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Metcalfe County Deaths - 1870

In January 1998, Sandi Gorin posted to the South-Central Kentucky list the deaths taken from the microfilm for 1870, Metcalfe Co KY. We are grateful for the opportunity to repost them here.

Tilford Sexton, 1/12, m, w, KY, Jan, croup.
Thomas A Harper, 5/12, m, w, KY, March, brain fever.
James Browning, 1, m, w, KY, Apr, brain fever.
Mary A Pool, 3, f, mulatto, KY, Apr, typhoid fever
Holly No last name, 1/12, m, w, KY, July, still born and
Holly?, No last name, 1/12, m, w, KY, July, still born.
Elisha Whitaker, 29, m, w, md, TN, Sept, farm laborer, brain fever.
Mitchell No Last Name, 1/12, m, w, KY, Feb, stillborn.
James H Yates, 37, m, w, md, KY, farmer, consumption.

Albert H Stockton, 267, m w, KY, Nov, lawyer, consumption.
Eli H Murray, 28, m, w, md, KY, Oct, merchant, consumption.
Note: The family in which Eli died was on 1 June 1870 and residing in Hart Co.

Rachel Hall, 76, f, b, widow, KY, Sept, cardiac dropsey.
Lou Ann Bragg, 52, f, w, KY, May, consumption
Zebulon M P Frazier, 43, m, w, md, KY May, farmer, consump.
Francis M Hodges, 1/12, m, w, KY, Sept, anemia.
William Skaggs, 53, m, w, md, KY, Feb, farmer, pneumonia.
Anguish Shaw, 1, m, w, KY, Aug, croup.
O Cadwell Yates, 25, m, w, KY, Feb, law student, consumption.
John C Estes,, 84, m, w, md, VA, Sept, farmer, nervous debility.
Jourdan Slemmons, 1/12, m, w, KY, Dec, hydrocephalus.
Hattie Doyle, 1, f, w, KY, Mar, croup.
Wm A Smith, 1/12, m, w, KY, July, asphyxia.
Rufus A Saddler, 2, m, w, KY, June, asphyxia.
Two Hollys, 1/12, m, w, KY, July, asphyxia.
Granville Depp, 18, m, b, KY, Apr, consumption.
Nathaniel Shirley, 27, m, b, md, KY, Sept, farm laborer, consumption AND
Mary Jane Shirley, 30, f, b, md, KY, Nov, domes?, servant, consumption AND
James R Shirley, 3/12, m, b, KY, Nov, consumption.
John Rowland, 65, m, b, md, VA, Nov, pneumonia.
Sarah Harbison, 2/12, f, b, KY, Dec, inf. of brain.
Buddy Bragg, 1/12, m, w, KY, Dec, throat disease.
Martha Y Slinker, 43, f, w, md, KY, Nov, heart disease.
Robert Lee Read, 1, m, w, KY, Feb, hydrocephalis.
Mary Runyon, 2, f, w, KY, May, brain inflamation.
William Anderson, 83, m, w, md, VA, Sept, school teacher, hem. of lungs.
Robt D N Gasaway, 43, m, w, md, KY, Apr, farmer, consumption
Joseph Greer, 39, m, w, md, KY, Dec, farmer, consumption.

O Caldwell Yates died in West TN at the residence of Wm Yates while there on a short visit.

Catherine JEFFRIES, 2, f, w, KY, Dec, dropsey.
Mollie A NEWMAN, 29, f, w, VA, Jan, disease of uterus.
Charles STILTS, 16, mm, w, KY, Apr, farm laborer, hydrothorax
Wm H PIERCE, 4/12, m, w, KY, Apr, encephelitis.
Joseph L RHINEHARDT, 37, m, w, md, NC, Oct, farmer, consumption.
Patsey A KENSER, 35, w, f, md, KY, Aug, bronchitus.

No Name GIBSON, 1/12, w, KY, Apr, Asphyxia.
Mary FUDGE, 30, f, w, md, KY, Apr, puerperal fever.
Sam'l C KENNARD, 1/12, m, w, KY, Jan, pneumonia.
Virgil B BUTLER, 1/12, m, w, KY, July.
John D COMPTON, 13, m, w, KY, Aug, worked on farm, inter. fevr.
No Name Garmon - twins, one male, one female, w, KY, Dec, stillborn.

