Metcalfe County Genealogy

1870 Metcalfe County Census Index

This was posted to Sandi Gorin's South-Central-Kentucky list, and Sandi has graciously allowed us to re-post it here. It was originally in many separate postings but has been combined here. This is a rather lengthy page. You may want to use your browser's FIND option to find the surname you are seeking.

The information gives you the house # and the head of household and wife (if there is one!)

1st posting

EAST FORK PRECINCT: 16 Aug 1870, V H GRINSTEAD, Asst Marshall

1 SHELNUT, Andcrew W and Elizabeth W
2 MORRISON, Washington and Hariett
3 HAMILTON, Jas H and Nancy
4 WILSON, George W and Polly
5 WILSON, John W and Susan F
6 BURRISS, Henry S and Mary A
7 SEXTON, Pinkney and Lucinda
8 SEXTON, John F and Mildred C
9 ROACH, John F and Nancy J
10 BRAGG, George M and Frances J.
11 BRAGG, Hettie H
12 BRAGG, James
13 WILSON, Wm. R and Catharine A
14 WILSON, Sarah A
15 WILSON, Bryant Y and Charlotta A
16 YATES, James L and Elizabeth A
17 YATES, Robert C and Mildred B
18 ESTES, James W and Mary S.
19 JEFFRIES, Silas T and Sarah E
20 WALKKUP, Louisa
21 ALLEN, Wm. J and Edmonia S F
22 PULLIAM, James D and Elizabet G
23 HARPER, Joseph M and Hester A
24 NELL, Reuben and Jane
25 BROWNING, Robt L and Frances J
26 YATES, James T and America A
27 ESTES, Joseph R and Emily F
28 POOL, John D J and Mary E
29 POOL, James R and Winnie
30 HOLLEY, Attison and Mary E
31 MILLS, Charles O and Josie C (md in Aug)
32 TARTAR, Ebenezer and possibly Melinda (dau?)
33 PRICE, John R and Mattie J L
34 COFFEE, Wm. A and Rosaline
35 GREEN, Samuel and Patra A
36 PENDLETON, Chesney T and Martha J
37 RICE, Hiram and Jane
38 SHIRLEY, John W and Martha J
39 COMPTON, Newton and Cynthia A
40 SIMMONS, Wm. D and Elizabeth A
41 PENDLETON, George and Harriet Q
42 KELTNER, John W and Sallie S
43 KELTNER, Wm. and Pauline
44 PARSONS, Wm. and Nancy
45 PARSONS, Drury and Louisa A
46 YOUNG, George S and Elizabeth
47 GREEN, John and Edmonia
48 KELTNER, John R and Martha N
49 WILLIS, Wm. R and Sophia
50 MATNEY, John and Leanna

2nd posting

51 Robert W and Mary A COFFEE
52 George and Elizabeth H HUTCHERSON
53 George C and Nancy M HUTCHERSON
54 John J and Mary E BLADES
55 Thomas G and Lucy COFFEE
56 John H and Elizabeth M KEEN
57 Thomas A and Margaret WALLACE
58 James C and Sallie P BLADES
59 Hile and Mary E STEPHENS
60 James T and Nancy McKINNEY
61 Charles and Emily M McKINNEY
62 Wm and Jane K McKINNEY
63 Jaennetta WHITTAKER
64 Martha T GARRETT
65 Daniel and Eda EDWARDS
66 James H KEEN
67 John W and Mary E ROSE
68 James A and Mary A DOWEL
69 Levi and Nettie COPLIN -md July, she 14
70 Pleasant and Nancy D FLAT
71 James A and Rachel MITCHELL
72 David C and Mary A CARR
73 Alfred M (MD) and Martha S JONES
74 Philip and Amanda MITCHELL
75 Fredeerick and Lethenia S MILLER
76 Wm H and Cemanthia J HOPPER
78 James and SUsanna W MITCHELL
79 Mary DAVIS
80 Mary U FORD
81 Dr Fushee P and Mary A TIBBS
82 John and Jane LACY
83 David G and Amanda L ARNET
84 John and Amanda F FALKNER
85 John and Margaret E STILTS
86 Joseph J and Sarah E MITCHELL
88 Joseph and Julia A HUBBARD and Henry and Nancy B MITCHELL
89 Robert and Mary E CARR
90 Sarah E CARR
91 Madison and Elizabeth BLADES
92 Lucian and Mary V KNIGHT
93 John A and Virginia A ASBERRY
94 Alpha C and Melinda YATES
95 James F and Mary C SMITH
96 Mary YATES
97 Larkin PULLIAM
98 Elijah and Carolina RICE
99 Oliver G and Nancy W NELL
100 Jane NELL

3rd posting

101 CARR, Cynthia A
102 CARR, Isham and America
103 MILLS, Lenard F and Mary E
104 YATES, Isaac P and Matilda J
105 PENDLETON, Abner and Nancy
106 STEPHENSON, Francis M and Zuretta
107 COLEMAN, Curtis W and Elizabeth Q - might be dau.
108 CLARK, Benj R and Edmonia - might be dau
109 PENDLETON, John A and Caladonia
110 PENDLETON, Parker and Adaline
111 ESTES, John H and Luvenia C.
112 ESTES, Thomas and Martha A
113 KNIGHT, Matilda
114 PENIX, Quintus H and Sallie B
115 YATES, Charley J and Mary E
116 EASTES, Daniel W and Martha B
117 YATES, Elizabeth A
118 COOMER, Wm and Maria
119 COOMER, Joseph N and Fanny Y
120 JEFFRIES, Warren C and Frances C
121 HARPER, John F and Matilda
122 HAGHART, Young and Sarah
123 DENTON, James I and Elander
124 JAMES, Wm C and Nancy M
125 STEPHENS, Alvin C and Melinda C
126 MARTIN, Martha F
126 DEMUMBRUM, Francis M and Ann


1 REID, Thomas and A F
2 REID, Freeling and M C
3 REED, J M and Avira (his father foreign born)
4 WILSON, John and Janet (both their parents of foreign birth, they born Scotland
5 LETCHER, Stephen and Mary A
7 SCOTT, J W and Cynthia
8 DOHONEY, R B and F E
9 YOUNG, Thos E and S W
10 JONES, Sampson and E A
11 SCOTT, Sam'l W
12 WILSON, J S and A J
14 TERRY, Wm. R and America

4th posting

16-16 STOCKTON, Reubin and S H
17-17 WREN, JJ H
18-18 RAY, J F and M L
19-19 POOL, Wm C and E S
20-20 DEMUMBRUM, J W and E
21-21 FRAZIER, Mary A
22-22 ROACH, Wm A and N B
23-23 SKAGGS, Wm B and L S
24-24 FRAZIER, Lewis H and Mary J
25-25 PRICE, Meredith and Frances
26-26 DOLIN, M N and Elizabeth
27-27 STEPHENS, Sherwood and possibly Mary
28-28 MONTGOMERY, Cyrus and A E M
29-29 PULLIAM, John
30-30 SEXTON, W W and Martha J
31-31 SEXTON, James W and M E
32-32 HODGES, S H and M S (her father of foreign birth)
33-33 MARTIN, Jno M and Sarah A
34-34 BEAUCHAMP, Fountain and Lucinda (mulatto)
35-35 COLEMAN, J W and A M
36-36 SCOTT, A B and A G
37-37 ANDERSON, Emily
38-38 BOWEN, Minerva
39-39 SKAGGS, James M and Jane (he 25, she 43)
40-40 STEPHENS, Lucetta
41-41 GRISSOM, Harrison and R J
42-42 BRAGG, Wm E and Mary J
43-43 COOKSY, Nancy W
44-44 WALKUP, Zachariah and July A E
45-45 ANDERSON, John and Eugenia
46-46 PATTERSON, Thos W and Sally A (both parents foreign)
47-47 CANTWELL, John and Barbary
48-48 NANCE, Allen and Ruth E
49-49 SCOTT, John G and Martha M
50-50 GIPSON, John H
51-51 MAYFIELD, John and Mary A
52-52 JESSE, John J and Jane
53-53 MORAN, Milly
54-54 MANN, Martha J
55-55 TURNER, Robt C and Margaret F
56-56 PEAK, John S and Elvira
57-57 SYREY, Archibald and Nancy
58-58 SYREY, Asa F and Lucy
59-59 PEAK, Albert H and Julia A
60-60 PEAK, James M and Nancy E
61-61 HURT, Charlotte Y
62-62 HURT, Wm and Rebecca
63-63 ESTES, Wm M and Rebecca H
64-64 REED, Thos N and Ruth J
65-65 SHIVE, James M and Sarah A
66-66 HURT, Isaac W and Martha J
67-67 HURT, Anugish E and Mary S
68-68 CLEMENS, John W and Amanda J
69-69 FROGG, Arther and Amanda
70-70 FROGG, John S
71-71 HURT, Fountain and Fetney
72-72 FROGG, Evan D and Prudence
73-73 SYREY, John and Sisley A
74-74 FROGG, Jame M and Eliza
75-75 YOUNG, Jane T

