McCreary County Cemeteries


Alexander Cemetery, Pine Knot
Allen Burke Cemetery, Fidelity
Anderson Cemetery, Pine Knot
Anderson Wood Cemetery, Strunk
Angel Cemetery

Barr Cemetery, Barthell

Barr Cemetery, Hilltop/Yamacraw. USGenWeb Archives

Barren Fork Cemetery, in loop of Barren Fork Cemetery Rd. (N off Barren Fork Rd. (NE off US-27) Wiborg.
*Bell Cemetery, Slavens. USGenWeb Archives
Bell/Dolan Cemetery, Hilltop/Yamacraw
Bethel Cemetery, Pine Knot
*Blevins Cemetery, Hilltop/Yamacraw.
Blevins-Kidd Cemetery,Yamacraw
Boyatt Cemetery, Whitley City
Bruce Shepherd Cemetery, Whitley City
Bryant Cemetery
Bud Cemetery, Stearns
Bud Gregory Cemetery
Burrell King Cemetery
David Boyatt Cemetery, (nearby town) Oneida, TN
George N. Boyatt Grave, near Bell Farm.
Bryant Cemetery,
Burk Cemetery, near Bell Farm.

Allen Burk Cemetery, Hilltop/Yamacraw.
Carter Cemetery, on N side of Lick Creek Rd. (NW off KY-1651) Whitley City.
Cat Hill Cemetery (Cal Hill Cemetery), on N side of KY-592 (NE off US-27) 0.6 mi. W of Lower Marsh Creek Church. Whitley City.
Cedar Grove Cemetery, Slavens.
Chitwood Cemetery
Chitwood/Cooper Cemetery
Christman Cemetery
Coffey Cemetery, N of Coffey Cem. Rd. (NW off Wolf Creek Rd.) Barthell.
Davis Cemetery, on N side of Davis Cem. Rd. (NE off Freedom   Church Rd. (SE off end of Jones Hollow Rd. (N off KY-92). Nevelsville.
Farris Cemetery,
Foster Cemetery, in Foster Hollow. Bell Farm.
Gilreath Cemetery. on NW side of Meadow Grove Connector (NW off N end of Meadow Gr. Rd. (N off KY-92) Whitley City.
Gregory Cemetery, NW of Clark Hollow Road (N off KY-92) 1.1 mi. W of Jones School. Coopersville.
Hamilton Cemetery, on SE side of KY-896 (E off KY-90). Sawyer.
Hayes Creek Cemetery, at end of Hayes Creek Cem. Rd. (NW off Little   Rock Creek Rd. (S off Osborn Creek Rd./  KY-1470 (E off KY-592 (S off KY-92). Ketchen.
Hickenbottom Cemetery, on NW side of KY-1045 (SW off KY-90). Wiborg.
Hickman Cemetery, on W side of Hickman Cem. Road & N side   of KY-92. Barthell.
Hill Cemetery , NE of KY-1470 (W off US-27), 1.1 mi. W of Strunk Post Office. Barthell.
Hill Cemetery, in Big South Fork National River & Rec. Area on W side of Bald Knob-Hill Cem. Road 0.3 mi. SSW of King Cemetery . Barthell.
Hill Cemetery, on SW side of Bell Farm-Fidelity White Oak J  Rd. (SE off end of KY-1363 (SW off KY-92)) 0.8 mi. SE of Bell Farm Horse Camp. Bell Farm.
Holloway Cemetery, on NW side of Holloway Cem. Road (SW off   KY-1651). Whitley City.
Holt #1 Cemetery, Pine Knot
Holt #2 Cemetery (Photos)  From HWY. 1470 to Hayes Creek Church, follow the Lower Rock Creek Rd. to Rd.# 1606 on right at top of hill. ( We had to use 4 wheel drive as the mountain Rd. is very steep.) 
Holt #2 Cemetery, Pine Knot  (USGenWeb Archives) (read 21 years eariler when many markings now unreadable were readable),
Hughes Cemetery, NW of end of Hughes Cem. Road (SW off   KY-90)
Indian Creek Cemetery , partial.
Jacob Troxel Grave
Jones Cemetery, at end of Jones Cem. Rd.. Winfield.
Jones Cemetery, Ray C., (see Mountain View Cemetery).
Keith Cemetery, SE of Copper Creek Road & NE of Marshall   Keith Road (W off KY-927 (W off US-27). Nevelsville.
Kidd Cemetery, on S side of Devils Creek-Beech Grove Rd. (W   off W end of Devils Cr. Rd. (S off KY-1363). Barthell.
King Cemetery, Isham.

King Cemetery, on NW side of King Cem. Rd. (E off Old US-27   Loop No4). Winfield.

Upper King Cemetery,

King Cemetery, (King Cemetery, Upper) in Big South Fork National River & Rec. Area E of Bald Knob-Hill Cem. Road. Barthell.

Lower King Cemetery,

King Cemetery, (King Cemetery, Lower) in Big South Fork National River & Rec. Area ENE of end of Wilson Ridge Road (ENE off a   road E off Bald Knob-Hill Cem. Road). Barthell.

