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Assorted 1910 Metcalfe County Census Records

Hubbard's in 1910 Metcalfe Co. Census

1910 Metcalfe Co., Ky. Census (copy of microfilm):

41 42 Hubbard, James W., head, m, w, 61, marriage 1, 42, Ky, Va, Ky, Carpenter
Nancy J., wife, f, 60, marriage 1, 42, 11, 8, Ky, Va, Ky.
Flora , daughter, f, w, 32, single, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Walter, son, m, w, 19, marriage 1, 0, Ky,Ky, Ky.
Lena, dau-in-law, f, w, 16, marriage 1, 0 children, Ky, Ky.Ky.
Dowell, Lou Vena, dau, f, w, 21, widowed, 4,4,Ky,Ky,Ky.
Geo B., grandson, m, w, 12, Single, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Pearl, granddau, f, w, 10, Single, Ky,Ky, Ky.
Emma J., granddau, f, w, 8, Single, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Lucy, granddau, f, w, 5, Single, Ky, Ky. Ky.

Sulphur Well District # 2, taken 20 April 1910:

Hubbard, H. P., head, male, white, 34, marriage #1, married 17 yrs, born in Ky, both parents born in Ky.,
Laura, wife, , white, 40, marriage # 1, married 17 yrs, # of children born to wife - 3; #of children now living-3; born in Ky., both parents born in Ky.
Henry, son, 17, Ky.
Denusta, daughter, 14, Ky.
Ermine, daughter, 4, Ky.
Oakes, Annie, mother in law, 64, widowed, seven children born to her, seven still living, she was born in Ky, as were both of her parents.

Taken 15 April 1910:

Hubbard Wesley, head, m, w, 41, m1, 22, Ky, Ky, Ky, speaks English,Merchant Gen. Store, out of work 1 week during 1910, can read & write, Owns farm free of mortgage, and home is on the farm.
Flora, wife, f, w, 36, m1, 22, has had 1 child, 1 child still living,Ky, Ky, Ky, can read & write.
Leon, son, m, w, 20, m1, 1 year, Ky, Ky, Ky, Salesman Gen Store, can read & write.
Lizzie, daughter-in-law, f, w, 18, m1, 1 year, has had no children,Ky, Ky, Ky, Millin???.

John C. Hubbard    59
Lucy S.            57
Mary M             33
Thomas W.          32
Louvenie E.        25
Charley B.         18

Lafayette Voting Prec., dwelling 79, family 79:
Atwell, William J, head, m, w, 30, m1, 10 years, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Loucinda M., wife, f, w, 37, m1, 10 years, 5 children, 3 living, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Carrie Z., daughter, f, w, 8, single, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Della E., daughter, f, w, 6, single, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Clarice O., daughter, f, w, 11/12, single, Ky, Ky, Ky.

Lafayette Voting Prec., dwelling 80, family 80:
Atwell, John T., head, m, w, 70, m1, 47 years, Ky, North Carolina, Ky.
Loucinda C., wife, f, w, 66, m1, 47 years, 8 children, 5 living, Ky, Virginia, Virginia.

Lafayette Voting Prec., dwelling 88, family 88:
Davis, Daniel P., head, m, w, 52, single, Ky, Ky, Ky, farmer.
Catherine H, Mother, f, w, 75, wd, Ky, Ky, Ky,
Atwell, Martha, niece, f, w, 13, single, 0 children, 0 living, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Luther R., m, w, 9, single, Ky, Ky, Ky.

Lafayette voting prec., dwelling 91, family 91:
Fancher, William B., head, m, w, 38, m1, 14 years, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Martha M (or W), wife, f, w, 39, m1, 14 years, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Benjamin T., son, m, w, 13, single, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Lucy A., daughter, f, w, 10, single, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Alace L., daughter, f, w, 8, single, Ky, Ky, Ky.
William H, son, m, w, 5, single, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Henry L., son, m, w, 2, single, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Atwell, Clarlie E., cousin, m, w, 14, single, Ky. Ky, Ky.

dwelling 96, family 96:
Stilts, Joseph N. (or M.), head, m, w, 51, m1, 28 years, Ky, Ky, Ky, Farmer.
Alvilda B, Wife, f, w, 51, m1, 28 years, 10 children, 4 living, Ky, Ky, Ky.
James A., son, m, w, 17, single, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Atwell, Cindy F, daughter, f, w, 20, m1, 3 years, m1, 3 years, Ky, Ky, Ky.
William G., son, m, w, 2, single, Ky, Ky, Ky.

dwelling 99, family 99:
Rock, Abraham T., head, m, w, 63, m2, Ky, Ky, Wabarmoima(?).
Sarah F (or T), f, w, 43, m2, 4 years, 4 children, 2 alive, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Murrell, Stella D, step-daughter, f, w, 12, single, Ky, Ky, Ky.

dwelling 100, family 100:
Atwell, Samuel V., Head, m, w, 24, s, Ky, Ky, Ky, Farmer
David C., brother, m, w, 21(?), md, 8 years, Ky, Ky, Ky, farmer.

dwelling 107, family 107:
Fancher, John T. (or F.), head, m, w, 23, m1, 0 years, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Kizzie P., wife, f, w, 17, m1, 0 years, 0 children, Ky, Ky, Ky.

dwelling 130, family 130:
Atwell, William P, head, m, w, 38, m1, 10 years, Ky, Ky, Ky, Farmer,
Susan C, wife, f, w, 26, m1, 10, 5, 5, Ky, Ky, Ky.
James L, son, m, w, 9 single, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Sarah B, daughter, f, w, 7, single, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Evlen C., daughter, f,w, 5, single Ky, Ky, Ky.
William E, son, m, w, 3, single, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Mary E., daughter, f, w, 1 8/12, single, Ky,Ky, Ky.

Dwelling 141 Family 143
Atwell, Lonie, head, m, w, 34, M2, 4, Kentucky, Kentucky, Kentucky, Farmer
Lula, wife, f,w,23, M1,4, 2 children born, 2 still alive,Ky,Ky, Ky
Lela, daughter, f, w, 8, single, Ky, Ky, Ky
Ada B., daughter, f, w, 6, single, Ky, Ky, Ky
Alvin W, son, m, w, 3, single, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Finley N, son, m, w, 16, single, Ky, Ky, Ky.

dwelling 186, family 186:
Atwell, John R., Head, m, w, 71, M2, 13 years, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Polly B., wife, f, w, 57, M2, 13 years, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Charles M., son, m, w, 23, single, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Nunn, Joseph B, step-son, m, w, 17, single, Ky, Ky, Ky.
Smith, Elizabeth K, sister, f, w, (big blob over her age), widowed, 0 children, 0 living, Ky, Ky, Ky.

Submitted by: Lillie Rackley

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