Will of Alexander Stewart, Knox County, Kentucky

RECORDS: Will of Alexander Stewart, Knox Co., KY


From: Mary Anderson

Date: Saturday, January 21, 2005 


SOURCE: WILL BOOK A, pg. 139 Knox County, Kentucky

WILL BOOK A, pg. 139 Knox County, Kentucky 1835 22 January 1835

In the name of God, Amen. I, Alexander Stewart, of the county of Knox, State of Kentucky, being weak and feeble of body, and being apprehensive that the time of my departure is near at hand, but being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following.

FIRST. That my body be interred in a plain and decent manner and the expense then paid out of my estate.

SECOND. That all my debts be paid.

THIRD. I give and bequeath to my wife, Catherine Stewart, during her natural life, my negro woman, Priscilla, and twelve dollars in cash, one feather bed, furniture and such cooking utensils as she may stand in need of.

FOURTH. I give unto my daughter Sally Edwards, my negro girl, Sally and her increase, provided that she pay to my executor, hereafter named, the sum of fifty dollars within twelve months after my decease, which may be discharged in property value, at cash price, if she refuses to pay the fifty dollars, then I direct that the said negro be taken from her and the sum of two hundred dollars be paid her in lieu of the said negro; also I give to the said daughter, one big kettle, which she how has.

FIFTH. I give unto my daughter, Ann Alsop, the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars in cash.

SIXTH. I give unto my daughter, Euphemia Culton, one negro girl, Pamelia, provided she pay my executor, the sum of twenty dollars, whithin twelve months of my decease, should she refuse to pay the twenty dollars, then I direct that the said negro be taken from her and the sum of two hundred dollars be paid to her in lieu of the said negro; also one large kettle.

SEVENTH. I give unto my daughter, Polly Wyatt, fifty-two dollars, with thirty-two dollars I charged her husband for a mare he got from me, forty dollars in cash that I lent him and twenty-five dollars paid her by my son, Isaac, making the sum of one hundred dollars.

EIGHTH. I give unto my daughter, Elizabeth Walker, one dollar, having heretofore given her two hundred dollars, in a piece of land that I sold her husband.

NINTH. I give unto my son, William Stewart, having heretofore given him two hundred dollars.

TENTH. My will and desire is that my Negro woman, Priscilla, remain with my son, Isaac, until she is forty-five years of age and she is then to be free and that her children are to be valued and the amount of the valuation added to the residue of whatever estate I possess at my decease not heretofore disposed of shall then be equally divided between all my children. But that my son, Isaac, if he thinks proper to do so may keep the said children at their valuation as his own property, on his paying my other children their respective proportions of such valuation and residue as aforesaid. Lastly I appoint my son, Isaac Stewart, Executor to this my last Will and Testment.

Signed: Alexander Stewart

Date: January 22, 1835. Witnesses: Wade N. Woodson, Nelson Stewart, Anderson Stewart. Will was probated in Knox County, State of Kentucky, April Court, 1835.


Robert and John Gregory were appointed appraisers for Alexander Stewart's estate. Will Book A, p. 141.

WILL BOOK A, page 144, Knox County, Kentucky

An inventory of the apprasement of the estate of Alexander Stewart, deceased, was returned into the court by the appraisers thereof and ordered record.

1 negro girl named Mary 9 years old worth $300
1 do three years old worth $200
1 do one year old worth $150
6 books worth $2.50, 3 knives and forks .50 cents 1 hoe worth .25 cents $3.25
1 soral mare 30.00 saddle and blanket 5.00 1 pair of spectactles .50
Total $688.75
Henry Woodson, Dave Baker, John Cain, George Jones Appraisers

Inventory of notes taken by Isaac Stewart, an executor of the last will and testament of Alexander Stewart, deceased, for the sale of the property.

A note on John Culton, V Allen Hays due 5th June 1835 for $11.00
A note on Drury Grindstaff, V Allen Hays due 5th of June 1836 for $4.75
A note on Malache Gregory, V John Culton due June 5, 1836 $62.50

Also memorandium of notes that came into my hand Isaac Stewart belonging to the estate of the foresaid to wit.

1 note on John Mills due 14th of July 1835 for $62.57
1 note on James Culton due the 11th Feb. 1834 $87.75 with a credit of $5.00 paid April 5th 1834
1 note on Alexander Moors due in Sept. 1835 for $50.00
1 note on Benjamin Seivell due 1st Nov 1835 with a credit of 25.00 Nov. 4, 1834 and a credit of 25.00 for the 3rd of December for 90.00

2nd of July 1835
Signed Isaac Stewart

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