Listing of LaRue County Teachers


LaRue County Herald

July 31, 1917

Teachers for nearly every district school in the county, were elected at the meeting of the various division boards last Saturday, but the full report of elections has not been rendered to the County Superintendent Creal.


The elections for Divisions 2 and  3 have been made, and are as follows:


Barren Run-----W. E. Duckworth

Carter-----Naomi Enlow

Cross Roads-----Russell Twyman

Friend-----Mary LaRue

Keith-----Maude Bayne

Leafdale-----Jennie Nichols

Lincoln Springs-----Mrs. James Poor

Morrison-----G. M. Montgomery

Stone House-----Mary Thurman

Tonieville-----P. W. Reynolds



Brooks-----Ollie Hubbard

Magnolia-----Jess Gardner & Mrs. Sara McConnell

Mt. Sherman-----Maggie Thomas

Oak Hill-----Lewis Abell

Orrender-----Minnie Childress

Parkers Grove-----Susan Keith

Tally-----Mattie Cleaver

Walters-----Annie Routt

Wheeler-----Iva Puckett