Ashland Man Found
                                               Badly injured

Clint Beam, 40, employed by the Hunt-MIll Construction Company,
was found lying on Greenup Ave. near Twenty-fifth street, Ashland, Ky
about 7:30 Monday evening in an unconcious condition.  When picked
up the back of his head was crushed and it is believed he had been
struck by a passing automobile. No clue as to what caused the
injuries, however, had been discovered by police last night.  His
condition was said to be serious.

                                           Fatal Shooting Affray
                                          At Ashland Monday
                                             " June 1924"
Walter Scott of Ashland, 45, sheet mill worker, died at the General Hospital
in Ashland , Ky at 12:40 this morning from bullet wounds said to have been
inflicted by Joe Rose, yard conductor on the Chesapeak and Ohio Railway.
  The shooting occurred on 15th street, between Greenup Ave. and Fronts street
Rose who is 34 years of age and single is said to have a cabin or camp of some
kind below Ashland which had been made the butt of jokes among a crownd of their
associates.  Last night about 6:30 according to accounts of the affair..Rose
approached Scott and ask if he was the party who named his cabin...Scott it
is said, replied  "yes I called it the Rose Log Cabin" or words to that effect
and thereupon it is charged, Rose drew an automatic pistol and shot him down.
  Acccounts of the shooting differed at the hospital. It is stated that Scott was
shot twice, once through the wrist and once in the side, the second bullet
entering the back just above the kidneys and ranging down through the abdomen.
Another report was that the slain man was hit 5 times through the wrist, arm, once
in each breast and fifth bullet creasing his side.
  The alleged gun user resides on West Winchester Ave., Ashland.  Scott who has and wife and 3 children lives at Normal, a suburb of Ashalnd   (part unreadable)   It is understood the tragedy was witnessed by .Jack Short, Wurt Collie, Harry Schneider and Lew Urban.

submitted by

Teresa Scott-Scoggins