5th posting

I'm going to just show the first digits of the house number - the second # is the same (76 is 76-76)

77 NORRIS, Joseph A
78 DURHAM, Wm and Eda
80 WHITLOW, David F and Lucy
81 WHITLOW, Thos Jj and Minerva
82 NORRIS, John H and Ann W
83 BECK, Jesse H and Lucinda A
84 NORRIS, Otter and Mary A
85 BECK, W A J and Sally
86 NORRIS, Wm A(?) and Lucy A
87 NORRIS, Sam'l R and Narcissus J
88 NORRIS, Sam'l B and Lucy C
89 BECK, Sam'l and Violet (black)
90 SHAW, Jacob and Susanna
91 GLASS, Wm H and Martha E
92 CREECY, John and Polly
93 SHAW, Wm A and Pamelea A
94 SHAW, John and pamelia A
95 SMITH, Nancy
96 BRYANT, Biddy
97 FRANKLIN, Lewis J and Isabel
98 FRANKLIN, Austin and Celina L
99 SHIVES, Phillip and Elizabeth
100 SMITH, Lucinda
101 SMITH, Eisha and Elizabeth
102 COMPTON, Fielding and Cena
103 HURT, LaFayette and Sally J
104 SCOTT, Paschal and Mary Ann
105 SMITH, Elissha
106 BRYANT, Edmund and Annie
107 HURT, John A and Martha J
108 CHRISTIE, John H and Mollie
109 PEAK, Jackson. An 81 one yr old Elizabeth whose parents were foreign born
110 KENNAIRD, N W and Louisa
111 Not shown
112 DURHAM, Clabron and Sisley
113 EDWARDS, Jas F and Louisa F
114 HOWELL, Matison and Margaret
115 MAYFIELD, Jacob C and Elizabeth F
116 MARTIN, Wm and Elizabeth
117 SMITH, Wm and Lucinda
118 SMITH, Winchester and Nelly
119 SMITH, George W and Margaret
120 MARTIN, Benj.
121 WREN, R P and Naomi K
122 MAYFIELD, Susanna
123 CLARK, Patsy M
124 BARNES, Lucinda
124-125 RUNYON, Hiram and Melinda J [sic on house #]

The house numbers now change

125-126 NANCE , L P

6th posting

(B) indicates a black family. Just the head of households are shown.

126-127 Marshall and Frances B BRAGG
127-128 Sam'l H and Alsey M NANCE
128-129 Walker YATES
129-130 Isaac and Elizabeth C STEWART (B)
130-131 Wm. Afred and Elizabeth F SHIRLEY (B)
131-132 John and Martha E MATHEWS
132-133 Harrison and Harriet SHIRLEY (B)
133-134 John E and Sally OGDEN
134-135 S C and Amanda BELL
135-136 Phillip and Fanny RAY (B)
136-137 Elizabeth HATCHETT
137-138 Cynthia OGDEN
138-139 M W and Parthenia PURSELL
139-140 F W and Frances M GRANT
140-141 Sarah MATHEWS
141-142 Allen and Margaret MATHEWS; md July
142-143 Benj O and Francis M TERRY
143-144 John W and Nancy R THOMPSON (B)
144-145 Wm. HERRING (father of foreign birth)
145-146 Maahala B COMPTON
146-147 George W and Eliza J KING
147-148 Joseph and Jane HENRY
148-149 Joseph and Ann Marie GREEN (B)
149-150 Jno and Nancy PENNINGTON
150-151 Burwell and Sarah E HENSLEE
151-152 Zach and Rachel THOMPSON
152-153 Alexander and Martha A HUMES
153-154 Sam'l and Mary J HENSLEE
154-155 Sarah FROGG
155-156 Wm P and Melinda ESTES
156-157 Otha and Rachel ESTES
157-158 George H and Amy E ESTES
158-159 Lewis V and Parthenia J PERKINS
159-160 Geo W and Martha E SMITH
160-161 James and Ann F FERRILL
161-162 Anderson and Mary Ann FERRILL
162-163 Jos H and Sarah E NEWMAN
163-164 E C and Mary C BRANSTETER
164-165 Mathew and Elizabeth HARBINSON
165-166 Susan JOLLY
166-167 Andrew J and Martha A JOLLY
167-168 Harrison EATON
168-169 John and Gusta A HUFFMAN (B)
169-170 Sam'l W and Susan M THOMPSON
170-171 M V and Harriet THOMPSON
171-172 Calvin KIRKPTRIC (B)
173-174 James and Jane SLEMONS
174-175 C H and Elizabeth DOYLE
175-176 Wm H and Lucy J PERKINS

7th posting

176-177 LOCK, James J and Martha E
177-178 TRAVIS, Julia - black
178-179 GLASS, Andrew and Patsey E - black
179 Unoccupied
180-180 SLEMONS, John C and Nancy
181-181 GLASS, Lewis and Polly
182-182 GILL, John S and Sally
183-183 OLDHAM, Isam D and Mary C.
184 Unoccupied
185-184 ROE, A J and Rachel
186-187 GASSAWAY, P H and Polly
187-186 GILL, Joseph and Margaret
188-187 OLDHAM, Nathan and Catharine
189 Unoccupied
190-188 RITTER, Wm and Nancy
191-189 OLDHAM, Jas H and Nancy
192-190 GLASS, John and Parallee
193-191 NEVIL, James M and Clementine
194-192 RICHARDSON, Thos L and Sarah J
195-193 WRIGHT, Robert and Louisa
196-194 FRANKLIN, Lewis and Elizabeth
197-195 PAGE, Chas O and Eliza J
198-196 BUNCH, Jas M and Marietta
199-197 BOWLES, Elzy M and Elizabeth
200-198 SMITH, Wm H and Frances
201-199 NEVIL, Joseph D and Susan
202-200 NUNNALLY, Silas B and Sarah E
203-201 SANDRIDGE, Wash P and Amanda P
204-202 MACKEY, John C and Sally C
205-203 SHOCKLEY, Wm. C and Mary Ann
206-204 HANLEY, Willis and Sarah
207-205 POOR, Joseph and Hannah
208-206 NICKOLS, James R and Elizabeth J
209-207 OLDHAM, Sam'l J and Nancy L
210-208 HALL, Marcella P
211-209 DEPP, Stpehen and Amanda - Mulatto
212-210 DEPP, Buck and Adaline - Black
213-211 WARD, Wm. J and Sarah H
214-212 EUBANK, Margaret
215-213 THOMPKINS, M E
216-214 PEDIGO, Jesse T and Juda
217 Unoccupied
218-214 SHIRLEY, Geo and Mary E (phyician)
219-216 WILLIAMS, Jonnathan and Juda E
220-217 PIPER, Enoch and Martha Ann
221-218 NANCE, Joseph and Mary E
222-219 SHIRLEY, George and Frances
223-220 SHIRLEY, George W and Jane (dau/wife?)
224-221 WILLKER, Wm and Cynthia
225-222 GOODEN, Martha D

