Smithtown, McCreary County, KY


McCreary County Kentucky Cemeteries Vol. I
Author, Robert Stephens
published 1990
Chitwood/Cooper Cemetery, Smithtown, KY.
Location: From Ky 92 at Smithtown at it's intersection with Ky 791 go NW 1.8 miles to a road that goes (left) SW.  Follow this road .3 mile.  Along the way you'll pass the Hickman Cemetery on your right.  As you near your turn off look down the bluff to the SW and you'll see the cemetery.  The cemetery is on a flat NE of the old Yamacraw mining camp.
ANDERSON, Clara Monroe 
b 1897      
d 1960
 He died and lived a christian.
ANDERSON, Glenby H.               
b July 7, 1925
d Aug 26, 1950
   War Memorial
Ohio, S2, USNR, World War II,   
July 7, 1925    Aug. 26, 1950
ANDERSON, James Erl              
b May 27, 1922
d Jul 19, 1923
 Son of Monroe & Ethel Anderson.
 Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest.
 God has called you home he thought it best.
ANDERSON, Jessie Ray           
b Jan 28 1924   
d Sep 13, 1924
 Son of Monroe & Ethel Anderson.
 Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest.
 God has called you home he thought it best.
ANDERSON, Mildred                
b 1934    
d 1934   
 Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest.
 God has called you home he thought it best.
BALLOU, Infant                       
b Jun 19, 1926
d Jun 19, 1926
 Dau. of Ernest Ballou.
 Darling, we miss thee.
BALLOU, Virgil                       
b Jun 20, 1904
d Dec 2, 1922
 Gone but not forgotten.
BARNETT, Margaret               
May 16, 1898  
OSSW Napoleon
 Epitaph same.
BARNETT, Napoleon             
b Dec 9, 1904
d May 22, 1969
OSSW Margaret
 Together Forever.
BARNETT, Sheard                  
b Feb 9, 1865       
d Feb 7, 1917
 Gone but not forgotten.

BENSON, Sallie Murphy
b Dec 25, 1882
d Jun 1, 1949              
 Gone but not forgotten.
Mrs. Ed Walker says, Sallie Murphy Benson was Harve Benson's second wife.
BERTRAM, Edgar Ruben                
b 1917         
d 1977
War Memorial
Pvt. U.S. Army, World War II
BERTRAM, Hattie                      
b Apr 8, 1912
d Aug 14, 1947
 Forever with the Lord.
BERTRAM, Jake                      
b Nov 25, 1880                   
d Feb 15,1970
 Gone to rest.
BERTRAM, Noble                      
b Jun 1, 1925         
d July 29, 1927
 Son of SP & Effie Bertram
BERTRAM, Rohaney                
b  Jan 14, 1878          
d Apr 28, 1923
 Gone buit not fogotten. 
Wife of Jake Bertram.
BOYER, Mary                            
b Jun 20, 1898        
d Dec 25, 1933
BROWN, Polly J. Floyd                 
b 1865              
d 1910
 We shall meet on that beautiful shore her sons and friends.

