Will of Isaac Taylor, Knox County, Kentucky

RECORDS: Will of Isaac Taylor, Knox Co., KY

From: Cassy Sommers
Date: Wednesday, November, 24, 1999 

SOURCE: Will Book C, Knox County Kentucky

On this the 2nd day of August 1898. Isaac Taylor considering the 
uncertainity of this mortal life and being in his sound mind does this 
day publish and declare this his last will and testament. 

1st. I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Permelia Taylor one childs 
part of my estate after my debts are paid.

2nd. I give and bequeath to my beloved children that I want my land 
divided in to nine parts after my wife receives her part and be 
equally divided so that Margaret Miller shall have one part, Marida 
Pattershon shall have one part, Chiney Warren shall have one part, 
Sarah Smith shall have one part, Isaac Mills Jr. shall have a part, 
George Mills shall have a part, Susan Messer shall have one part, 
Jefferson Mills shall one part, and Rosa Jackson shall have one of the 
(???) parts. 

I further more bequeth to Melia Mills five dollars in Cash, Chiney and 
Mallie Mills five dollars each in cash. I want it understood that my 
land is to be divided into ten parts and my wife is to hove one of the 
ten parts and the remaining (???) parts are to be divided as above 
stated. I I want all my burial and personal property, divided equally 
by between the ten persons aboved named as stated of named 
now:Margaret Mills, Chiney Warren, Marind Patterson, Sarah Smith, 
Isaac Mills Jr., George Mills, Jefferson Mills, Susan Messer and Rosa 
Jackson and my wife Peremelia Taylor. After my burial 
expensices are paid I further more will that the former will that I 
made and Charles Wilson and Amelia Wilson were witnesses shall be 
destroyed and not put to record.

I futhermore will that J.W. Messer, J.H.Warren and J.W. Warren shall 
be the executors to my will and have the same put to record and will 
rep my estate day and year of our written.

Isaac X Taylor 


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