Metcalfe County Genealogy

Metcalfe County Deaths - 1880

In January 1998, Sandi Gorin posted to the South-Central Kentucky list the deaths taken from the microfilm for 1880, Metcalfe Co KY. We are grateful for the opportunity to repost them here.

William A ALLEN, 2, m, KY, KY, KY, res in county 1 yr & 6 mos
Willie ALLEN, 2, m, KY, ??????
William T ANDERSON, m, 31, md, KY KY KY, school teacher, in county 5 yrs.
John A ASBURY, m, 54, md, KY KY KY, Cooper, Mar, 30 yrs.
Thomas E ATWELL, m, 1 day, KY KY KY, Sept.
Augustine BARTLETT, f, 37, md, KY KY KY, Aug, 37 yrs.
Louis M BASTIN, m, 3, KY KY KY, May, 1 yr.
George BRADLEY, m, 89, widower, KY VA VA, farmer, Oct, 70.
Matt CHURCHMAN, m, 50, md, IN IN IN, May 15 yrs.
Dock CLARK, m, 40, md, KY _ __ farmer, Apr, not shown.
Ruben CLARK, m, 78, md, KY KY KY, laborer, Mar, 15 yrs.
Eldora CLINE, f, 21 days, KY KY KY Dec, 1879.
Mary E COMPTON, f, 18, md, KY KY KY, Jan, 6 yrs.
Alice O COOK, f, 1 mo, KY VA KY, Oct, 1 mo.
Elizabeth DOWEL, f, 1, KY KY KY, Feb, 1 yr.
Mary B DOYLE, f, 2, KY, Ireland, KY, Aug 1879, 2.
Ida V FANSHER, f, 6 mos, KY KY KY, Apr, 6 mos.
William C FRANKLIN, m, 7 mos, KY KY KY, Oct, 7 mos.
Stephen FRANKLIN, m, 97, widowed, VA VA VA, farmer, May, 70
Anna B GANNON, f, 2, KY KY KY, May, unknown.
James GIBBONS, m, 2, KY TN KY, May, 2 yrs.
William GRIGGS, m, 60, widowed, KY VA VA, Dec 1879, 60 yrs.
Charles L HAMILTON, m, 7 mos, KY KY KY Mar, 7 mos.
Gilly A HARVEY, f, 7, KY KY KY, July, not shown.
John HAYS, m, 78, md, KY VA VA, Farmer, Dec, 78.
Virgil W HUNDLEY, m, 1 mo, KY VA VA, Aug, 1 mo.
Mary J HUNT, f, 1, KY KY KY Sept, 1 yr.
Vila JANES, f, 5 mos, KY KY KY, June, 5 mos.
Benjamin F JANES, m, 21, KY KY KY, farm laborer, Mar, 10 mos.
Levi O A JANES, f, 2, KY KY KY, Jan, 2 yrs.
Mertie B JESSE, f, 8 mos, KY KY KY, Apr, a month?
Elizabeth JEWELL, f, 62, md, KY KY VA, Apr, 40 yrs.
Frances E JEWELL, f, 24, md, KY KY KY, Aug, 24 yrs.
Edgar A JOLLY, m, 2, KY TN TN, Apr, 2 yrs.
Virginia J JONES, f, 32, md, TN TN TN, July, now shown.
Virginia JONES, f, 23 days, KY KY TN, Aug, 23 days.
James D KENSER, m, 10 days, KY KY -- May, 10 days.
William E KINCAID, m, 2, KY KY KY, Sept, 2 yrs.
Jefferson LAVANDER, m, 55, md, TN VA VA, farmer, July, not shown.
Lilly LEEPER, f, 44, md, TN TN KY, Mar, not shown.
Ellen W MANN, f, 24, md, KY VA VA, May, 24 yrs.
Walter L MATTHEWS, m, 4 mos, KY TN TN TN, Feb, ---
Martin T McGUIRE, m, 34, md, KY VA VA, farmer, Jan, 34.
Charles McKINNEY, m, 63, md, IN IN IN, Farmer, June, 18 yrs
Josephine MILLS, f, 26, md, KY KY KY, Mar, 26 yrs.
James H MIZE, m, 63, md, KY VA VA, farmer, May, 63 yrs.
Jennie E NEWMAN, f, 3 mos,KY KY KY, Apr, 3 mos.
Zachariah C OBANION, m, 29, widow, KY KY KY, farmer, Jan, 3 yrs.
Lizza PEDAGO, f, 1 mo, KY KY KY, Aug, 1 mo.
William L PERKINS, m, 9 mos, KY KY KY Apr, 9 mos.
Jno A POYNTER, m, 35, md, no locations, farmer, Apr 1880.
Joseph RAY, m, 21, KY -- --, Oct.
Joseph S RAY, m, 23, KY KY KY, lawyer, Sept, 1 yr.
Fanny READ, f, 1 day, KY KY KY, Jan.
Mary C ROACH, f, 2 mos, KY KY KY, June, 2 mos.
Jean E SCOTT, f, 1, KY KY KY, Oct, 1 yr.
Mary SCOTT, f, 72, widow, KY KY KY, Feb, 20 yrs.
Mary F SEXTON, f, 2, KY KY KY, Mar, 5 mos.
Thos B SHOCKLEY, m, 18, KY KY KY, farmer, Mar, ---
Minnie L SHOFNER, f, 1 mo, KY KY KY, Dec, 1 mo.
Virgil C SIMMONS, m, 7 mos, KY KY KY, Sept, 7 mos.
Mary M SLINKER, f, 18, md, KY KY KY, Feb, 18 yrs.
William H SMITH, m, 6 mos, KY KY KY, Mar, 6 mos.
Sam SPEARS, m, 2 mos, KY KY KY, Oct, 2 mos.
Lyda SYRA, f, 44, md, KY KY KY, Apr, 20 yrs.
Lucy TERRY, f, 75, md, KY SC SC, Sept, 73 yrs.
Ida WALKER, f, 1, KY KY KY, Oct, 1 yr.
Mary E WALKER, f, 1 mos, KY KY TN, Jan.
Melissa A WALKER, f, 25, md, KY NC KY, Sept, 2 yrs.
Hily WARD, m, 7 mos, KY KY KY, Sept.
Priscilla WESTMORELAND, f, 63, widow, NC NC NC, Feb, 21 yrs
Nancy D WHITLOW, f, 78, widow, VA Ireland Ireland, Feb, 20.
Polly WHITLOW, f, 72, widow, V VA VA, midwife, Aug, 40 yrs.
Minnie B WILLIAMS, f, 2, KY KY KY, Oct, 2 yrs.
Richard F WITTEY, m, 4, KY KY KY, June, 4 yrs.

From: Sandi Gorin <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 09:45:59 -0600
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