FLYNN, Ava                
b Dec 8, 1924      
d Sept 14, 1957
 Asleep with Jesus.
(also, a picture of soldier and wife)
FLYNN, Ricky     
b 1958  
d 1958
 Hickman Funeral Home marker by sand stone.
FOSTER, Barba    
b Oct 9, 1945        
d Oct 9, 1945
FOSTER, Dorotha      13Feb1927     28Aug1929
FOSTER, Hayden      13Mar1922      13MAr1922
FOUST, Braxton  (Brack)     (no dates)
 Son of Rob and Sylvia Foust.
(buried in cemetery in an unidentified grave as per Mrs. Ed Walker)
FOUST, J. E.          23Feb1893    23Mar1922
 No pain, no grief, no anxious fear can reach our loved ones sleeping here.
FOUST, Marion Elvin     1Jan1890    1Dec1915
 Our brother's blest who's at rest with Christ forevermore.
FOUST, Pascal        1927      1980
 (Aluminum Hickman funeral home marker only)
FOUST, Rebecca     1867   28Aug1919
 She was too good, too gentle and fair to dwell in this cold world of care.
FOUST, Rob   (no ddates available)
 Son of John Foust.  According to Mrs. Ed Walker Rob Foust is buried in an unidentified grave.
FOUST, Sylvania   (no dates available)
 Rob Foust's wife.  Buried in cemetery in an unidentified grave as per Mrs. Ed Walker
GIBSON, Alice       12Jun1912   (only date)   OSSW Oakley
 Epitaph same.
GIBSON, Oakley    1Jun1902      24Aug1961 OSSW Alice
 We are gone to live with God in peace forever.
(photograph on stone)
GODSEY, Arthur       18May1926    3July1927
GODSEY, Audry    12Jun1935 30Nov1936
GODSEY, Charity    15Oct19109 9Oct1914
 Daughter of Rich & Sallie R. Godsey.
Asleep in Jesus.
GODSEY, Christine     1918        1918
GODSEY, Richard      1865     1943    Father
 Gone but not forgotten.
GODSEY, Salley    1875     1945   Mother
 A tender mother and faithful friend.
GODSEY, Walker     1898         1969
GREGORY, Jake              1881              1936
GREGORY, Lina             1881       1940
HAYNES, Parker A.     15Apr1925      1July192_
 Note: Death date not finnished.
 Gone but not forgotten.
HICMAN, Letha     28Mar1913        1May1913
HILL, Hazel                 7May1912    2Sept1913
 (note: In inscription (S) in Sept is backwards)
HINES, Marie      1913   (only one date)    OSSW  Reed
HINES, Henry B.     9Ssept1881          3Sept1932   OSSW Viginia M.
HINES, Mickie Wayne   4Jan1952     4Jan1952
 God bless my baby.
HINES, Reed      1908    1985         OSSW Marie
 Precious Lord take my hand.
HINES, Richard Allen        1Oct1952         1Oct1952
 God bless my baby.
HINES, Steven David        28Oct1953   28Oct1953
 God bless my baby
HINES, Virginia M.      17Nov1886    24Nov1971   OSSW Henry B.
HINES, Infant of       9Jun1914    9 Jun1914
 E. E. & Viola Hughes.
INMAN, James C.       1924    1977
 War Memorial
Pvt. US Army, World     II, 1924   1977
(Also, McCreary County Funeral Home Marker reads:  Chester Inman)
INMAN, Lulie         19July1889           2Aug1964

J - R missing

SLAVEN, Albert            1895       1948   OSSW Lula
 We will meet again.
SLAVEN, Deborah Sue    30Dec1953    7May1955
 Sleeping angel.
SLAVEN, Lula    1898          (on date)   OSSW  Albert
 Epitaph same.
SLAVEN, Parker Jr.    8Feb1923    7Jun1933
 Christ loved him and took him home.
SMITH, George    21Jan1897   25Aug1974
 War Memorial
Pvt. US Army,   an. 21, 1897 - Aug. 25, 1974
Also, McCreary County Funeral Home marker.
SOUTH, Katinka (Cherry)     24Jan1932    1Apr1981
 I' will lift up mine eyes unto the heavens.
McCreary Co. Funeral Home marker say: 1924-1981.
SPRADDLIN, Thelma Lora   21Jun1923    30Jun1923
 Dau. of Fred & ROsy Spradlin.
 Sleep on sweet babe and have thy rest.
 God called you home. He thought it best.
SPRADIN, Carl    28Oct1927   4Feb1928
SPRADLIN, Eva    13Dec1929    23Nov1930
SPRADLIN, Homer Charles    9Mar1939    30Mar1939
SPRADLIN, Oscar    10Apr1900    31Oct1911
 Son of A. & Kizy Spradlin.
 Gone but not forgotten.
SPRADLIN, Paul    23Jun1923    24Jun1923
SREPHENS, Dougles M.    13Mar1942    28July1942
 Asleep in Jesus.
STEPHENS, Patricia     24Apr1927    27Apr1927
 Gone but not forgotten.
STEPHENS, Sigle   17Nov1924   21Oct1925
 Son of LEvi & Tildy Stephens.
STORIE, Billie E.    30Mar1931    2Jan1932
 Gone to a better land.
TUCKER, Clearease    20Nov1866    3Sept1941  Mother.
 We will meet you mother.
TUCKER, Doyce Dean    26Dec1934    3Dec1936
 He was the sunshine of our home.
 Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest.
 God took thee home. He thought it best.
TUCKER, Faye Nell    1933    1986
 (McCreary County Funeral home marker only)
TUCKER, Firby E.    31Sept1874   12Mar1929
 Mother waits for us in heaven.
TUCKER, G. W.    1837    1932
 Gone but not forgotten.
TUCKER, Hayden    28Feb1917    7Apr1917
 Suffer the little children to come unto me.
TUCKER, J. P.    30Jun1864    19Feb1946   Father.
 We will meet you father
TUCKER, Lillie    11Apr1911   (only date)   OSSW  Mose W.
TUCKER, Linda J.    1856    1932
 Gone but not forgotten.
TUCKER, Mose W.     7Apr1896   31 Aug1985   OSSW  Lillie
 Precious Lork take my hand.
 Also McCreary County Funeral Home marker.
TUCKER,  Mose Walter    1896    1985
 War Memorial
Pvt. US Army, World War I,  1896-1985. 

transcribed & Submitted by Christine Rollins With permission of the Author

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