8th posting

225-222 GOODEN, Martha D
226-223 GOSSETT, James A and Frances H
227-224 DICKINSON, Wm H and Mahaly A
228-225 HARVEY, Wm A and Nancy J
229-226 MAY, George W
230-227 FOREST, George W and Amanda
231-228 DEVUR, T J and Harriet J
232-229 PEDIGO, Chas T and Matilda
233-230 HOOK, Hiram and Sarah (Black)
234-231 PEDIGO, John T and Martha E
235-232 CUMMINS, Jas L and A. E.
236-233 POLSTON, James B and Dolly
237-234 CUMMINS, G S and Martha J
238-235 WALKER, John W and Elizabeth
239-236 RUTHERFORD, Julius
240-237 GILL, John A and Amanda J
241-238 BARTON, John and Mary
242-239 COFFEE, Steward P and Witthy J
243-240 JOHNSON, Aaron and Matilda
244-241 SLEMMONS, Asher W and Martha S
245-242 PEDIGO, Marcus D and Nancy A
246-243 POLSTON, Willis and Marie
247-244 WISE, Elizabeth
248-245 PEDIGO, W H G and Amanda
249 Vacant
250-246 ANDERSON, Joshua and Mary A
251-247 MILLER, B W and Mary
252-248 SLEMMONS, Washington and Frances
252-249 HUFFMAN, John C and V A
254-250 TURNER, Hulet (Black)
255-251 TURNER, Coleman and Marietta (Black)
256-252 RUNYON, Wilsom and Tabitha
257-253 WHITLOW, Wilson and Emily
258-254 PEDIGO, George W and Lucy
259-255 EDWARDS, Martha A
260-256 POOR, James C and Frances E
261-257 SMITH, James and Quintilla
262-258 MILLER, Anderson and Clarissa W
263-259 PEDIGO, John G and Mahaly A
264-260 RUNYON, Robt L and July Ann
265 Vacant
266-261 DAVIS, Green B and Louisa (his father of foreign birth)
2677-262 EDWARDS, John R and Mary Helen
268-263 HARDING, Marcus and Catharine- md Dec
269-264 HARVEY, Milton and Pauline
270-265 BALDOCK, John W and Minerva J
271-266 PEDIGO, George E and Dolly
272-267 HAYES, James and Dorinda
273-268 HARBINSON, Phillip and Lucinda (Black)
274-269 BOWLES, Lucinda S
275-270 NUNNALLY, Jefferson and Martha A

9th posting

276-271 WILSON, Meredith and Betsy A.
277-272 HUBBARD, J H and America J.
278-273 BULLINGTON, R C and Caroline
279-274 BULLINGTON, Jno W and Zerilda
280-275 SALMON, John H and Elizabeth W
281-276 MURRY, Eli and Frances
282-277 LEEPER, H S and Milly A
283-278 COOK, Valentine and Amanda
284-279 VANZANT, E J
285-280 VANZANT, Garrett (mother of foreign birth)
286-281 VANZANT, Wm and Nancy C
287-282 VANZANT, James W and Arminta F
288-283 HINES, Sam'l H and Martha A
289-284 FROGGET, Jane
290-285 HOLLAND, Austin and Emily
291-286 VANZANT, Milton S and Ellen E
292-287 VANZANT, John G and Martha F
293-288 McCANDLESS, Alex
294-289 ROE, Wm. J and Mary E
295-290 MITCHEL, Elzy and Amanda R
296-291 BRAGG, Alfred W and Mary
297-292 BRAGG, Rusell G and Jane
298-293 HOLLAND, Sally G
299-294 BOSTON, Benj F and Margaret A
300-295 BEARD, Marie
301-296 PERRY, George
302-297 CLARK, Andrew B and Catharine F
303-298 WOODWARD, Julius and Mary Jane
304-299 WILLIAMS, Alex and Nancy
305-300 YATES, W M and Martha J
306 Vacant
307-301 MITCHELL, Jas P and Eliza J
308-302 COLEMAN, Ben S and Lydia C C
309-303 ANGELIA, Alfred and Martha
310-304 STEPHENS, C W and Louisa
311-305 SALMON, Thaddeus C and Fidelia M
312-306 BOWLES, John M and Catharine
313-307 ROMINES, Jas W and Margaret
314-308 FUGETT, Jasper and Nancy
315-309 MITCHELL, Wm. P and Nancy

10th posting

316-310 WILLIAMS, Moses P and Bettie
317-311 WILLIAMS, Fdelia (has a Lucinda SKAGGS with her
318-312 HOLLAND, John W and B Alice - md Oct.
319-313 SMITH, Stephen and Margaret (with a POINTER too)
320-314 CLARK, John M Jr and possibly Amanda F.
321-315 MARTIN, John Jr Jr and Pauline
322-316 HARRIS, James M and Nancy
323-317 HUBBARD, Wm and Amanda
324-318 POINTER, Jackson and Emily
325-319 MARTIN, James M and George Ann
326-320 MARTIN, Wm and Sarah
327-321 MARTIN, John Jr. Jr and Martha
(Should read Martin, John J. Sen.)
328-322 McCANDLESS, John and Sally F
329-323 MITCHELL, Jas K P
330-324 MITCHELL, Wm and Mary
331-325 CLARK, Calvin W and Parthenia
332-326 MARTIN, Charlotte F
333-327 MARTIN, Wm P and Hettie - md Nov -she was 16 yrs older
334-328 HARRIS, Wm H and Mazey
335-329 SLINKER, Finley M
336-330 COOK, George W and Eliza G
337-331 DOUGHERTY, Michael T and Sally W
338-332 HENSLEE, John and Nancy
339-333 HENSLEE, Joseph and Mary Jane
340-334 HENSLEE, James M and Nareina
341-335 GIPSON, James C and Nancy - md February
342-336 PRICE, George R and Marie E
343-337 HOLLEY, Joseph and Fanny
344-338 PRICE, D Wesley and Eugenia H
345-339 COLEMAN, John B (mulatto) and Nancy E (black)
346-340 READ, Robt S. and Surrilda J
347-341 CARTER, Elizabeth
348-342 SMITH, Thos C and Martha
349-343 SMITH, Wm C and Susan E
350-344 GALLAWAY, Wm T and Amanda

11th posting

351-345 RUNYON, Gideon B and Mary
352-346 CARTER, Wm H H
353-347 SMITH, G W and Elizabeth
354-348 SOMERS, John P and Mary M
355-349 BARTON, John and Nancy C
356-350 DOUGHERTY, Hannibal B and Melinda
357-351 BARTON, Noah and possibly Elizabeth. She is 25 yrs younger, but has children 13, 11, 8 and 4
358-352 DILLION, J M and Mary A E
359-353 SALMON, Jas D, Jr and Ermine F
360-354 SHIRLEY, Ed H and Mollie E
361-355 DILLY, Joel W and Willy A
362-356 POLSTON, Jas S and Mary H
363-357 JEWEL, Robert W and Juda
364-358 SMITH, Susan J
365-359 CARTER, George W and Marie E
366-360 HILL, John B and Nancy
367 Vacant
368-361 ESTES, Nathaniel and Mary A J
369-362 GOSSET, James T and Minerva
370-363 EVANS, Thomas and Bettie
371-364 RENICK, Richard and A S
372-365 ANDERSON, John M and America B
373 vacant
374-366 ALLBRIGHT, Wm D and Tilita - md Sept.
375-367 TUDOR, Roberson

12th posting

376-268 COX, Uriah C
377-369 ANDERSON, F D and Jamima
378-70- POOR, Benjamin
379-371 COX, Josiah and Frances J - might be dau
380-372 GALLAWAY, Willis
381-373 ANDERSON, Robt and Mary A D
382-374 GASSAWAY, Josuph U and Juda F
383-375 ANDERSON, Ruth A
384-376 BARTON, James and Susan
385-377 ANDERSON, Wash and Mahaley
386-378 MILLER, Absalom and Mary Jane M her parents of foreign birth
387-379 REID, Martha A
388-380 SHOCKLEY, Nancy P
389-381 SHOCKLEY, Thos J and Elizabeth
390-382 ANDERSON, James and Salina
391-383 HARVEY, W R and Lucy A
392-384 MURPHEY, Chas J and Martha E F
393-385 SHAW, Joseph and Patsy
394-386 PEDIGO, Chester C and Nancy H
395-387 CLARK, Henry and Nancy
396-388 CLARK, John W and Margaret
397-389 HERRING, Wm A and Martha S
398-390 KNIPP, Anderson and Jane
399-391 MURRAY, Marcus L and Nancy P
400-392 MATHEWS, Wiley S and Henrietta
401-393 GREER, Lucy Ann
402-394 THOMPSON, J D and Martha
403-395 GARMAN, A A and Mary E
404-396 PENNINGTON, Sole E and Rhoda
405-397 CLARK, Joseph W and Eliza F
406-398 EDWARDS, Wm J and Juda E
407-399 EDWARDS, Silas G
408-400 EDWARDS, Chas A and Mary F
409-401 HENSLEE, John W and Martha A
410-402 EDWARDS, T J and Angeline
411-403 LOVE, Thomas
412-404 LOVE, Robert and D F
413-405 EVANS, Purtte and Polly
414-406 EVANS, William and Nancy
415-407 JOLLY, George W and Elizabeth
416-408 SHIRLEY, Robert and Mary A
417-409 HARPER, P C and Melissa A
418-410 CLARK, Edmund H and Lucinda E
419-411 CLARK, James D and Mary Ann
420-412 EVANS, John and Frances

13th posting

For the town's folk, I'm including their occupations. If none shown, farmers. (B) means Black; (M) is Mulatto.