King (Diepan) Cemetery, Barthell.
Laurel Cemetery, on NW side of Laurel Cem. Road & S side of  KY-478 (Williamsburg St., E off US-27). Hollyhill.
Lindsey Kidd Cemetery,
Little Rock Creek Cemetery
Lower Sandhill Cemetery,
Marlar Cemetery, SE of Marlar Cem. Rd. (SW off Rock Branch  Spur Rd. (S off end of Rock Branch Rd. (E off KY-896). Cumberland Falls.
McCreary Memorial Gardens, 0.6 mi. E of  Stearns Ranger Station. Whitley City.
Methodist Church Cemetery,
Mountain View Cemetery, aka  (Jones Cemetery, Ray C.) SW of Rattlesnake Ridge Rd. (W off KY-1363) 0.2 mi. SE of Mountain View School. Barthell.
Murray Wilson Cemetery, Strunk.
Nancy Grave Cemetery, on S side of Wilson Ridge Road (E off Devils   Creek Rd. (S off KY-1363). Barthell.
Phillips Cemetery, on N side of KY-92 0.5 mi. NNE of Wolf Ridge Lookover, Nevelsville.
Old Flat Rock #1
Old Pigeon Cemetery, located on the Pete Owens Mines Road off of Sand Hill Road (hwy 700) partial.
Pine Knot Cemetery, on NE side of KY-92 0.1 mi. SSW of Freewill Church. Whitley City.
Piney Grove Cemetery, on NE side of Dick Eagleton Rd. (S off KY-90). Wiborg.
Pleasant Knob Cemetery
Price Cemetery, at SE end of Price Cem. Rd. (E off KY-896) 0.9 mi. ENE of  Sawyer Church. Sawyer.
Roberts Cemetery, Hilltop, Yamacraw.
Roberts Cemetery #1
Roberts Cemetery #2
Roberts/Jones/Hunley Cemetery, Marshes Siding. In The Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area.  USGenWeb Archives
Robert/Slavans Cemetery, Hilltop, Yamacraw.
Rock Creek Cemetery, N of Little Rock Creek Road (S off Osborn  Creek Rd.) 0.1 mi. NW of Upper Rock Creek School. Ketchen.
Ryan Cemetery,
Sandhill Cemetery,
Shearer-Dobbs Cemetery, on NW side of KY-1363 (E off KY-92) 0.1 mi. WSW of Pleasant Ridge Church. Bell Farm.
Smith Cemetery, N of Rock Cr.-Bell Farm Rd (SW off Bell Farm- Lonesome Cr. Rd. (SW off Bell Farm-Fidelity  White Oak J Rd. (W off end of KY-1363). Bell Farm.
Stephens Old Sandhill (Upper) Cemetery,
John Troxell Cemetery, Hilltop, Yamacraw.
Jacob Troxell Cemetery, Marshes Siding.
Troxell Cemetery, on W side of Ross Rd./KY-1470 (W off US-27)
0.1 mi. S of  Otter Creek Church (near Revelo). Barthell.
Troxell Cemetery, (near Yamacraw/Hilltop)
Upper Marsh Creek Cemetery, Pine Knot
Various small Cemeteries,
Waters Cemetery, US 27, about 1 mile south of Whitley City.

Waters Cemetery, Barthell

Winchester Cemetery, (Fidelity Cemetery) NW of Bell Farm-Fidelity White Oak J Road (SE off end of KY-1363 (SW off KY-92) 0.9 mi. SE of Hickory Knob Church. Barthell.
Wilson Ridge Cemetery, Barthell.
Wilson/Spradlin [Josh Wilson] Cemetery, Strunk.
Wright Cemetery

McCreary County Cemetery Map







      On Dec. 23, 2003 Sam Perry and Lloyd Perry met with Kyle Napier of the Kentucky Nature Preserve Commission for a visit to the Ballou-Worley Cem. located on the Cumberland Falls State Park Nature Preserve in McCreary County.  This meeting was arranged in order to establish premission to begin the preservation of the cemetery which had laid uncared for since the 1920's.  The property where the cemetery is located once was the home place of John and Mary Ballou and had in recent years been acquired by the Kentucky Dept. of Parks who intern established the nature preserve which is under the managment of the Kentucky Nature Preserve Commission.  At this meeting an agreement between Mr. Napier and the represenatives of McCreary Pioneers Cemetery Preservation Society Inc. The agreement set forth was that MPCS would provide the man power and resources in which the preservation could begin and would under our own operating proceeders restore the cemetery to its orginal condition in as much as was humanly possible.  Mr. Napier agreed that a later date he would return to the cemetery to spray for undesirable growth of vegitation.  We were also informed at this time that the only access to the cemetery would be by foot travel only as prescribed under the operating orders of the Kentucky Nature Preserve Commission. 

        On Dec. 30, 2003 10 members of MPCPS began the preservation of the cemetery.  On this visit basic cleaning began with the clearing of unwanted vegitation and the the removale of leaf litter.  We found that two grave were identifiable through markings on the stones.  They were the graves of: Mary H Neal  born 11 April (year date is unrecognizabel)  died 4 Jan. 1858  wife of Lewis Renfro and the grave of Willis Worley born 17 Jan. 1806 and died 14 Sept. 1860.   On this visit a total of 50 man hours were spent during the clean up. 

        On Saturday March 27, 2004  we agian visited the cemetery in order to finish the removal of trees that were endangering the cemetery.  14 people attend this work project and we would like to thank Ruben Perry, a professional arborist, for volunteering his services and skills in the removale of several trees that were endangering the cemetery.  These trees were pines that had died as a result of the recent southern pine beetle invasion that has plagued the forest.  On this visit we spent 4 hours for a total of 56 man hours.  At this time we are planning a rededication service which will be announced in the future.  Also on this visit we were honored to have with us two of our members who are direct decendants of Mary H Neal, Valda Johnson and Geneva Dunlap were able to attend.

        On this cemetery we have spent a total of 106 man hours in the preservation of the cemetery.We would like to thank everyone who has helped support our efforts in the preservation of the cemetery.


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