Roberts Jones Hunley Cemetery
                                         Cemetery transcription and photos taken by:  Laquia  Anderson,
                                          Herbert Cody Ellis, Dakota Lee Ellis and Cheyanne Leigh Ellis


  1.  MOUND OF STONES  (unknown origin)




  5.  STONE  (illegible)

  6.  JONES
      Lovel F.  ( this best we could indentify
      April 21, 1901-May 3 or 5, 1901)


Feb. looks like 1882  (this stone was worn and weathered)

  9.  UNIDENTIFIABLE GRAVE   or graves

10.  GRAVESTONE  ( unidentifiable)

11.  GRAVES, (unidentifiable)

12.  GRAVES   (unidentifiable)

13.  “LFS”  looks like initals, this was all that was legiable

14. STONE,   illegible

15. “CC”  looks like 1884 Sept.  (this was all that was legible)

16.  STONES  (unknown origin)

17.  STONES  (unknown origin)

18.  MOUND OF STONES  (unknown origin)

19.  STONE MOUNDS  (unknown origin)

20.  STONE MOUNDS (unknown origin)

21.  STONE MOUNDS (unknown origin)

22.  STONE MOUNDS (unknown origin)

23.  STONE MOUNDS (unknown origin)

24.  STONE MOUNDS (unknown origin)

25.  STONE MOUNDS (unknown origin)

26.  STONE MOUNDS (unknown origin)

27.  STONE MOUNDS (unknown origin)

28.  STONE MOUNDS (unknown origin)

29.  FIELD STONES  ( no info)

30.  MOUND OF STONES  (unknown origin)


Very near here is a meteor hole that was once used to hold the prisoners that were here to forcibly mine coal. The locals that know of this grater  call it Penitentiary Hole.   The area is covered with grave stones and many could be field stones cleared for gardening as there  were homes in the immediate area.  Some of them could be a dilapidated stone fence to keep in livestock. Very near here is a standing,  two sided chimney left from years gone.


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