Metcalfe County Genealogy

Metcalfe County Cemetery Book

  1. PETE GOSSETT-HUTCHINSON-LEROY NUNNALLY FARM: 1978. 3 miles n of Summer Shade on 640. Right to farm owned by Doug Fraier. NE of the barn in a field. No names known, oral tradition - Hutchins.
  2. PIERCE CEMETERY: Abt 8 miles W of Edmonton on 68-80 near the Barren-Metcalfe line, on property in 1977 of E R Hunley: Pierce
  3. PLEASANT GROVE CHURCH. 1978. South from Edmonton on Hwy 1863 to Missionary Mound Baptist Church. Go 0.4 mile beyond church to a road on the right that crosses Roger Creek with an iron bridge - Goodluck Rd. Go abt 1.1 mile to the Pleasant Grove Church Rd. Turn right and go 0.9 mile. On the left. Edwards, Martin, White, Rowe, Simmons, Lindsey, Hensley, Witty, Roe, Garrett, Cartr, Clarke, Bunch, Hurt, Pedigo, Thompson, McFarland, Christie, Knipp, Pennington, White, Harris, Beasley, Jennings, McKinney, Dile.
  4. PORTER GRAVE: 9189. 0.2 mile from Sulphur Well on 70 west. Turn right on Hwy 869 and go 0.4 mile to the Willie PORTER farm. On the right abt 0.2 mile NW of the house on a hill west of a large pond. Infant Porter. Grave no longer found, no dates.
  5. PRICE : 4 Nov 1977, 2.5 miles se of Center on 869 on farm of David Froggett, directly behind the house: Price.
  6. PRICE-CLARK CEMETERY. 1980. Knob Lick. Turn SE on Hwy 1243, go 3.6 miles. On right on the farmm of Robert Bell, near the barn about 0.5 N of Little Barren River: Clark, Price.
  7. RANDOLPH-BLACK: 1977. 6.5 miles N of Summer Shade on 640. Turn right at the Clayton Barrett Rd, go 0.5 mile to the Randolph Baptist Church. On a hill abt 200 ft from the church to the right. Muncy, Stone, Harriford, Hayes, Shirley, Whitlow, Neal, Sartin, Geer, Morrison, Copeland, Sargant, Sargent, Kirkpatrick, Muncy?, Tooley, Travis, Brents, Bucklon, Ray, Herreford, plus by oral tradition only: Ray, Kirk.
  8. RATLIFF: 1980. 3.3 miles w of Knob Lick on 70. Turn right at 1st gravel rd after Blue Springs Creek. Go 0.4 mile to end of road. Abt 0.2 mile NE of the house on bank of Blue Spring Creek on Lewis YOUNG farm. Ratliff, Bradley, Petty?
  9. REID: 1979. From the Metcalfe Co High School go west on 68-80 and go 0.5 mile. Turn right on the street in front of the Edmonton Co Medical Center. Go 0.2 mile to the end of the street. In the corner of the street and Skylike Drive, on the right. Reid, Yates, Black, Barton, Terry, Henry.
  10. ROBERTS CEMETERY: 4.7miles N of Hiseville on 7840. On the right side of a small hill. (1979 copied). Jameson, Roberts, Patrum, Ross, Calhoun.
  11. ROBERTSON: 1979. At Knob Lick on Hwy 70. Turn South on Hwy 1243. Go 1.5 miles, turn right on the Owen Fields Rd at Ebenezer Church. Go 0.5 mile. Turn right at the first gravel road. In the edge of a field about 1000 ft from the road on the Robert McKINNEY farm: Robertson.
  12. ROCK-TERRY-ATWELL CEMETERY: 1980. Hwy 218, go 0.6 mile NW of Shady Grove, turn right and go 0.2 mile. On the right: Atwell, Bastin, Rock, Fancher, Rodgers, Scott, Light, Lane, Crain, Melloan, Finney, Trowbridge, Hayes, Boston.
