Metcalfe County Genealogy

Gaddie Cemetery in Metcalfe County

This information was submitted by Lillie Rackley. She knows exactly how to get to Mrs. Gaddie's house where this cemetery is located. If you have any questions on this information or the cemetery, please contact Lillie

William, Mama, George and I visited with Zoie on August 30, 1996.

Zoie's husband was Luther S. Gaddie. On the farm, between the house and the barn, there is a small cemetery with 8 graves. The graves are:

  1. Sherman son of J. H. and L. R. Hedgespeth born August 31,1889 died Oct 9, 1893 (this grave has a 3 ft. high concrete block wall around it).
  2. Lillie E. Gaddie dau of E. J. and M. Gaddie born Dec 14, 1885 died Sept 24, 1893 (has foot stone with "L E G". Has concrete blocks 4 ft high all around grave).
  3. One grave with a stone, but top of stone with name and dates has been broke off and lies face down on ground. Too heavy for 1 or 2 people to pick up. Zoie says it will take a crane to pick it up, and I agree with her. She said a storm broke a tree branch, and it fell on the stone and broke it off. Zoie says the grave is E. J. Gaddie's (Jr). This grave has a 2 ft. wall of concrete blocks around it.
  4. James Loyd Gaddie born Mar 21, 1880 died May 7, 1907.
  5. Luther S. Gaddie - U S Navy World War I 1898-1985.
  6. Martha J. Gaddie born March 1, 1875 died July 21, 1915.
  7. Mourning Gaddie born July 9, 1857 died June 26, 1930.
  8. Robert Al_red _______ (last name not readable, probably Gaddie, because Hedgebeth would be too long) Died Feb. 9, 1942 age 23 days old (funeral home marker. Looks like there might be another grave beside this one, but we didn't find a stone or marker.
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