McCreary County Marriages 1912-1929

Surname:  Anderson
Contributed by: Della Perez

Albert Anderson (26) son of James/Sarah to Ellen Stephens (21) 07-10-1920

Alvin Anderson  son of William/Delilah A. (Maxey) to Stella Maxie 04-25-1928

Andrew Anderson (30) son of Jake/Cinda to Lillie Creekmore (31) 05-10-1921

Andrew Anderson (36) wid. son of J.C/Cinda (Chitwood) to Vina Davenport (21) 12-22-1928.

Chas Anderson (22) son of Jones/Nonie to Fannie Foster (16)  04-03-1915

Clera  Anderson  to Marion Duncan    09-14-1917

David Anderson (54) 2nd marriage, son of William/Elizabeth to Jose Chitwood (22) 04-05-1913

David  Anderson (69) wid. son of William/Elizabeth to Isobel Stephens (40) 03-24-1919

Elimil Anderson to Jerry Hayes    01-01-1914

Eva Anderson to M. ? Meadors     02-24-1916

Green Anderson  (20) son of Dane/Sena to Rosie Long (22) daughter of Hiram and Pricey , 02-19-1918

Haley Anderson to Noah Lay        02-07-1918

Isaac Anderson son of John/Elizabeth, 4th marriage, to Lollie Ball 11-02-1912

Isaac Anderson (24) son of John/Elizabeth, 5th marriage, to Florence Cox (22) 06-15-1913

J.R. Anderson  (James) (25) son of J.C./Lucinda to Lula Ryan (16) 05-11-1918

Mark Anderson  (24) son of William/Melvina to Ophia Wright (23) 07-07-1921

Marion Anderson  (25) son of Shelby/Syntha J. to Lucy Winchester (22) 09-24-1919

Martha Anderson to C.C. Morrow      12-16-1922

Mary Anderson  to Roscoe Helton    No date

Minett Anderson  (24) son of Bill/Melda, to Nannie Long (25) daughter of Hiram and Pricey, 09-26-1917

Nola  Anderson  to  Finley Hicks       12-22-1919

Raymond Anderson  (22) son of William/Dillie (Delilah?) to Nola Meadors (21) 12-15-1928

Rosetta Anderson to Dudley Parton     09-16-1918

Rosey  Anderson  to Clarence Meadors    11-05-1917

Topsie Anderson to Egbert Hobert or Hobert Egbert Stephens       10-08-1919

Vica  Anderson to W.E. Roundtree   05-23-14  


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