1-1, STOCKTON, J B and Elina (hotel)
2-2, SANDIDGE, P E and L J (physician)
3-3 NUNN, Thomas and Laura
4-4 MURRY, S S and Mary L. (Jailor)
5-5 THOMAS, James and Sally
6-6 BEAUCHAMP, E R and M E (county clerk)
7-7 POUNDS, Thomas and Phillis (house carpenter)
8-8 EVANS, W T and Susan (retailer)
9-9 NEWMAN, E W and S E (lawyer)
10-10, ROUSSEAU, Jas A and M S (lawyer)
11-11 NANCE, M A and Mahala (black smith)
12-12 ALLEN, John W and C E (house carpenter)
13-13 SHIRLEY, George and E P
14-14 YOUNG, R H and M B (Circuit Court Clerk
15-15 COMPTON, J W Jr and Martha (lawyer)
16-16 STRAUSE, S and Setcher. Md Feb, both parents of foreign birth - retail merchant
17-17 SHANNON, Sam'l and Juliet A (County Court Judge)
18-18 BEAUCHAMP, J W and H S (doctor)
19-19 PHILLIPS, Charlotte (B) (laundress)
20-20 BEAUCHAMP, Albert and Sarah
21-21 LEEPER, Wm H and M J (B)


1-1 DOWELL, James S and Elizabeth J
2-2 DOWEL, Robert and Laurinda E
3-3 BOWLES, Henry P and Mary C
4-4 POINTER, John and Sarah E
5-5 CASSADY, John and Eliza J
6-6 CASSADY, Daniel and Rebecca
7-7 CASSADY, Peter and Nancy
8-8 HARRIS, Wm W and Elizabeth, md October
9-9 KING, Creed H and Mary E
10-10 JEFFRIES, Wm H and Mary F
11-11 HUBBARD, James W and Nancy J
12-12 JEFFRIES, Robert H and Jane
13-13 OAKS, Jacob R and Martha
14-14 THOMPSON, Arthus S and Fannie
15-15 MASTERS, Wm, J and Amanda J
16-16 OAKS, Daniel G and Martha J
17-17 OAKS, Henry and Annie
18-18 HINES, Wm W and Cedelia
19-19 CLARK, Sarah
20-20 STARKS, Daniel Q and Margaret H
21-21 HINES, James R and Harriet
22-22 SCOTT, John H and Julia F
23 Vacant
24-23 HURT, Leonard and Sibel A
25-24 HURT, Edward K and Sarah J

14th posting

I'm showing just the head of households. We are in the Fairview Precinct. Male occupations shown - if nothing indicated - farmer.

26-25 NEMAN, Wm O - Dry good merchant - lots of people there
27-26 JONES, John and Lucy - black
28-27 HINES, Robert E and Nancy E - he a miller
29-28 JONES, Isaac and Catharine
30-29 ASBERRY, Joseph N and Jane W - carpenter
31-30 OAKS, Hiram and Chloe
32-31 BOSTON, Harvey P and Pauline (might be dau)
33-32 OAKS, Hiram Jr and Nancy
34-33 POINTER, James and Jane
35-34 POINTER, Betsy
36-35 SEXTON, Charles M and Emily - day laborer
37-36 BOSTON, Reuben and Rebecca
38-37 BOSTON, James H and Mary M
39-38 STILTS, Patsy
40-39 CLARK, Joseph R and Martha W
41-40 SEXTON, John M and Mary June
42-41 YATES, Elizabeth (Pointers with her)
43-42 THOMPSON, Lewis D and Elizabeth
44-43 PIERCE, Wm E and Julia A - md that yr, she 15
45-44 SHOFNER, Henry and Susan C
46-45 PRICE, Sarah
47-46 PIERCE, Paschal T and Nancy C
48-47 STEPHENS, Shelby and Sarah
49-48 OLIVER, Wm and Susan
50-49 BOSTON, Richard and Pamelia
51-50 NUNN, Richard F and Sally A
52 - vacant
53-51 NORRIS, Wm B and Miranda
54-52 TRENT, Pacie (female)
55 - vacant
56 - vacant
57-53 PIERCE, John A and Frances
58-54 PIERCE, Wm and Temperance
59-55 WISDOM, Wm L and Maria H
60-56 DENTON, Lorenzo D and Martha A
61-57 SLINKER, Andrew C and Elizabeth
62-58 ROBERTSON, Jerman R and Bettie G
63-59 ROBERTSON, Reuben
64-60 WADE, John and Minerva J
65-61 REID, John N and Elizabeth - retired grocery mcht.
66-62 COOMER, Perrin and Brunette - md Dec.
67-63 RINEHARDT, Rodolph and Frances A - black smith
67-64 BOSTON, Abner (blind)
68-65 TRENT, Ruth
69-66 WALLACE, George W and Ruth
70-67 SALMON, James M and Sarah J
71-68 KENSER, Peter
72-69 KENSER, John H and Julia A
73-70 KENSON, James D and Juda A
74-71 JEFFRIES, James A and Nancy E
75-72 WILLIAMS, Robt J and Elizabeth A

15th posting

Completing Fairview precinct:

76-73 PRITCHARD, Wm M and Sarah J
77-74 SALMON, James D and Elizabeth
78-75 WHITE, Margaret


1-1 McGHEE, Elizabeth
1-2 GRISSOM, Willis and Susan
3-3 SCOTT, John W and Julia F
4-4 GRISSOM, Wm. H and Sarah K
5-5 BREEDING, James C and Mary S
6-6 HURT, James F and Mary J.
7-7 CALLAHAN, Garrett and Timinda
8-8 GODBY, Timothy C and Polly M
9-9 GODBY, Timothy C and Burnetta
10-10 CAWTHON, Eli and Julia B
11-11 SHAW, Joel and Frances C.
12-12 JOHNSON, Jane R (father of foreign birth)
13-13 CAWTHORN, Martin B and Nancy
14-14 CAWTHORN, Dabney E and Mary M
15-15 SHIVES, Millie E
16-16 CAWTHORN, David
17-17 HURT, Milton P and Rebecca J
18-18 HURT, Mary P
19-19 FERKINS, Wm. B and Melvina
20-20 SHAW, Josiah and Susan
21-21 ANDERSON, Martin and Pene
22-22 HURT, John and Lucy J
23-23 FROGGE, Thomas E and Martha A
24-24 SMITH, Wm D
25-25 SHAW, William and Pamelia
26-26 HURT, Wm M and Victoria
27-27 SHAW, Dolly
28-28 GARMAN, Henderson and Sarah A
29-29 GARMAN, Rhodes and Elizabeth G
30-30 FRANKLIN, Marshall and Josephine
31-31 WISDOM, Dillard C and Mary A
32-32 GARMAN, Mary S (father of foreign birth)
33-33 PILE, John c
34-34 GARRETT, Henry C and Delilah
35-35 HURT, Andrew J and Jane
36-36 FROGGE, Alexander and Sarah E
37-37 SHIVES, Charles and Susan F
38-38 JANES, Thomas J and Martha
39-39 LLOYD, Wm J and Nancy E
40-40 JANES, David and Martha E
41-41 WALDON, Andrew J Sr and Annie
42-42 WISDOM, Thomas L and Nancy
43-43 FIELDS, Jessie and Nancy
44-44 GIPSON, Mortica and Rebecca
45-45 WELCH, George W and Sarah C
46-46 GARMAN, George W and Polly A
47-47 GARMAN, James B and Margaret E
48-48 DOOLEY, Wm H and Mary E
49-49 SCOTT, James T and Helen
50-50 FUDGE, John N and Polly

16th posting

FLAT ROCK CONTINUED. Showing only head of household and wife if applicable, I have the census in print.

