18621911
Hitch Ernest Ray19021938
Holley Carolyn Sue4-5-19634-5-1963D./Tom & Amy
Holley Charlie M.19201974
Holley David G.18871964W./Mary E.
Holley Ella Pryor18971969
Holley George W.18891961
Holley Ivy Lillian12-28-19206-30-1921D./Sam & Lucy
Holley John L.8-28-19409-20-1940
Holley Lucy18871975H./Sam
Holley Mary E.18481923H./Dave
Holley Ruby N.19171926
Holley Sam18751946W./Lucy
Holley Samuel George19631972Jr.?
Holly Elsey9-9-19249-18-1924
Holly James H.18851948
Houk Amy Thompkins7-28-18636-29-1930
Houk Clora Inis19031963Married 1-16-20
Houk Cornelius12-16-18544-13-1940
Houk D.181311-5-1897
Houk Denzel (Bum)3-2-18891-15-1958
Houk Dick189712-13-1968
Houk E.????
Houk Ellen1866??H./Gideon W. (Pete)
Houk Floyd D.19281968
Houk George N. (Nick)3-13-189411-2-1957
Houk Gideon Wesley (Pete)18451918W./Ellen
Houk Ira9-21-18848-18-1961
Houk James F.19239-5-1973Army Air Force Ww Ii
Houk Leon J.19381973
Houk Lther18981975
Houk Lucy Byrd10-2-18995-10-1976
Houk Mae Noha19821971Husb.?/Noah B.
Houk Mary4-11-18114-10-??4-10-1896 Or 18??
Houk Neal (Little)4-24-19024-11-1918
Houk Nellie Atwell18867-2-1959Husb. Roy M.
Houk Noah Bascom18801965Wife?/Mae Noha
Houk Pemelea????
Houk Raymond E.19251975
Houk Rollen Doris19011974
Houk Roy M.18801-26-1952Wife Nellie Atwell
Houk Woodrow19121977Wife Bessie Turner
Huff ??????
Huff Albert Miller (Boss)18951932
Huff America19131965
Huff C. M.18361928
Huff Chester19091911
Huff Dollie Frances18821954
Huff Erman Whitlow18701934
Huff Floyd Raymond11-29-192711-30-1927
Huff George18161902
Huff L. E.????
Huff Less Hutcherson18821950
Huff Lucy2-26-1906
Huff Mack19001974Bro. Of Effie Perkins
Huff Malinda18121901
Huff Otis A.19271945
Huff Powhatan18711950
Huff Terry L.19041925
Huff Will A.18771951
Huffman Terry G. Sr.18741897
Irvin Petricia L.12-11-195712-13-1957
Irvin Thomas J. Jr.19261977W./Lottie B. Perkins
Jeffreys Paulina F.18471922
Jewell Ada L. Fancher18791954H./Edd L.
Jewell Archie18891976W./Hallie Hazel
Jewell Bert19041975W./Mable London
Jewell Dalton C.19121-17-1929S./Archie
Jewell Edd L.18751945W./Ada L. Fancher
Jewell Gerald B.11-19273-7-1928
Jewell Hallie Hazel18901966H./Archie
Jewell J. F.18681944
Jewell Joe Kelly194512-25-1958
Jewell John R.18421908W./Victoria
Jewell Louis F.18511928W./Melissa Jane Or Betty
Jewell Mable London1907H./Bert
Jewell Melissa Jane Or Betty18561941H./Louis F.
Jewell Sadie18861964
Jewell Sugeon18971965
Jewell Victoria18631940H./John R.
Jones Joyce A.7-14-195912-11-1962Fa./Garson Mo./Bernice Kidd Jones
Jones Rodger D.9-28-19489-29-1948
Kessler Alva18771947Wife Sissie M.
Kessler Clyded19041967Fath. Alva/Bro. Curtis
Kessler Curtis E.19021959Wife Lalan Z.
Kessler Lalan Z.19031962Husb. Curtis E.
