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Pension of Elias Lickliter, Knox County, Kentucky

Widow�s Dependent Pension Claim

State of Kentucky
County of Knox
Mrs. Nancy Lickliter being duly sworn, says:

My post office address is Barbourville Knox County Kentucky. I was born in Rutherford County, North Carolina on the 23rd day of July 1812, my maiden name being Nancy Goforth. I am the widow of Elias Lickliter who served more than 90 days as a Private in Company �K� of the 3rd Regiment of the Ky Inftry Vol in the late war, and was honorably discharged therefrom. I know of no military or naval service rendered by him to the United States except in said regiment. He died at Home Brush Creek Knox Co Ky on the 14th day of April 1888, leaving me without other means of support than my daily labor. His death was caused by chronic sores on his leg contracted in the Army. I have not remarried since his death.

I married him in Grainger County, State of Tennessee, about he 1st day of October 1835, by John Brock Esqr.

He left the following children, and none other, who were under 16 years of age at the time of his death, viz: None

He left no child that was, or is, insane, idiotic, or otherwise permanently helpless except (here state name if any such) None

From the time of his discharge until he died the soldier resided as follows: Laurel, Rockcastle, and Knox Counties Ky

Since his death, I have resided as follows: Brush Creek Knox County Ky Barbourville Ky being my Post Office address

I am not pensioned. I hereby apply for pension under the law of June, 1890, printed hereon, and, revoking all former powers of attorney. I appoint Robert A. Burton, Washington D.C., my attorney, with full power of substitution, to prosecute this claim.

Nancy �her X mark� Lickliter

A. Y. Culton
A. M. Hemphill
State of Kentucky
County of Knox
On this the 25th day of April 1891 personally appeared before me a Justice of the Peace in and for the state and county aforesaid Nancy Lickliter of Knox County, Ky., who being duly sworn according to law, declares her age is 77 years, that she is the widow of Elias Lickliter deceased, says she was married to Elias Lickliter in 1834 in the state of Tennessee Claiborne County, and lived together as husband and wife until the death of her husband which was 14 April 1888 and that she has remained single ever since his death.

Claimant says John Brock was the minister who married claimant and Elias Lickliter, and that said Brock is dead. Claimant says she has tried to obtain record evidence of her marriage to Elias Lickliter but she can not do so owing to the fact the office containing the record at Tazwell the county seat of Claiborne County Tennessee was destroyed by fire in the time of the late war known as the War of the Rebellion and the minister being dead who solemnized the rites is the reason the claimant cannot obtain record evidence of her marriage to Elias Lickliter deceased. Claimant says her husband Elias Lickliter was not in the military or naval service of the U.S. since his discharge from Company �K� 3rd Kentucky Infantry.

Nancy �her X mark� Lickliter

Allen Parker
John Parker

Sworn and subscribed before me this the 25 day of April 1891, and I hereby certify the contents of this affidavit was fully explained to the affiant before its execution, that affiant is credible, and that I have no interest, direct or indirect in the prosecution of this claim.

D. Davis
Justice Peace for Knox Co.

State of Kentucky
County of Knox
I David H. Black clerk of the county court for the county and state aforesaid do certify that H. D. Davis is a Justice of the Peace for the county and state aforesaid duly commissioned and certified as such and that all his acts as such are entitled to due faith and notice

Witness my hand this April 25th 1891.
David H. Black, clerk

Elias Lickliter�s Pension Claim and Medical Examination

Character: Original
Pension Claim No. 207926
Elias Lickliter, Rank, Private
Company K, 3rd Reg�t Ky Vols
London Kentucky
Post Office: Barbourville Ky
Exam Date: May 12, 1886
We hereby certify that in compliance with the requirements of law, we have carefully examined this applicant, who states he is suffering from the following disability, incurred in the service, viz: Disease of Kidneys and sores on legs

Pulse: 60
Respiration: 24
Temperature: 98.5
Height: 6 feet _ inch
Weight: 160
Age:72 years

He makes the following statement upon which he bases his claim for Original Pension:
That at Tuscoumbia Ala in 1862 he contracted disease of the kidneys and was for about a month not able to get right when he was down, and that after he got home he was not able to make a fire and that he has not been able to do any work on account of his leg since he came out of the service, that his leg got sore before he was troubled with kidney disease.

Upon examination, we find the following objective conditions: We find on the right leg between the ankle and knee deep, badly formed excavated granulation exuding a thin lancious puss having hard elevated callous edges presenting an irregular rugged look. See mark on diagram. This we believe to be indolent ulcers. We believe this disability is greater than ------and that he is entitled for this to 17/18 of 3rd grade. We find the sounds of the heart and lungs normal. We find the stomach, liver, spleen, and kidneys normal. We believe he is 17/18 disabled from the performance of manual labor. Specific gravity of urine 1019 acid, no albuman, no sugar.

From the existing condition and the history of this claimant, as stated by himself, it is, in our judgement probable that disability was incurred in the service as he claims, and that it has not been prolonged or aggravated by vicious habits. He is, in our opinion, entitled to a 17/18 of 3rd grade rating for the disability caused by indolent ulcers.

M. Scales
F. P. Caldwell
H. S. Pittman

*Elias died as a result of blood poisoning from an infection of the indolent ulcer described in this medical report.


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