51-51 FUDGE, George W and Ann
52-52 GARRETT, Albert M and Nancy E
53-53 CAWTHON, John C and Amanda J
54-54 GARMAN, Francis M and Polly
55-55 WALBURT, David and Elizabeth
56-56 GARMAN, Sam'l R and Martha J
57-57 GARRETT, James P and Mary
58-58 BARRON, James H and Martha A
59-59 MARRS, Sam'l W
60-60 PULLIAM, John R and Catharine
61-61 HAMILTON, Edward and Melinda
62-62 BROWN, George W and Julia R
63-63 HURT, James and Kitty
64-64 THOMPSON, Thomas J and Amanda M
65-65 WISDOM, Joseph P and Louisa
66-66 JANES, Andrew J and Nancy C
67-67 JANES, Thomas N and Elizabeth

68-68 GARMAN, Robert and Kiziah
69-69 ENGLAND, Thompson B and Lucinda
70-70 GIPSON, Thomas J and Sarah E
71-71 FIELDS,John and Martha J
72-72 HESTAND, Joel T and Mary S
73-73 NORRIS, John C and Elizabeth
74-74 WALKUP, James W and Cynthia A
75-75 FUDGE, Reuben A and Sarah
76-76 FUDGE, George
77-77 NORRIS, John H and Ridley
78-78 SCOTT, Wm N and Phoeba A
79-79 REESE, Elizabeth F
80-80 FIELDS, Stephen M and Rachel, md Sept (she 15)
81-81 JESSIE, Benjamin and Pauline M
82-82 RHODES, Wm and Nancy
83-83 JESSIE, William and Juda
84-84 JANES, Henry B and Mary F
85-85 REESE, Edward R and Rachel

17th posting

Flat Rock continued:

85-85 REESE, Edward R and Rachel
86-86 JARRET, James and Ferdillear
87-87 JESSIE, Joseph and Polly A
88-88 ENGLAND, Elzy and Frances
89-89 ENGLAND, Amos and Sarah A
90-90 WALKUP, John J and Mary J
91-91 WALKUP, Joseph and Dynelia
92-92 ENGLAND, John T and Nancy W
93-93 SULLIVAN, Wm M and Margaret
94-94 SHIVES, George W and MaryJ W
95-95 HAMILTON, Wm and Melissa F
96-96 ESTES, Lewis H and Kittie A
97-97 DEMUMBRUM, Wm C and Lucy G
98-98 HIPKINS, Andrew
99-99 KENNARD, John D and Mary E
100-100 SPARKS, Josiah and Melinda, blacksmith
101-101 BUTLER, Aurelia B and Caroline
102-102 KENNARD, John M (black) and Rosie A (mulatto)
103-103 CHEEK, George H and Ellen J
104-104 KENNARD, James H and Nancy O - retail dry goods merchant
105-105 KENNARD, Steward H and Scyphena?
106-106 SEXTON, Wm R and Mary A, minister
107-107 KENNARD, Harbert F and Maria A
108-108 WOOTEN, Trulove M and Sarah J
109-109 BUTLER, Leslie C and Mollie A
110-110 BUTLER, Alfred
111-111 BELL, Nat G and Melvina A
112-112 COMPTON, Wm R and Eliza J
113-113 HARVEY, Zachariah and Mary E
114-114 JANES, Benjamin and Sallie
115-115 WALKUP, Margaret B
116-116 COMBS, Henry and Cordelia C
117-117 DEMUMBRUM, James T and Melinda
118-118 GARMAN, Adam M and Lucy A
119-119 NEWCOMB, Nancy M
120-120 PRICE, John T and Nancy J
121-121 GIPSON, Louisa
122-122 GIPSON, Elizabeth
123-123 WILCUT, John F
124-124 ENGLAND, Daniel Sr and Mary A
125-125 REDMAN, Aaron and Patsy (both had parents of foreign birth)
126-126 TURNER, James W and Mary A
127-127 SMITH, George W and Ann F.
128-128 WHITLOW, Robert and Elizabeth, tray maker
129-129 HURT, Samuel and Millie

This concludes Flat Rock - next post LaFayette

18th posting


1-1 HAYES, John R B and Martha J
2-2 DOUGLASS, Elizabeth
3-3 HUFFMAN, Uriah F and Nancy
4-4 DILLY, James D and Rlizabeth A
5-5 ALBRIGHT, Ann E, seamstress
6-6 KIRKPATARIC, Green and Edmonia
7-7 DAVIS, Clarissa
8-8 GREGGS, Wm
9-9 BALL, Thomas and Euphomia
10-10 GREGGS, Robt T and Janie (black and mulatto)
11-11 REID, Wm and July Ann
12-12 OLDHAM, Griffin (black) and Mary J (mulatto)
13-13 ROBERTSON, Lysander and Louisa P
14-14 GREGGS, Daniel B and Luvenia E
15-15 McINTEER, John T and Frances C
16-16 BALL, Joseph H and Pamelia T
17-17 BALL, Catharine L
18-18 TUDOR, Joseph M and Sarah A
19-19 COTHRAN, Frances
20-20 SALLEE, Abraham
21-21 MALONE, Matilda T
22-22 MITCHEL, Hugh A and Caroline F
23-23 PORTER, Columbus P - works saddler's shop
24-24 BRADLEY, Hubbard G W and Sarah F, saddler
25-25 STEPHENS, Marion and Louisa
26-26 WITHERS, James and Susanna, runs mill
27-27 HUGHES, Dudley D and Nancy J, hotel keeper
28-28 REID, Jonathan and Nancy Jane, retail dry goods merchant
29-29 MOREHOUSE, Chas G and Martha H, retail dry goods merchant
30-30 WITT, Fanny M - miliner
31-31 WEBB, John W and Mary E, physician
32-32 BRADLEY, Joel and Sarah A, house carpenter
33-33 GREGORY, Enoch and Stacy A, black smith
34-34 GREGORY, Wm R and Clementine
35-35 CLARK, Joseph M and Susan J

19th posting

36-36 LAMBERT, Melinda
37-37 STARK, Daniel and Mary Jane
38-38 STARK, Joseph
39-39 - READ, Elizabeth
40-40 LAMBERT, Peter and Jane, Black
41-41 GREEVER, Charles and Dicie E
42-42 SIMMONS, Nasey and Elizabeth, keeps poor house
43-43 SMITH, Robert an Mahaley
44 not occupied
45-44 SLINKER, Isaiah and Aley A
46-45 TIBBS, Henry C and Arminta
47-46 MURRAY, John M and Mary M
48-47 VANZANT, Sam'l W and Margaret A
49-48 RAILEY, Zachariah (mother of foreign birth) and Cely J
50-49 EATON, Lucinda
51-50 DURHAM, Warrenton and Nancy
52-51 COOMER, Marshal and Mary F
53-52 WOODWARD, Robert and Amy J - Black
54-53 BEARD, John W and Sarah E
55-54 BEARD, Margaret
55-54 FORREST, Alexander E and Ann E
56-55 BEARD, Andrew and Minice
57-56 MORRISON, Hugh A and Margaret J
58-57 MORRISON, Walter and Catharine
59-58 ROBERTS, Bettie D.
60-59 LEE, James G and Harriet A
61-61 MALONE, Louisa
62-61 COX, Regina D
63-62 HARE, John and Jane - Black and Mulatto
64-63 FAGG, Joseph A and July A
65-64 LEE, Preston M and Jane
66-65 FLINT, Squire H
67-66 MASTERS, Porterfield and Margaret C
68-67 BAIRD, Jeremiah and Elizabeth J
69-68 CLARK, Henry - Mulatto
70-69 EMBREE, Wm and Arzella - Black
71-70 THOMPSON, Munry J and Lou Ann
72-71 BASS, Thomas F and Sarah F
73-72 REID, Lewis F and Ella - Black
74-73 BEAUCHAMP, Robert and Martha E - Black
75-74 GARRET, Caroline - Black

20th posting

76-75 THOMPSON, Willie - black
77-76 BAIRD, Joseph M and Nancy J - retail dry goods mcht.
78-77 EDWARDS, Charles and Louisa E
79-78 BEAUCHAMP, Robt P
80-79 THOMPSON, James T and Ann C
81-80 GARRET, Tenar - female, black
82-81 THOMPSON, Wm N and Jane - blacksmith
83-82 ROGERS, Jame and Harriet
84-83 EMBREE, John and Leetha A
85-84 KENSER, Rufus M and Mary F
86 - vacant
87-85 WILLIAMS, Mathew J and Margaret L - md Dec.
88-86 KENSER, Andrew
89-87 WILLIAMS, Mathew and Mary
90-88 FLINCHUM, Andrew J and Mary A
91-89 YOUNG, Martin S and Fannie L
92-90 HARDY, James W and Eliza B
93-91 WILLIAMS, Wm H and ELizabeth
94-92 NOEL, Ann E
95-93 NUNN, Reubin and Elizabeth E
96-94 JEWEL, Reuben and Susan J
97-95 JEWEL, John A and Elizabeth
98-96 CLARK, Sam'l and Isabella - black and mulatto
99-97 EMBREE, Granville and Fannie - mulatto
100-98 ROBERTSON, Andrew J and Melvina T - miller (might be a daughter; he is 42 and she 21 but keeping house)
101-99 SMITH, John T and Mary E
102-100 ROBERTSON, Wm W and Margaret C
103-101 JONES, James T and Sarah M
104-102 BLAKEMAN, Isabella - black
105-103 PORTER, Wm T and Nancy J
106-104 PORTER, Braxton Dd and Elizabeth
107-105 HOUK, Wm S and Martha J
108-106 HISER, Benjamin F and Rosa C
109 - vacant
110-107 ROBERTSON, James M and Mary Ann
111-108 SMITH, Granville and Marthan N
112-109 SMITH, Amanda F - black
113-110 MALONE, Wm W and Lucy Ann - leaf tobacco dealer
114-111 WILLIAMS, Joseph and Susan M
115-112 DAVIS, James W and Dicie E (he 25, she 49)
116-113 CLARK, Wm H and Harriet M
117-114 FRANKLIN, Ed and Jennie
118-115 MALONE, Henry F
119 - vacant
120-116 EMBREE, Anderson and Lucinda - mulatto and black
121-117 MALONE, Isaac and Mary W
122-118 CUMMINS, Wm H and Sarah F
123-119 McMURRY, Sally
124-120 LOCKE, Robert F and Nancy C
125-121 CONYERS, Wm M and Mary B

