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Metcalfe County - Zoie Stephens Gaddie Notes

William, Mama, George and I visited with Zoie on August 30, 1996.

Zoie showed us a beautiful old picture album that belonged to Luther's grandmother Gaddie. It had 2 children on the front, colorfully dressed, with a white oval background around them. The outside border around the oval was a gorgeous blue. Inside, the pages had turned off-white from age. Some of the pictures were identified on the back, others were not. Among those identified on the back were:

(1) Isom Gaddie married Evie Yates - Nephew of E. J. Jr. Gaddie (this was written on the back of a young couple)

(2) Robert (Bob) Gaddie Lived in Kansas Sweet Water Kansas (was written on the back of a middle-aged man. Zora said Robert (Bob) Gaddie and Elizah Johnson Gaddie were brothers.

(3) Preacher Wilburn Baptist - Indian Preacher (written on the back of a man with a Bible)

(4) Albert Hubbard and Zoie's son. Another man in picture also.

(5) Daniel Green Oakes - Martha Jane Oakes youngest son.

(5) Sudie, Kizzy and Ida Oakes daughters of Daniel Green Oakes.

(6) Rachael Hunt's daughter. (7) Will Price and Emily Oakes and son John.

Many other pictures were in this old album. One was of Martha J. Oakes and another was of 3 girls who Zoie said were Martha's daughters. One of the girls looked old enough to be the mother of the other 2, but Zoie said all 3 were sisters.

Picture Zoie has looks like one the Edmonton, Ky. paper printed that was from me. She showed me a picture she had of her being baptized and said the picture was made in August 1921 and was made at the mouth of Sulphur Creek where it went into the river. She said she was 15 years old and had just got married. (personal visit with Zoie on August 30, 1996).

Submitted by: Lillie Rackley

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