In the News 1918


Ashland- A R Tillinghast, district superintendent of the Solvay Co., and Nelson Weedon, who is also connected with the company in an official capacity are both very ill as a result of assisting in skin grafting on John Perry. John was badly burned at the coke Ovens some months ago.


{The Semet Solvay Division }


{ Louis Semet, a relative of Ernest and Alfred Solvay of Brussels, Belgium, had developed with Solvay a coke oven designed to recover valuable materials formerly wasted in the coking process. At Syracuse, New York, in 1892 the Solvay Process Company was the first to construct the new by-product ovens in America, and three years later formed the Semet-Solvay Company to build and operate them. One of the  coke plants was  located in Ashland, Kentucky; and one in Ironton, Ohio.}


Catlettsburg- dependent because of his wife's protracted illness and driven temporarily insane by the authoritative information that there were no hopes for her ultimate recovery, William Griffith, aged 46 years, a highly respected resident of argo city, which is the lower end of catlettsburg, blew his brains out with a shotgun.