21st posting

126-122 TRUE, Wm M and Harriet
127-123 SHUFFITT, Thomas G and Elizabeth
128-124 CLARK, Reuben and Milly - day laborer
129-125 SCOTT, Wm J and Mahaley O
130-126 PRICE, Charles J and Catherine E - md in January
131-127 STRONG, Wm A
132-128 JEWEL, Jane S
133-129 COMPTON, Phoeba A E
134-130 BAKER, Braxton J and Nancy B
135-131 MORRIS, Sam'l C and SUsan D
136-132 SCOTT, Geroge W and MaryJane
137-133 SCOTT, Benjamin C and Buenavesta
138-134 FROGGETT, Alexander and Nancy
139-135 CLACK, James A and Susan S
140-136 HODGES, Benjamin A and Sarah S
141-137 ROBERTS, Franklin and Nancy - black and mulatto
142-138 THOMPSON, Mary E
143-139 SOUTH, Joseph and Sarah M
144-140 SOUTH, Tillman and Rachel
145-141 PAGE, Wm O and Mary E
146-142 BRADLEY, James and Nancy
147-143 BRADLEY, Wm W and Susan E.
148-144 MARTIN, Juda A
149-145 PAYNE, LaFayette aand Sally E
150-146 BISHOP, James B and Sarah
151-147 CARDEN, John and Mary E
152-148 LOCKETT, James K and Catharine A - md February
153-149 ERWIN, Joel and Martha L
154-150 ROBERTS, Braxton W and Nancy W
155-151 THOMPSON, Alpheus G and Emma M - md November
156-152 JOHNSON, Francis C and Laura A
157-153 JOHNSON, Jonathan and Emily
158-154 JOHNSON, Clarissa - mulatto
159-155 FERRIN, John and Maria E
160-156 WEBB, George W and Kitred
161-157 MINOR, Rob't H and Emeline
162-158 WITHERS, Charles and Jane R
163-159 HARLOW, Albert and Sophia
164-160 McFELEA, Lewis F and Louisa
165-161 WELLS, ELizabeth A

22nd posting

166-162 CALHOUN, Napoleon B and Mary M, house carpenter, father of foreign birth.
167-163 EVANS, Frances
168-164 FRANKLIN, Mary M
169-165 FAGETT, Francis M and Nancy J
170-166 FORD, ALexander and Sarah A, county surveyor
171-167 FAUSHER, James M and America A
172-168 LIGHT, John and Pamelia
173-169 ENNIS, Joseph and Melinda - mulatto and black
174 - vacant
175-170 GARVIN, Selena, female, black
176-171 SMITH, John C and Frances B
177-172 BOWLES, Henry F and Mattie
178-173 ATWELL, Aaron and Susanna
179-174 MYERS, Hugh and Ellen, both black
180-175 HISER, Reuben and Elizabeth
181 - vacant
182-176 FAUSHSER, Elizabeth
183-177 GOODEN, Manhal P) and Cindarilla, md Apr.
184-178 NUNN, Washington and Susan JJ, md Oct.
185-179 HOUK, Nicholas D and Mary
186-180 DAVIS, Sam'l N and Catharine H
187-181 JACKSON, Louisa L
188-182 BASTAIN, James B and Margaret J
189-183 ATWELL, John T and Lucinda
190-184 ATWELL, Benjamin and Susan
191-185 GENTRY, Nathan E and Martha A
192-186 McFELEA, Wm - father of foreign birth
193 - vacant
194-187 YOUNG, Sam'l R and Mary S.
195-188 TRENT, Celia
196-189 HAZES, Ignatious and Mary A
197-190 NUNN, John W and Mary E, md Sept.
198-191 NUNN, Wm H and Catharine
199-192 NUNN, John and Polly B
200-193 STILTS, George W and Susan, house carpenter

23rd posting

201-194 RALSTON, John M and Maragaret A
202-195 ATWELL, Richard N and Sarah P.
203-196 SHAW, Wm. H and Sarah L.
204-197 JEWEL, John R and Frances E
205-198 JEWEL, James J and Margaret
206-199 ATWELL, John R and Hannah C
207-100 FAUCHER, Benjamin and Phoeba F.
208-201 NUNN, James P and Luvira
209-202 DANIEL, Jennings and Mary J
210-203 FIN, Wm R and Elizabeth, his father possibly of foreign birth.
211-204 FAUSHER, Michael H and Sarah E
212-205 SHAW, Eber and Margaret A.
213-206 ATWELL, Susan
214-207 CAGE, James E and Eliza N
215-208 WILCOXAN, JOhn L and Eliza J.
216-209 MILLER, Nancy
217-210 SMITH, John T and Cynthia
218-211 HUFF, Isaac and Betsy Ann
219-212 MINOR, Alfred E and Margaret
220-213 CASSADY, John B and Letitia
221-214 SCOTT, John and Mary
222-215 SCOTT, James H and Melissa
223-216 STRONG, John H and Elizabeth W.
224 - vacant
225-217 HARDY, Collin and Mary E
226-218 FERGURSON, Rosanna - mother of foreign birth
227-219 ROCK, James L and Lee Catharine
228-220 PREWETT, John P and Mary E.
229-221 CAGE, America B
230-222 ATWELL, Moses R and Mary E - married Sept.
231-223 HISER, John C and Sarah Jane
232-224 HARDY, Wm. G and Ann T.
233-225 HUFF, Wm A and Mary E
234 - vacant

24th posting

235-226 HUFF, George W and Melinda
236-227 HISER, Luvenia
237-228 BAYLES, Elvirra
238-229 COMPTON, Mary
239-230 BROWN, John W and Elizabeth
240-231 BEARD, Albert and Catharine A
241-232 HISER, Wm M
242-233 MINOR, John and Alice G
243-234 GENTRY, Luther and Mary M
244-235 HENRY, James R and Mary
245-236 FALKNER, David and Nancy J
246-237 HISER, Wm M H and Martha H
247-238 SIMMONS, Doctor H and Lavia B
248-239 THOMPSON, James A and Elizabeth J - Sheriff
249-240 PRICE, Wm E and Polly M - md in January
250-241 LOCK, Jacob B and Catharine
251-242 PRICE, Sam'l R and Luan
252-243 EDWARDS, Stephen R and Charlotta
253-244 THOMPSON, Waddy and Sarah F
254-245 THOMPSON, Robt H and Dolly M
255-246 LINDSAY, James and Mary. He and parents born Ireland
256-247 HAYES, John and Mary W
257-248 HAYES, John H and Eliza J
258-247 MARCH, John and Amanda P
259-250 HATCHER, Sam'l N and Phoeba E, black and mulatto
260-251 FREEMAN, John W and Patsy J - md in November
261-252 FERGURSON, Ferdinand A and Elizabeth A
262-253 FRANKLIN, Rogers T and Milly T
263-254 WOODWARD, Abraham and Nancy - her parents of foreign birth
264-255 YATES, Simon and Mahaly - Black and Mulatto
265-256 CLARK, China
266-257 SLINKER, Albert E
267-258 MURRELL, Rice and Martha - Black
268-259 ANDERSON, Nathan and Amanda R
269-260 BEBEE, John and Angeletta
270-261 NOBLE, Stephen C and Melinda
271-262 MAY, Joseph H and Mary T.
272-263 RHEA, Susan M
273-264 TOMLIN, Margaret C - parents of foreign birth
274-265 NICKOLS, John
275-266 NELSON, De-Marquis and Nancy

