Boyd County-Central Park Pictures

This page contains photographs of Central Park Today and Yesterday. If you have photos that you
can scan and would like to contribute to this page, email them to me in .gif or .jpg format.

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Bandstand-Present Bandstand-Past
Indian Mounds 1 Indian Mounds 2
Indian Mounds 3 Indian Mounds 4
Indian Mounds 5 Indian Mounds 6
Indian Mounds 1-Past Indian Mounds 2-Past
Indian Mounds 3-Past
Play Area 1 Play Area 2
Play Area 3 Play Area 4
Central Park 1-Past Central Park 2-Past
Donated by Scott Wittich
Central Park 3-Past Central Park 4-Past
Central Park 5-Past Central Park 6-Past
Lily Pond 1 Lily Pond 2
Lily Pond 3 Lily Pond 4
Lily Pond 1-Past Lily Pond Pond 2-Past
(From Margaret Braun)
Lily Pond 3
Oldest Log Cabin 1 Oldest Log Cabin 2
KKK in Central Park
Donated by Jerri Jones Taylor

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Last Updated:  July 31st, 2008