Obituary for John Riley Sellers, unknown paper, but reprinted by the McCreary Co. Record on 16 October 1975

PIONEER DIES   10-16-1975
Reprint from an unknown paper 12-17-1925
Obituary for John Riley Sellers, printed originally by an unknown paper December 17, 1925

    One of the best-beloved and well-known characters of this part of the Kentucky mountains has crossed the frontier of the stars, and his going is greatly lamented throughout McCreary.  We refer to Uncle Riley Sellers,
who died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Nickles, at Danville, last Friday, at the ripe old age of 94.  His death was due to the ravages of old age.
    Uncle Riley, as he was familiarly known, came into this part of the country from North Carolina, back in the 40s, and settled with his family on a little farm located where the R. W. Henderson home in Stearns now stands.  His sons and grandsons accompanied him with their families, and they formed a little settlement which they named "Hemlock" and which in the early years of the twentieth century became the town of Stearns.
    His son, Bailey, his grandson, Lemuel, and his great-grandson, Jefferson, all settled in this section and became a factor for good in the community.
    Uncle Riley was a source of much information on early days in the mountains, and his passing takes away another link with the haloed past.
    Thomas Sellers, chief time keeper for the Stearns Company, is the son of Jefferson Sellers, and great-grandson of Uncle Riley.
    Interment took place at the Pine Knot Cemetery on Sunday and a large  attendance was on the ground to pay their respects to one of our pioneer citizens.
    While his age made his death an expected possibility, the loss to the family is great and they have the sincere sympathy of the entire section in their dark hour.
NOTE:  The daughter refered to above is GENETTA "NETTIE" SELLERS, who married BAL WRIGHT NICHOLS.  Her name was misspelled in the obit, and I copied it as written.
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