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This is taken from an OLD pamphlet prepared by the Metcalfe Co Homemakers Clubs for their 1948-49 project. It is provided to us by Sandi Gorin.

"About one hundred and fifty yers ago Joseph PHILPOTT left Frederick, MD and located in what is now called Center. He soon built a number of dwelling houses, a store house, and a tavern. He built a church near his residence which he gave to the public. The Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterians used it for many years as a place of worship. There was also a double log house near by used as a school house and town hall." "Mr. PHILPOTT called this village Frederick. About this time Marquis de LaFayette visited this county and the village was named for him. Later it was called Center because of its sequal distances from four county seats - Glasgow, Edmonton, Greensburg and Munfordsville." "In the first half of the 19th century the residents were: PHILPOTTS, NEWMANS, SNYDERS, and WILCONSENS. Mr. PHILPOTT had a son, John Henry, and two daughters Katherine and Martha Jane. Katherine was the mother of Clarence THOMAS, and Martha Jane was the mother of Bob and Roy ASBURY.

"The early merchants were the SNYDERS, BROWLESS, Dick NEWMAN and Rob THOMPSON. The early blacksmiths were Jim PARRISH and ROGERS. During this time there was a shoe shop and also a tailor shop. Joseph PHILPOT ran an inn" "There is a small cemetery in this village. The first grave was marked William RATLIFF. Died 1816." "James F KEEL Lodge was established in 1855." "Some of the oldest houses are the Green SHUFFIT house, J B CASSIDY house, L O HOOVER house and the J B LANE house. The Green SHUFFITT house was built in 1818. It is now owned by Mr. and Ms. Buford SLINKER and is still standing. "The late C W THOMPSON, of Sulphur Well, spent his boyhood days in this house with his grandfather. Another is the John B CASSIDY house, now owned by Herbert HODGES. This house was built about 1825, and is located about three fourths mile from Center. The house where L O HOOVER now resides was bult about 1865 and is located one fourth mile from Center. The J B LANE house, where Garnett LANE now lives, is the oldest building now standing in Center."

"Old Shady Grove Church, located about one mile north of Center, was built in 1840 on what was known as the Frank ROCK place. The church we now know as Shady Grove was built fifty-two years later." "About 100 years ago there was a race track operated on the farm of the late T W THOMPSON'S grandfather. It was located one-half mile south of Center. This place is still known as the race track by some of the older residents of Center." "In the last half of the 19th century, the residents in and around Center community were the SMITHS, LANES, CAUDELS, BOSTONS, PIERCES, ALLENS, ROBERTSONS, CAGES, ASBURYS, SCOTTS, HULSEEYS, STOTTS, CASSIDYS, HODGES, HARDYS, NUNNS, TURNERS, LONDONS, THOMPSONS, WALLACES, BASTINS and ATWELLS." "Some of the first physicians were Drs: BURK, HIGGASON, WEBB, PACE. Dr PACE left here in 1891. Dr S R YORK, father of Dr Paul YORK, came here in 1899 and died in 1948."

"The first roller mill was built around 1904." "The BROWNLEE Seminary, about one-half mile from Center, was one of the early schools. This was located on the place that Albert HOOVER now owns." "In 1904 the Methodist and Christian churches were built and dedicated. In July of 1910 the Methodist Church was blown down but rebuilt and dedicated again the same year."

"The first high school was started August 1, 1921. It was a two year high school with Miss Sallie VANZANT as principal. In August 1924 the four year high school was started and in May 1926 the first commencement exercise was held, with six members in the graduating class. At that time it was only a three room school. At the present it has seven rooms with three high school teachers and four grade teachers. During R D HOLDER's principalship, in 1925-26, the gymnasium was built. This was the first gynasium in the county." "In 1922 a gravel road was built down the main street of Center and extended to the Hart County line near Three Springs. In the late thirties this gravel street was replaced by the asphalt one now in use."

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