Kessler Sissie M.18811967Husb Alva
Kidd Alva18771960W./Sarah Ellen
Kidd Ernest19011-8-1940W./Edna Nunn
Kidd Joyce12-6-194612-6-1946D./Rupert & Zora Nunn
Kidd Kenneth6-20-192411-28-1924
Kidd Madell5-5-19265-6-1926
Kidd Sarah Ellen18791952H./Alva
Kidd William Paul19383-2-1970S./Rupert & Zora Nunn
Kinslow8-7-18988-22-1898Infant S./H.M. & M.F.
Kinslow Annie F.5-28-19175-28-1917D./Tom & Ollie
Kinslow Annie L.18991901D./H.M. & M.F.
Kinslow George Thomas18941940Ww Ii Pvt 37 Div
Kinslow Harold11-5-191611-5-1916
Kinslow Henry Moss18671947W./Martha Francis Fancher
Kinslow Martha Francis Fancher18701931H./Henry Moss
Kinslow Michael A.18961957
Kinslow Ollie B. Kidd18946-4-1917
Kinslow Pearl18941947
Lile Bernice19087-5-1947D./General & Effie Perkins
Lile Bernice19161918
Lile Betty J.6-18-1936Infant/D./L & E
Lile Carrye Ellen190919271stw. Of/Earl Lile
Lile Clara Mae6-26-19311-13-1933D./Jim & Geneva
Lile Edgar19001962
Lile Elzora18771954
Lile George18661945
Lile J. M.18501931
Lile Jean 19411975Acc. H./Donald
Lile Jerry Lynn8-22-19751-24-1976S./Leonard & Jean
Lile Juanita6-17-19266-17-1926D./Okla & Lora
Lile Liza18771932
Lile Lora1894H./Okla
Lile Lovie Young2-14-19129-11-19641st W./Of Claud
Lile Lucy B.1-10-19271-10-1927
Lile Odis4-11-19114-11-1911
Lile Okla1895W./Lora
Lile Ralph4-15-19192-17-1965Wife Wanita
Lile Ray Wilson10-31-19335-14-1948Strawberry Truck Acc.
Lile Samuel J.4-17-1930
Lile Wilson9-190010-1918
London Betty Sue19401941
London Ilma Houk Young11-23-18863-10-1954
London Larry Wayne11-27-194210-12-1943S./Mr & Mrs Robert
London Lyndle19171956
London Robert Wayne7-19-19443-19-1945S./Robert & Lillian
Marshall Eddie Lewis19251965W./Mamie
Marshall Mamie18951968H./Eddie Lewis
Martin Darry Jean19581977
Martin Pearl Crenshaw18861963
Miller John A.18511920
Miller Malinda1854??
Milton Georgeann Fancher18761942
Milton Howard19491965
Milton John W.18761942
Milton Lloyd19081963
Minor A. E.18501924
Minor M. L.????
Morgan Orville P.1898
Mouser A. Grant18751950W./Vick B. Atwell
Mouser Allie????
Mouser Bert11-4-19013-26-1976Wife Ida Myers/Marr. 10-8-1921
Mouser Charles F.10-11-189312-24-1952Killed Hazard Ky (By Gunman)
Mouser Connie Allen9-10-19545-13-1964Auto Acc./D. Of Veachel/Barbara
Mouser Daniel E.7-31-195312-22-1953
Mouser David18541925W./Nancy T. London/Bro. Newt
Mouser David Henry9-21-18878-28-1888
Mouser Ettie Evert18891902
Mouser George18761912Dave's Son
Mouser Ida Myers9-17-18958-10-1973Husb. Bert
Mouser Isaac Newton (Newt)18501898W./Vick B. Mouser
Mouser J. J.18421877W./L.V.
Mouser J. J. ??????35 Yrs. 1877 ??
Mouser James A.18941970M./Kidd ?? -S./Dave & Nancy
Mouser John W.18741920
Mouser L. N.18501898
Mouser L. V.18421906H./J.J.