25th posting

276-267 DODSON, Berriman H and Catharine E.
277-268 GOODEN, John C and Carry A
278-269 GOODEN, Wm J and Pamelia A
279-270 SMITH, David C and Martha A
280-271 POLSTON, Wm E and ELizabeth H
281-272 CRENSHAW, Wm A
282-273 NICKOLS, Pebe and Susan F
283-274 BISHOP, Luvenia and Eliza - both Black
284-275 THOMAS, Elizabeth
285-276 YOUNG, James and Savannah T - mulatto and black
286-277 WOOD, Lei and Martha W - mulatto
287-278 FORREST, Benjamin and Lucy - both black
288-279 WOOD, Dennis F and Fannie - mulatto and black
289-280 GRANT, Isreal and Luan - black and mulatto
290-281 SMITH, Jefferson and Mary C - black and mulatto
291-282 CRAIG, George and Martha E
292-283 SLINKER, Christopher
293-284 CRENSHAW, Ezekiel and Temple - both mulatto
294-285 GALLAWAY, Isham S and Amanda J
295-286 BRADLEY, James C and MaryJane
296-287 THOMPSON, George W and Wilhelmien
297-288 CRENSHAW, Sam'l W and Bernicey - both black
298-289 SETTLES, Juda - mulatto - laundress
299-290 TWYMAN, Asa and Laura B - both black
300-291 CRENSHAW, George and Maria - both black
301-292 BARNETT, Lowery L and Sarah E
302-293 LAIR, Thomas H and Martha A
303-294 SMITH, Jefferson and Maria - black and mulatto
304-295 BRADLEY, Wm. C and Jane
305-296 FREEMAN, Mary E
306-297 WILLIAMS, Isaphine - black
307-298 THOMAS, Wm and Susan P
308-299 THOMAS, Presley N and Melinda
309-300 THOMAS, Presley and Frances V.
310-301 FORREST, Archibald and Mary A - black and mulatto

26th posting

311-302 PENNICK, Archibald and Caroline - both black
312-303 TWYMAN, Eli and Ann - black and mulatto
313-304 TWYMAN, Henry and Melissa F, both black
314-305 WOOD, Twyman and Ann
315-306 WOOD, Benjamin and Margaret - both black
316-307 YOUNG, Irving and Phoeba, both black
317-308 CLARK, Thomas J and Marietta
318-309 EMBREE, Gabriel and Juda - black and mulatto
319-310 WARD, Campbell and Cassander
320-311 WITHERS, James T and Nancy J
321 - vacant
322-312 BRADLEY, Clabron and Martha P
323-313 COX, John W and Nancy W
324-314 EDWARDS, Wm. M. Sr and Lucinda T.
325-315 EDWARDS, Wm. M. Jr. and Martha F
326-316 SLINKER, Henry C and Melinda - black smith
327-317 FERGUSON, James H and Araminta - black smith
328-318 FERGUSON, Albert A and Rebecca
329 - vacant
330-319 POINTER, John A and Julia A - carpenter
331-320 CARTER, Edmund B and Drucilla
332-321 PIPER, John M and Ann
333-322 NEWMAN, Howard and Fannie
334-323 EDWARDS, Henry and Martha E.
335-324 FERGURSON, Henry C
336-325 FERGURSON, David E and Martha E
337- vacant
338-326 FORREST, Clabron M and Martha A - stone mason
339-327 JEFFREES, Pattison T and Mary Jane
340-328 CLINE, Peter and Louisa
341-329 WELLS, Elizabeth P.
342-330 GREGGS, Andrew J and Arminta J - both black
343-331 CRENSHAW, Thompson D and Harriet E
344-332 BULLINGTON, David J and Mahulda A
345-333 HUFF, John W and Lethe E

27th posting

346-334 GENTRY, Joseph R and Julia Ann
347-335 WALKER, Sanders and Elizabeth C
348-336 WALKER, St. Clair and Martha A
349-337 WALKER, James G and America A
350-338 GALLOWAY, David M and Melvina W
351-339 CHAPMAN, Mary M
352-340 HUFFMAN, Bennet E and Docie C
353-341 HUFFMAN, Eliza
354-342 ESTES, Collins and Susan - both black
355-343 STOVALL, Wm. C and Susan J
356-344 SLINKER, Francis M and Harriet J
357-345 SLINKER, James W and Mary E
358-346 FORREST, Wm. C and Emily J
359-347 WESTMORELAND, Priscilla
360 - vacant
361-348 GILLMORE, Ann E - black
362-249 TERRY, James W and Lucinda
363-350 FOREST, James S and Louisa J
364-351 FOREST, James B and Emily E
365-352 BATES, Wm. W. and Eliza F
366-353 HODGES, Jefferson P and Eliza M - physician
367-354 PETTY, Emily

28th posting

Starting on the town of Lafayette. Shown here only (more data available) is house number, heads of households and occupations other than farmer.

1-1 LOUDON, Wm H and Frances - retail dry goods merchant
2-2 PHILPOT, David and Lucretia J (daughter?)
3-3 PHILPOT, Isaac J - silver smith
4-4 HIGGASON, Suprey R and Mary E - physician
5-5 HAYS, George W and Martha - both black
6-6 NEWMAN, Albert
7-7 LOUDON, James W and Polly Ann
8-8 LOUDON, Unreadable, female
9-9 CASSADAY, James A and Harriet F, both mulatto
10-10 PORTER, Jerman B and Elizabeth
11-11 BRADLEY, Henry T and Nancy C
12-12 BRADLEY, unreadable, female


1-1 MORRISON, W C and Olive J
2-2 BROWN, James N and Laura J
3-3 VELUZAT, Stephen R and Susan A
4-4 NEWMAN, John and Margaret
5-5 OLIVER, Isaac and Sarah F
6-6 BYBEE, Henry A and Mary A
7-7 MURRAY, John T and Virginia - runs saw mill
8-8 MORAN, John M and Melissa U
9-9 PERKINS, Lewis and Sally J - plasterer
10-10 WILLIAMS, John D - house carpenter
11-11 FERKIN, Wilson and Emeline
12-12 COLLINS, Wm. F and Nancy F.
13 - vacant
14-13 LEWIS, Thomas and Dolly - engineer
15-14 MEDLEY, Aaron
16-15 CLARK, Wm H and Sarah F - running saw mill and grist mill and carding machine.
17-16 CLARK, Thomas N and Elizabeth - runs saw and grist mill
18-17 WITTY, Christopher and Nancy Ann

29th posting

63-61 ARTERBURN, Wm D and Cuntyha [sic] M
64-62 HODGES, Alfred D and Edna D - gunsmith
65-63 HODGES, Chas B and Sarah J
66-64 JOB, Jesse and Lucetta
67-65 JOB, Amon and Rhoda
68-66 HUFFMAN, John and Charlotta T
69-67 DAVIS, Joseph H and Mary A
70-68 WADE, Wm J and Ellen T
71-68 DAVIS, JOhn B and Elizabeth M
72-70 PEDIGO, Princeton Cc and Martha E
73-71 NUNNALLY, John M and Martha E
74-72 TUDOR, Overton and Nancy
75-73 TUDOR, Watson P and Martha E
76-74 KESLER, Jacob P and Nancy W
77-75 TUNSTALL, Henry L and Mary E
78-76 GRAVIN, Alvin M and America F
79-77 SLAUGHTER, Abraham R and Saah E
80-78 BRANSTETTER, Mathew A and Nancy H
81-79 PEDIGO, James A and Elizabeth F
82-80 PACE, Carroll and Amanda J - mulatto and black
83-81 MORGAN, David N and Mary F
84-82 TUDOR, James H and Susanna
85-83 GEE, John S and Sarah S
86-85 HARVEY, Barnett H and Sarah H
87-85 BALDOCK, Albert and Sarah J B
88-86 MORGAN, Henry A and Eliza A
89-87 HUFFMAN, Simeon and Sarah S
90-88 MARSHALL, Robert and Mary E
91-89 BUSHONG, Wm D and Elizabeth
92-90 MILLER, James and MaryM
93-91 TYDINGS, Joseph R and Mary J
94-92 RUSH, Dennis and Harriet
95-93 HARLAN, John A and Elizabeth
96-94 RUSH, Ben. and Nancy A
97-95 McKNIGHT, Thomas and Sally
98-96 HOLLAWAY, Grant and Mary A
99-97 FERGERSON, Dan'l T and Beetsy E
100-98 BARTLEY, George and Nancy

