In the News

On last Wednesday morning, a famrmer by the name of John
R. Wilmot near Lancaster, Ky killed his mother, wife, and
two daughters with an ax and then hung himself.

Mr V. Boreing, of London, Ky., formerly editor of the
Mountain Echo, is now visiting his brother, Rev. A. Boreing 
at Catlettsburg.

Messers, Stewart and Wood started out with their shcool
in the brick school building, last night, under flattering
prospects. They report an enrollment of some forty names.

Veyssie---at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Cecelia Jones, 
this city, on Thursday morning, Jan 19th, 1882, Mrs. Francis
D. Veyssue, aged 71 years. She was the mother of L.E. Veyssie, 
merchant of this city. She was born in France and has been
in this country for 29 years. She went to bed well at night
and was found dead next morning, and had been dead but a 
short time when discovered.

Drake--- at the residence fo her father, John Hoffman, this
city, on Wednesday, Jan. 18th, 1882 Mrs. Helen Drake. She leaves
a small son, Johnnie, to morun her death. "Keepp your lamps 
trimmed and burning:" death steals upon us unawares.

D.S. Dibble
Cor. Broadway and Greenup Avenue,
Ashland, Kentucky.
special attention give to the treatment
of the natural teeth.

Hiram Howell has resigned his position as fireman
on the transfer engine. James Kilgore succeeds him.

The Ashland Foundry and Machine Shops have a contract 
for furnishing a large water tank for the Ironton 
Electric Light Comapny.

Mr and Mrs Abrahams are happy in the receipt of a new son,
which arrived in the family circle on Thursday, September
11, 1890

Mike Purtle is about completing the contract for a frame
residenc, possibly to be located at or near the corner of 
Carter avenue and 8th street.

Andrew Shanklin is suffering all the misery and et ceteras 
arising from a bone felon on one of his thumbs. He had 
the member lanced this morning, and hopes to lose no joint.

James Runyon is furnishing the lumber for the extension and
the doubling of the capacity of the Ashland Fire Brick Works.
The new building will be 200 feet long and 60 feet wide.

J. W. Spicer and daughter, Miss Ida, returned, yesterday, 
from Culpepper, Va..where Miss Ida has been spending the 

William Apple, who went to Clermont county, Ohio on Thursday
to accompany his wife and family home, arrived here on 
Saturday evening.

Frank Geiger bade his "home haunts" farewell, this morning, and
boarded the west bound N.N. & M. V. train for Louisville where
he will attend school.

Judge John M. Burns hied himself to Grayson, per N.N.&
M.V., this morning, to digest the court record awaiting
him at that point. Judge W.C. Ireland accompanied him.

George Carroll, a young man fromerly residing here (taken
a mere boy), of Bellaire, Ohio is visiting at the 
residence of Geroge Carp, Sr., at the corner of Carter
avenue and 18th street.

Rev. D. H. Reid a young man of promise, left, this morning,
for Ashland, Virginia, to attend school. He has been studying
for the ministry for some time, and has gone to finish
his education. By close application to his studies, he has
made considerable progress in his calling, and the best 
wishes of many friends in this place go with him.

A kitchen is being added to the residence of Mrs. Carter, 
on the lower Winchester avenue.

Miss Hannah Kabae, Mrs. John Bailey and James Byrne are 
among Ashland's sick people.

The family of J.M. Reid for several years residents here,
moved to Huntingtion, W. Va., where Mr. Reid has purchased 
property. Mrs. Bidell, daughter of Mr. Reid, will go with 

Frank Powers, of Maysville, was in town this morning, on 
his way to the Democratic Cinvention at Catlettsburg. Mr. 
P. was once a candidate for Congress, and it may be just 
possible that he would like to try the race again.

Grayson, Ky.

Mrs. P.C. Holcomb and daughter have returned from a visit
to relatives in Virginia.

Dr. A.F. Hill will attend the medical school at New York, 
this winter.

Miss Rebecca Kennedy, of Ashland, Kansas is visiting relatives

Mrs. John Woods is visiting relatives at Higginsport, Ohio.

Miss Lizzie Drake, Mrs. Mary Parker and S.f. Northcutt spent
last week at the Caves.

Misses Heba and Stattie Mitchell, after a long visit amongst
relatives here, have returned to their home, at Clay City.

Mrs. Elizazbeth Shepard visited her daughter, Ollie Anglin
at Anglines Staiton, Saturday and Sunday.

Judge Buras went home Saturday evening returning Monday 

submitted by Teresa Scott-Scoggins