Boyd County-Homestead Pictures

This page contains historic photographs and postcards of Homes and Homesteads in Boyd County. If you have photos that you
can scan and would like to contribute to this page, email them to me in .gif or .jpg format.

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Log Cabin 1941-Rt.23 Log Cabin 1941-Rt.23
My Old Kentucky Home 1 My Old Kentucky Home 2
My Old Kentucky Home 3 My Old Kentucky Home 4
My Old Kentucky Home 5
Trappin House 1 Trappin House 2
Eastman-Fields Homested SpiderWeb House
Fetter Home The Elms
Meinhart Homestead 1
(15th and Montgomery)
Meinhart Homestead 2
(15th and Montgomery)
House Location(Unknown) Meinhart Homestead 1890
(15th and Central)
Fields Homestead 1907
Donated by J. Powers
Murphy Homestead 1910
Donated by J. Powers
Baugh Homestead 1915
Donated by J. Powers
Fetter Homestead 1920
Donated by J. Powers
Fred Bunker Homestead 1910
Donated by J. Powers
Gallup Homestead 1915
McKenzie House 1 McKenzie House 2
McKenzie House 3 R.A. Elam Homested
Case/McKenzie House 1 Case/McKenzie House 2
Case/McKenzie House 3 Case/McKenzie House 4
Case/McKenzie House 5 Case/McKenzie House 6
Judds Homestead-2004 Condit Homestead 1910
Donated by J. Powers
Unknown House 1 ca 1953 Unknown House 2 ca 1953
Mansbach Mansion ca 1953
South Belmont St
Unknown House 4 ca 1953
Bellefonte Country Club ca 1953 Iroquis Ave ca 1953
Winchester-17th-Late 1800's

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Last Updated:  January 28th, 2009