Mouser Lucille1914??
Mouser Lucy M.6-8-18971-28-1916
Mouser Malcom190412-5-1922
Mouser Marty Y.2-6-19642-7-1964
Mouser Mary A.18951908
Mouser Mary Ann19561967
Mouser Mattie Bell18741902
Mouser Nancy T. London18591931H./David
Mouser Oral A.19151916
Mouser Ottie Uma19072-6-1912
Mouser Redrick18681911Fredrick ??
Mouser Roy F.8-8-19006-27-1955
Mouser Susie Mckinney Atwell????Mother Of Hulen D.
Mouser Vick B. Atwell187019562nd H./A. Grant
Mccubbin Charlie B.18861944W./ Martha
Mccubbin Martha18951983?H./Charlie B.
Nunn A. S. (Spurge)18921954W./Ethel Trowbrdge. & Katie Broady
Nunn Annette19021967
Nunn Bessie Page Vincin19061915
Nunn Bonnie F.19091966
Nunn Cindy18841914
Nunn Clarence Elmore18791958
Nunn David James18551931
Nunn Edwin19071916
Nunn Elizabeth B.18801960H.?/R. Newton
Nunn Ella Kinslow18921951
Nunn Emmet188210-8-1959W./Ella Kinslow
Nunn Eugene18811955W./Bessie Harlowe
Nunn Evy11-15-189811-15-1898
Nunn G. R.18941894Infant
Nunn Genie18851964S./Washington & Sarah Oldest Son
Nunn George W.18881948
Nunn Gilbert Marshall (Gib)1920
Nunn Ida L. Mouser18921975H./John Wm.
Nunn J. C.1-18-18891-18-1889
Nunn James R.6-19116-1912
Nunn Jas. David18871948
Nunn John W.18661941
Nunn John Wm.18751930W./Ida L. Mouser
Nunn Kathleen Overfelt1900
Nunn Katie Broady Mckinney??Now Morgan (1985)
Nunn Katie Kidd??1984?H./Luther -M./6-16-1923
Nunn Luther19031975W./Katie Kidd -M./6-16-1923
Nunn Nellie Weshire18961964Husb./Robert Nunn
Nunn R. Newton18771965W.?/Elizabeth B.
Nunn Robert3-21-18973-21-1897
Nunn Rosa Lee18831954
Nunn Ruby Helen191212-11-1919H./Clarence
Nunn Sallie Crenshaw18881953
Nunn Sarah J.18581938
Nunn Sarah Jane18491927H./Washington W.
Nunn Sheridan2-17-191911-26-1920S./George & Kathleen
Nunn Tommy A. (Bubb)19142-10-1935
Nunn Washington W.1-16-18499-4-1924W./Sarah Jane
Overfelt Danny L.5-8-19545-8-1954Son Of D.L. & Ruie
Overfelt Edwin187712-29-1960W./Mathen F.
Overfelt Eunice Fegette190712-25-1964
Overfelt Mathen F.18801945H./Edwin
Perkins Alice Lee Fancher19021970
Perkins Effie G. Huff18886-1-1946H./General
Perkins General18831952W./Effie G. Huff
Poynter Bently B.2-19562-1956
Poynter Jeffrey Ross19581975
Poynter Wynema Young9-6-191911-27-1962
Pruit Mary????H./Tom
Ramsey Lucy Shaw??12-1968 ??H./Marson
Ramsey Marson18981968W./Lucy Shaw
Reece Bertha????Nce. Vick Mouser M./Elain Fairlee
Richardson Becky June (Douglas)6-28-1930H./Hudson -D./Jesse & Ethel Douglas
Robertson Elcie W.18831958Husb. Samuel G.
Robertson Ernest18911961
Robertson Samuel Gaines18821958Wife Elcie W.
Robertson Sarah D.1897
Robertson William C.1-30-19101910S./Marvin & Annie R.