  13. ROYSE CEMETERY: 1977. Hwy 70 abt 1.7 miles from Sulphur Well. Turn right at first road after passing 869. Go north about 0.3 mile. On the left on the Scott Martin farm. Gill, Royse, Butler, Vanzant.
  14. RUNION-SANDIDGE: 1977. From 68-80 at Wisdom, turn left on 640 and go 0.3 mile. On the left abt 500 ft off the road. Runion, Stiltz, Sandidge.
  15. RUSH-MANN. 1977. 1 mile off 90 going towards Edmonton on 163. Parke, Rush, Whitlow, Greenup
  16. SANDIDGE-MORRIS: From Center, go ESE on 1196 for 2.4 miles, turn right and go 0.3 mile to the Paul York farm (1977). About 0.3 mile S of the house: Baker, Conyers, Hodges, Morris, Porter, Sandidge, Young, Franklin.
  17. SCOTT CEMETERY: 1979. On 70, 04. miles W of Sulphur Well. Turn right on 869 going NW. Go 2.4 miles to the Clifton Chapman farm. Turn left onto a gravel road and go 0.2 miles. On a hill near the barn. Scott.
  18. SCOTT-GREGORY-LINDSEY CEMETERY. 1979. 1.5 miles SE of Center on farm of Frank Porter on the Sulphur Well-Center Rd. On the left in the yard. Lindsey, Mauk, Scott, Gregory.
  19. SEVEN SPRINGS: 1978. Go thru Sulphur Well on 70 west, turn right onto Hwy 869. Go 0.3 mile and turn right on 1048 and go 1.8 mile. Church & cemetery on the right: Compton, Porter, Marcum, Freeman, Blaydes, Lee, Gooch, Clark, Hawkins, WIlson, Thompson, Russell, Rice, Robertson, Atwell, Butler, Judd, London, Trowbridge, Myeres, Porter, Edwards, Earl, Jones, Hodges, Jolly, Hiser, Cox.
  20. SHANNON-BALLARD: 1980. At Knob Lick. Turn off 70 to 1243 south. Go 0.3 mile to top of hill overlooking Knob Lick. Behind a barn on the farm of Clarence Chapman. Ballard, Brown, Poor, Alexander, Ball, Cummins, Donan, Finn, Nance, Gardner, Shannon, Butler, Thompson, Hatcher, Faulkner, Douglas.
  21. SHIRLEY: 1977. 4 miles N of Summer Shade on 640. Turn right just before the Hickory College Church of Christ and go 1 mile on the Owen PULLIAM Road. On the left after passing barn. Shirley, Slemmons, Thompson, Taylor, Compton, Grider, Glass, Riddle.
  22. SHIRLEY CEMETERY: 1980. Turn on 640 toward Knob Lick, go 1 mile. Turn left by Wisdom Church and go 1.5 miles. On the right on the Kenneth Thomas farm at Echo: Thomas, Shirley, Simmons.
  23. SHIRLEY-URIE GOSSETT: 1979. From Summer Shade go east on 90 2 miles. Turn north on Randolph-Mt. Moriah Rd and go 2.2 miles. On the right abt 500 ft from the road beside the barn on south side. Shirley, Henry, Warder.
  24. SHIVE-ORVILLE MARTIN, 1977. Abt 2.8 miles SE of Randolph-Mt. Moriah Church Road. Turn left on Goodluck Rd and go 0.5 mile. On the right in a field abt 100 ft from the road on the Orille Martin-Genie Hayes farm. Shive.
  25. SHIVE-ORVILLE MARTIN: 1978. 1.8 miles SE of Randolph on Randolph-Mt. Moriah Rd. Turn left opposite Wilbur Glass Rd, follow to a fork and take left fork to tobacco barn. Walk due east for 0.3 mile - near a large power line. Shive.
  26. SHUFFETT: 1979. 0.6 mile west of Knob Lick on Hwy 70, turn right on the Pleasant Valley Rd and go 3.4 miles to the Carver Nunn farm. On the left abt 1000 ft from the road in a grove of trees sw of a pond. Johnson, Strong, Price, Shuffett.

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