Marriage Bond A.W.Carter and Catharine Alsip

Attached is the Marriage Bond of A.W. Carter and "Eliza" Catharine Alsip.
They were married on the 20 Jan 1876.
A.W. Carter is Alfred Willis Carter -- Son of Solomon Carter and Elizabeth Gibson-Carter.
    I have been told that A. W. Carter was also the First Elected Coroner of McCreary Co on
    24 Aug 1914, after the resignation of J.D. Taylor on 18 Aug 1914. Later A.W. Carter was
    appointed Deputy Sheriff on 28 Apr 1916 and 10 Apr 1918. I am requesting the documents
    or a copy of them showing this information. Once I get a copy, I will email it to you, so that
    you can put them on the site was well.
Eliza Catharine Alsip is the daughter of Alexander Alsip and Abigail Moore.
The marriage was to take place at Alex Alsip's residence, but it was held at Richard Alsips.
The witnesses were: Luke Moore Jr. and David Alsip. A.S. Hart was the person who signed the
marriage certificate.
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