McCreary County Estate Records

E. K. Chitwood Will Book 2 Pg. 357   Will is not Dated
Gives daughter Verna sewing machine.  Names Fred A. Chitwood as Trustee.  Left everything to wife and children (no names)

Lewis Chitwood Will June 2, 1956
Gives everything he owns to wife Sadie, except $500 each to Edna Prater, Thelma Wright, Roy Prater, Steve Prater, and Mike Wright.

William and Nora Chitwood Will April 26, 1965
No info.

Houston and Azalee Chitwood August 14, 1964
Willed everything to each other.

Luke Anderson December 11, 1915
Willed a piece of land to John M. Anderson that was originally given John by ??? Chitwood.  Luke and John Anderson signed.

David Anderson  (NO DATES)
Leaves everything to his beloved Isobel, she is to take his youngest child Julia Margaret Anderson now six and send her to school.  "I have 8 children all adults except Julia."  Gives son's name's, Joe Anderson and Green Anderson $1.00 each.  Gives daughters, Hannah Meadors (wife of Hamp), Waney Ellis, ???? Roe (wife of Fritz), Millie Stephens, Vicey Roundtree (wife of Esbon R.) $1.00 each.  Gives one daughter name unreadable $1,000.  Says grown children treated his new family wrong.

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