30th posting

101-99 BEDFORD, Abraham and Milly - both black
102-100 JACKSON, Jesse J and Margaret
103-101 GEE, Jessee and Sciotha
104-102 LOLLAR, Felix G and Martha E
105-103 MARTIN, Jesse R and Martha J
106-104 HAGAN, Francis
107-105 COMPTON, John and Ann Eliza
108 Vacant
109-106 WADE, Augustine T and Priscilla - miller
110-107 ANDERSON, Jacob and Cynthia
111-108 ALEXANDER, Washington and Marie - both black
112-109 WADE, Sarah S
113-110 CREECY, JOhn and Catharine J
114-111 AMYX, Mathew K and Sirena A
115-112 PARKS, Joseph W and Susan J
116-113 HARVEY, Calvin C and Nancy J
117-114 AMYX, Lewis H and Mary B
118-115 GARMAN, Wm L and Mary F
119-116 LAZEWELL, John A and Lucinda
120-117 KESLER, Jesse S and Morticia E
121-118 CHAPMAN, James C and Melissa G
122-119 AMYX, Mathew K and Martha P.
123 Vacant
124-120 NORRIS, Wm. W and Martha A
125-121 GARMAN, Sam'l H and Mary A

31st posting

126-122 GARMAN, John and Nancy
127-123 NANCE, Ancil M and Mary A
128-124 TRAU?, John S and Missouri C - retail dry goods mct.
129-125 HARVEY, John B and Sally C
130-126 BYRUM, Isham L and Mary J
131-127 TRAU, Andrew and Elizabeth
132-128 AMYX, Madison and Priscilla
133-129 AMYX, Preston and Eliza
134-130 MARTIN, Jesse G and Matilda
135-131 MARTIN, Joseph B and Elizabeth C
136-132 FRANKLIN, James C and Rebecca J
137-133 LASWELL, Patric H S and Cinthitha Jane - black
138-134 CREECY, Dan'l and Caroline B
139-135 BECK, John R and Margaret
140-136 MARTIN, John C and Martha A
141-137 CREECY, Robert
142-138 CREECY, Susanna T
143-139 SMITH, John M and Lucy B
144 - vacant
145-140 WHITLOW, Wm A and Sarah G
146-141 BYRUM, Esther
147-142 PARKS, Joseph and Nancy Jane - day laborer
148-143 FERGURSON, Archibald
149-144 FERGURSON, Joseph and Louisa
150-145 FERGURSON, JOhn and Jemima F.

32nd posting

151-146 FERGURSON, Alfred and Mary A
152-147 BRANSTETTER, Elizabeth
153-148 LEAMON, Wm. S and Sarah J
154-149 LEAMON, Josiah S
155-150 KIRGAN, Alfred D and Jemima E - journeyman carpenter
156-151 LEAMON, Jacob F and Mary F
157-152 WILLIAMS, Thos J B and Barbara E
158-153 PARKS, Wm D and Nancy J
159-154 PARKS, Wm J and Phoeba
160-155 RAY, James C and Adaline E
161-156 CHISM, Nathan B and Mary E, retail dry goods merchant
162-157 BOBBETT, Wm and Catharine S - saddler
163-158 NUCKOLS, Fanny
164-159 LEAMON, James G and Mary E
165-160 LEAMON, Catharine M
165-161 BRANSTETTER, John and Elizabeth
166-162 BRANSTETTER, Michael P and Mary A
167-163 vacant
168-162 SHIRLEY, Benj
169-163 HARBINSON, Wm and Frances [sic]
170-164 LEWIS, Sam'l E and Matilda Ann - black and mulatto - blacksmith
171-165 GRIMSLEY, Joseph S and Eleanor - keeps bar
172-166 HUTCHENS, Hamilton T and Lucy A
173-167 SMITH, John W and Sally S
174-168 SMITH, George W and Mary Ann
175-169 WHITLOW, Margaret A

33rd posting

175-169 WHITLOW, Margaret A
176-170 BALDOCK, Falkner and Wyrinda
177-171 PEDIGO, Lewis D and Martha Ellen
178-172 JOLLY, Wm. C. and Esther
179-173 MEDLEY, Moses and Caroline
180-174 PERKINS, James and Hulda
181-175 FREE, July Ann
182-176 GEE, Lucas
183-177 PERKINS, James W and Nelly
184-178 GLASS, David C and Lorena F
185-179 HARBINSON, Sam'l and July Ann
186-180 CLARK, Hannah
187-181 TAYLOR, Wm
188-182 BRANSTETTER, John W and Jerusha E
189-183 FRANKLIN, Geo W and Jane
190 Vacant
191-184 WITTY, Lindsey
192- Vacant
193-185 WHITLOW, Nicholas F and Rose Ann
194-186 SHIVE, James M
195-187 SARTAIN, Joel and Mary
196-188 NUNNALLY, Bird P and Clara W
197-189 BUCKLEY, Joshua and Cybe Ann
198-190 TUDOR, Hayden and Lucy J
199-191 WILLIAMS, Jabez and Mary Ann
200-192 HAMMER, Wm. T and Hester A R
201-193 PEDIGO, Henry T and Martha
202-194 FRANKLIN, Marion C and Matilda J
203-195 SHIRLEY, Wm. H and Ann F
204-196 ESTES, Solomon and Mary E
205-197 ESTES, Hulet W and Maragaret A

34th posting

206-198 HARPER, James W and Hulda
207-199 RUSH, Pters S and Agnes F - constable
208-200 YOUNG, John U and Sarah E - internal revenue collector
209-201 WARDER, Wm. P and Nancy L
210-202 SHIRLEY, Minor and Martha - black
211-203 KNIPP, James and Nancy
212-204 HUFFMAN, Andrew P and Sarah E
213-205 HOLLAND, John and Mary
214-206 HOLLAND, Melinda
215-207 BOWLES, Nancy H
216-208 PAGE, Nancy
217-209 PACE, Mariland and ELiza - black and mulatto
218-210 WITHROW, John J and Maratha
219-211 HARBINSON, Mary
220-212 TERRY, Joseph B and Susan J
221-213 MILLER, James and Frances
222-214 PERKINS, Wm. H and Mary E.
223-215 HARPER, Whitfield
224-216 SHIRLEY, John W and Martha A - black and mulatto
225-217 SHIRLEY, Merrimon and Laura E.
226-218 GRIFFITH, Wm. C. A. and Lydia
227-219 BARTLEY, Simpson and Hulda J
228-220 SIMPSON, Wm. M. and Eliza J.
229-221 CHISM, Robt. H and Emily V
230-222 TUDOR, Henry A
231-223 HENSLEE, Edmund and Martha S
232-224 CLARK, Green U and Pamelia - mulatto and black
233-225 WITTY, Joseph R and Mary F. - retail dry goods merchant
234-226 PEDIGO, Lewis T and Eveline
235-227 PEDIGO, John L and Nancy A
236-228 NUCKOLS, Pleasant W and Mary H
237-229 WHITLOW, Willis and Rosanna
238-230 ESTES, George A and Mmelinda C
239-231 NUNN, Joseph W and Martha
240-232 WHITLOCK, Amacey and Susanna

35th posting

241-233 CLEMMONS, Wm and Sarah - chair maker
242-234 PAGE, Joseph W and Louisa J
243-235 PEDIGO, John and Amy
244-236 WHITLOW, James A and Martha L
245-237 PERKINS, Henry and Nancy
246-238 BYBEE, Hannah
247-239 WORD, James and Elizabeth
248-240 BRADLEY, Beverly and Patsy
249-241 WHITLOW, Chris C and Mary J
250-242 PERKINS, Thomas and Nancy E
251-243 HARPER, Wm. J and Cassander w
252-244 PERKINS, James W and Eliza Ann
253-245 WORD, Sam'l D and Mary F
254-246 WORD, ELiza
255-247 HARVEY, Henry B and Minerva V
256-248 DEWBRE, Jiles and Rachel
257-249 RUSH, James C and Elizabeth
258-250 SHAW, James M and Lucy Ann
259-251 WADE, Maadison and Susan P.
260-252 WADE, Ferdinand and Sarah Ann
261-253 YOUNG, John A and Sarah M
262-254 GRAVIN, Sam'l R
263-255 CHISM, Nancy H
264-256 BUTTON, Alfred and Martha
265-257 LEEPER, Sam'l and Louisa - both Black
266-258 GRINSTEAD, Angelina
267-259 JOHNSTON, James and Martha W
268-260 WHEAT, WIlson H and Nancy J - shoemaker
269-261 GRINSTEAD, Geo R and Nancy T
270-262 NUNNALLY, WIllis B and Mary J - blacksmith
271-263 GRINSTEAD, Robert E and Fanny P. U S Marshall
272 thru 274 - vacant
276-264 TUDOR, Nicholas W and Arrissa M.

end of census and series - Sandi

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