Serious Shooting 2-26-1925
Argument Ends in Fireworks
Saturday evening an argument, which started in a friendly manner, so, we understand, ended in the serious wounding of Hillary Crabtree.
     The story told the reporter was that Crabtree and Talmadge Kidd were having a little argument at Fidelity, just above the north side of Tipple.  Suddenly the affair assumed serious proportions, and Kidd drew a gun and fired two shots at Crabtree, both taking affect in the abdomen.
     The doctor removed one of the bullets, but as the other appeared to be a hospital case the patient was rushed to Lexington, where an operation was performed and a 25-automatic copper jacketed bullet removed from his side.  His condition is very serious and small hopes are entertained for his recovery.
     Crabtree is the son of Richard Crabtree and the grandson of Uncle Dick Hill, well known in the Fork Creek Section. 
     Kidd is the son of Joe Kidd.
     At the time of this writing Kidd has not been taken into custody.  Witnesses state that Crabtree was unarmed.
Contributed by:  Della Perez

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