McCreary County Photos

Grandpa Anderson

George/Relda (Kidd) Ball Family Submitted by Della Perez

William Sylvester & Olive Ball

Helen "Polly" Burke Steele Bell, Anna Blevins Burke, Margaret Burke Boyatt

Shadrack Bell

James Columbus Boyatt

James Columbus Boyatt, Lenford Thomas Smith, Virginia Ann Smith, and Sue Carol Smith

John Wesley Boyatt with wife Margaret (Burke)

 Marjorie Boyatt

Ewlis/Lizzie Branscum Family

Lincoln & Lucy Bryant

Larry & Gary Burke

Henry Clark & daughter

John Cooper 1873-1960

Linda (Taylor) Cooper 1st wife of John Cooper

John Cooper, 2nd wife Darkie Cooper, grandson Harold Spradlin

Sherd Cooper

Jason Cordell

John/Nellie Foster family
Rebecca Foust

George Freeman Reunion (1940)

Judge Greene's Family

Jackson Hamblin

Martin & Louisa Hamlin Family

Henry Family including Joseph Hanes Henry, wife Pearl(Carter), son Clinton, and many unknown people

Joseph Hanes Henry - Veterans of McCreary County

Isaac Henson and family

Hill Card

Charlie Holloway

Estel Holloway - Veterans of McCreary County

William Donald Holloway - Veterans of McCreary County

Andrew Jackson Kidd and wife Nellie (Stephens)

Smith Lenford

Sue Lenford

Charles Malone - Veterans of McCreary County

Gene Malone - Veterans of McCreary County

Lawrence Malone - Veterans of McCreary County

Nathan and wife Elva (Taylor) Martin

Tom and Lewis Martin

Lois Jean (Moses) Miller

Lois Jean and Betty Moses

Dorothy May Kidd Moses

Dorothy Moses-Nellie Kidd-Lena Wood

Hobert D. Moses - Veterans of McCreary County

Hobert, Dorothy & Lois Jean Miller

John Alex & Sarah Ann Stephens Murphy

John & Eva Mahala Pendergrass Murphey

Nancy Jane Neal Family

Johnny Shoopman Funeral Gathering

Mark & Racheal (Shrunk Perkins) Family

 Johnny Patton Smith and sons.

Leland Stanford and Lenford Thomas Smith as small boys

Amp Spradlin 1875-1956 with wife Minnie (Gregory) Spradlin 1876-1956

Amp Spradlin 1875-1956 with wife Minnie (Gregory) Spradlin 1876-1956

Edgar Spradlin-Minnie (Gregory) Spradlin-Claude Cooper

Gladys and Oma Stephens

Pastor Leamon Stephens with wife Gladys (Vanover) Stephens

Pastor Leamon Stephens and friends at Indian Creek Church.

 Lewis Stephens Family

Isaac & Dillie Strunk Henson with daughter

Henry Lee Taylor

Henry Lee Taylor with daughter Elva (Taylor) Martin

Green Tucker

Frankie Malinda Vanover with unknown child

Jesse Vanover (Husband of Frankie)

Jerry Watson & Clemi Mae Cordell Watson

Johnie Watson holding Carrie Cordell's twins, Loyd and Floyd

Johnnie J Watson

Johnie Watson with mother Rhodan or Rodan Watson

Judson Henry Wright - Veterans of McCreary County

Judson Henry & Lexie Wright

Royce Elmer Wright - Veterans of McCreary County

Unknown man on sandhill road

3c Camp


Stearn Coal and Lumber Yard men

Unknown Women

Unknown Miners

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