Phillip J GRIDER, 52, m, w, md, NC, Dec, merchant, inter. fevr.
Jane PHILPOT, 49, f, w, md, KY, Dec, disease of uterus.

Ellen STARK, 27, f, w, md, KY, Dec, puerperal convulsions.
James H READ, 39, m, w, md, KY, Aug, sheriff, consumption.
Susan J PARRISHH, 27, f, w, KY, Mar, pauper in poor house.
Elizabeth F BAIRD, 26, f, w, KY, Aug, consumption.
Mary W GARRETT, 8, f, mulatto, Dec, unknown.
Babe GARRETT, 1/12, m, mulatto, Mar, stillborn - different household from above.
Nancy E RODGERS, 1, f, black, KY, Feb, croup.
Polly HENSER, 57, f, w, md, NC, May, consumption.
Mary F BLAKEMAN, 22, f, black, KY, Feb, domestic servant, consumption.
Margaret ROCK, 23, f, w, md, TN, Apr, consumption.
Bettie JOHNSON, 3/12, f, mulatto, KY, Apr, brain congestion.
Babe MINOR, 1/12, m, w, KY, July, stillborn.
Babe BOWLES, 1/12, m, w, KY, Apr, asphyxia.
Thomas H YOUNG, 6/12, m, w, KY, Jan, brain congestion.
Flora E SHAW, 1/12, f, w, KY, Nov, spas. croup.
George J PREWET, 3/12, m, w, KY, Aug, brain congestion.
No name EATON, 4/12, f, w, KY, Dec, apoplexy.
Eliza Jane WOOD, 7, f, mulatto, KY, June, brain fever.
Leona CRENSHAW, 10/12, f, mulatto, KY, May, brain fever.
Catherine PENNICK, 88, black, widow, VA, Jan, catarrah fevr.
Edmund B TWYMAN, 23, m, b, KY, Apr, consumption.
Babe FERGUSON, 1/12, f, w, KY, Feb, weakness of mother.
Eleanor FERGUSON, 2, f, w, KY, Jan, inflamation of brain - same household as "Babe"
Charley C CRENSHAW, 1, m, b, KY, May, infant cholera.
Babe STOVALL, 1/12, m, w, KY, Dec, asyphxia.

Willis PEDIGO, 3, m, w, KY, July, asphyxia.
No Name WILLIAMS, 1/12, f, w, KY, Oct, asphyxia.
Peter STAR, 64, m, w, md, TN, Feb, caught in Mill wheel. (This is Peter STARR - family in Barren Co also).
Owens BIGGERS, 60, m, w, md, KY, Sept, farmer, typhoid.
Edmund P WILLIS, 10, m, w, KY, Aug, worked on farm, dysentery.
Sarah E BRAG, 2, f, w, KY, Feb, brain fever.
Lydia RAILEY, 38, f, w, md, Apr, consumption.
July E MARTIN, 16, f, w, md, VA, Oct, puerperal convulsions.
Wm S CREASY, 27, m, w, md, KY, Nov, Farmer, consumption.
William PACE, 20, m, b, KY, July, farm laborer, inf. of bowels.
Joseph M BRANSTETTER, 14, m, w, KY, Oct, worked on farm, thrown from horse.
Maria T SHIRLY, 50, f, w, md, KY, Mar, ovarian dropsey.
Charity JOLLY, 25, f, w, md, KY, Aug, consumption.
Malissa F BRANSTETTER, 3/12, f, w, KY, July, asphyxia - not same family as above.
Mary LYEN, 78, f, w, widow, TN, Jan, paralysis.
Clarissa HARPER, 27, f, w, KY, Mar, consumption.
Drucilla NUCKOLS, 34, f, w, md, VA, July, consumption.
No name WORD, 3/12, m, w, KY, July, croup.
Wm H PEDIGO, 26, m, w, md, KY, May, farmer, consumption.

Note on Peter Starr above - he lived in Barren Co and died in the home of a family from Metcalfe Co. Wm H PEDIGO died in this subdivision on 1 June 1870 this family had moved to IN I think. These were notes from the record keeper.

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