Rock Henrt T.18991969
Rock Henry T.1913
Rock Maurine7-20-19141-24-1915
Rock Vera Fancher Sanders191411-14-1979
Rust Emma19331964H./John
Rust John19301964W./Emma
Sanders Eva M.19221978
Sanders Frank18951938
Scott German18801966W./Pearl Jewell
Scott Janet Gail19471966
Scott Opal19241961
Scott Pearl Jewell18861973H./German
Sexton Alice18851945
Sexton Alma18881967H./Marvin ?
Sexton Bill19282-24-1946Acc.
Sexton Bradford5-18-196012-23-1960
Sexton Carl L.19081977
Sexton Dewey2-10-19312-12-1931
Sexton Fannie Cawthorn18691955
Sexton Grant18931955
Sexton J. A.18761965
Sexton Jno W.18871963Ww I Pvt. 306 Inf.
Sexton Marvin ?18851949W./Alma
Sexton Michael5-18-19495-18-1949F./Stanley M./Margoleen(Waddell)
Sexton Thomas D.18741928( 2 Stones )?
Sexton W. W.19051939
Shaw Georgia L. Perkins18861946H./Richard E.
Shaw Richard E.18821970W./Georgia L. Perkins
Shaw S. S.18501929W./Surilda C.
Shaw Sarah L.18461883H./W.H.
Shaw Shirilda18751897
Shaw Surilda C.18561915H./S.S.
Shaw Susan J.1856??
Shaw Wanda Emegene19411961Born Savoyard
Shaw Will F.????Ww Ii Co K 21st Ky Inf
Shaw William H.1841??
Skaggs Martha B.18671942
Skillman Mollie????
Slinker Silvester188819171st H. Of Minnie Mouser
Smith Lizzie Atwell18371922
Starks Ina Houk189610-10-1975
Stiltz H. W. (Pete)18961976W./Lillian Rock
Stiltz L. W. (Cotton)2-5-19206-29-1974W./Naomi Walton
Stiltz Lillian Rock8-15-1902H./H.W. (Pete)
Stiltz Loyd Jamie10-21-19612-9-1962S./Jimmie W. & Doris
Stiltz Naomi Walton????H./L.W. (Cotton)
Stovall Martha Joe19551955Infant
Thompson Elbert18841919
Thompson Hester Fegette191411-25-1941H./Bruce
Thompson Luther189912-28-1975M./Francis Nunn 1925
Thompson May18941913H./Elbert T.
Trowbridge2-8-1911Infant D. Of W.J. & Amanda
Trowbridge Amanda E.18801959H./W.J.
Trowbridge Ambus??1939 ??W./Ruby Dobson T. Lile
Trowbridge Larry7-19-19497-19-1949Infant
Trowbridge Minnie18971975D./Henry & Rilda
Trowbridge W. J.18681940W./Amanda E.
Vashti Norman12-25-19198-2-1956
Wallace Minnie18921959
Walton Lebus19101970W./Lovie Jones M./3-29-1930
Walton Marvin18771942W./Mary Houk
Walton Mary Houk18821960H./Marvin
Walton Ovie Howard12-26-19062-5-1961W./Edna Rairdon (Div.)
Walton Robin Gordon12-28-195712-28-1957
Ward Mary L.19271928
Watkins Rita Jewell (Dgls./Phlps)6-28-1930H./C.W. - D./Jesse & Ethel Douglas
Wilcoxson A. G.18601938W./L.J.
Wilcoxson Bessie18941959H./Olie D.
Wilcoxson Dolan19061961
Wilcoxson L. J.18611942H./A.G.
Wilcoxson Olie D.18961963W./Bessie
Wilshire Albert W.19021968
Wilshire Burrilla18361905
Wilshire Eliza Fancher18671941
Wilshire Ernest18871904
Wilshire James18911912
Wilshire John Willie18621936
Wilshire Sarah19041947
Wilson Cindy Carol2-13-196410-12-1964
Wilson Linda Carol19441967
Young Samuel Glen9-29-19163-12-1969
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