Metcalfe County Genealogy

Metcalfe County Deaths - 1860

In December 1997, Sandi Gorin posted to the South-Central Kentucky list the deaths taken from the microfilm for 1860, Metcalfe Co KY. These were persons who died during the year ending 1 June 1860 and was completed by Dory Nell. We are grateful for the opportunity to repost them here.

Charlotte F NEWMAN, 14, f, md, VA, Dec, consumpton, ill 365 ds.
Joseph R COMPTON, 44, m, md, KY, Jan, blacksmith, pneumonia, 11 days.
Martha F TOINTER (Pointer?), 4, f, KY, Nov, sore throat, 6.
No name infant, 1/12, m KY, July, unknown, 12.
Mary T GARMAN, 1/12, f, KY, Nov, unknown reason, 12.
Polly WALBERT, 40, f, md, KY, Dec, unknown, 3.
Margaret WESTMORELAND, 25, f, md, KY, Sept, fever, 11.
Mary J JAMES, 40, f, md, KY, Dec, typhoid fever, 15.
Dabney M BLAYDES, 2, m, KY, Feb, brain inflamation, 3.
Catherine CRADDOCK, 75, f, md, VA, Sept, lung disease, 1.
Mary T MITCHEL, 4, f, KY, Mar, brain inflamation, 5.
Fountain B PACE, 33, m, md, KY, May, merchant, consumption, 12 days.
No name infant, 4/12, m, black, slave, KY, Oct, unknown, 12.
Catherine ROBINSON, 46, f, KY, July, dropsey, 90.
Louisa C ROBINSON, 12, f, KY, Mar, brain inf, 175.
David SHOFNER, 77, , md, NC, June, shoemaker, dropsey, 365.
Andrew A FLINT, 24, m, KY, May, farmer, typhoid, 60.
Judy CRADDOCK, 100, f, b, slave, VA, Mar, old age.
Marinda ROBINSON, 1, f, KY, Sept, croup, 3.
FEDD, 5/12, m, b, slave, KY, Feb, croup, 6.
John P MALONE, 23, m, KY, Sept, farming, drowned.
Mary Ann NUNN, 34, f, md, KY, July, heart disease, 180.
J CASSADAY, 10/12, f, b, slave, KY, Aug, croup, 2.
Jose PHILPOT, 86, m, md, MD, Apr, saddler, old age, 2.
John PHILPOT, 24, m, KY, May, intemperance, sudden.
Mary HOREK (Houck?), 6, f, KY, Sept, flux, 7.
John FANCHER, 70, m, KY, Feb, farmer, unknown, 540.
Almeda P REED, 22, f, md, KY, June, typhoid, 570.
Ellen E BEAUCHAMP, 35, f, md, KY, Sept, unknown, 21.
Louisa, 17, f, mulatto, slave, KY, May, servant, drowned.
Daniel B JEFFRIES, 23, m, md, KY, Apr, farmer, murdered by stabbing, 4.
Fountain, 2, m, mulatto, slave, KY, May, drowned.
Lawson, 45, m, black, slave, VA, Mar, servant, pneumonia, 16.
James A VANZANT, 1, m, KY, Sept, croup, 1.
George T LINDSAY, 11/12, m, KY, dec, croup, 2.
Theodore B WEBB, 16, m, KY, Dec, typhoid & pneumonia, 50.
Josephene G WEBB, 14, f, KY, Jan, typhoid & pneumonia, 20.
Sarah J BARTON, 24, f, KY, Mar, typhoid & pneumonia, 35.
Kendrick THOMPSON, 17, m, KY, Mar, farmer, typ & pneu, 35.
John W STRADER, 38, m, KY, June, unknown, 90.
Stephen RATCLIFFE, 64, m, KY, July, farmer, apoplexy, 3.
Mary RATCLIFFE, 34, f, KY, Oct, consumption, 240.
Dolly, 77, b, free, VA, Apr, domestic, old age, 340.
Elizabeth CARTER, 81, f, VA, Fb, palsey, 240.
Amarinda PURNELLS, 1/12, f, KY, Nov, unknown, 210.
Lettice CULLENS, 72, f, widow, SC, July, fevr, 270.
Richard M CRABB, 63, m, md, VA, Dec, farmer, liver disease, 14.
Josphene W DOUGHERTY, 1, f, KY, July, diarrhea, 1.
Luther YATES, 1, m, KY, July, croup, 4.
Mary McCANDLESS, 25, f, KY, July, flux & typhoid, 360.
Nancy SLINKER, 72, f, VA, June, erysyphilis, 5.
Isabella MARTIN, 64, f, VA, June, flux & fever, 11.
Ransom MARTIN, 44, m, KY, Dec, wagoner, consumption, 180.
Marcus CARTER, 1 day, m, KY, Dec, 1.
Mahala A BOCOCK, 2, f, KY, Feb, quinsey, 1.
Isham COX, 45, m, KY, Sept, farmer, dropsey, 240.
Martha E PERKINS, 2, f, KY, June, unknown, 8.
Lucinda WITTY, 40, f, md, KY, June, consumption, 120.
Infant HOFFMAN, f, KY, Nov, unknown, 4.
Martha Ann TERRY, 30, f, md, KY, Oct, palsey, 60.
Josephus CLARK, 16, m, KY, Feb, farming, diabetes, 60.
Mary, 34, f, black, slave, KY, Mar, servant, consumption, 90.
Ann Z SCOTT, 5, KY, July, flux & fever, 90.
Eliza E SCOTT, 11/12, f, KY, July, flux & fever, 6.
Elizabeth E WARDER, 3/12, f, KY, Sept, brain inf, 1.
Julius PERKINS, 5/12, m, KY, Dec, unknown, 120.
Nancy H HUFFMAN, 67, f, md, KY, Sept, consumption, 35.
Susan, 1, f, black, slave, Sept, servant, brain inf, 15.
Levina HOLLAND, 97, f, widow, MD, Feb, old age, 70.
Barbary E SMITH, 61, f, widow, TN, Dec, fever, 7.
David LANE, 17, m, KY, June, farmer, typhoid, 12.
George W HUFFMAN, 60, m, md, TN, Mar, farmer, dropsey, 450.
Nancy HUFFMAN, 63, f, md, VA, July, consumption, 365.
William M MARSHALL, 10, m, KY, July, white swelling, 19.
Infant ESTES, 1/12, m, KY, Nov, unknown, 19.
Thomas H LETCHER, 87, m, md, VA, Jan, retired farmer, old age, 25.
Nancy E BATES, 3, f, KY, Dec, croup & scarlet fever, 20.

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