From: Gene Newman
Date: January 25, 2005 

State of Kentucky

Knox County

On the 27th day of August 1832, personally appeared in open court, before the Justices of the Circuit Court of Knox County, James Chick, a resident of Greasy Creek in the county and state aforesaid, aged 72 years on the 14th day of May 1832, who being first duly sworn according to Law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June the 7th 1832.

That he entered the service under the following officers and served as herein stated.

Soldier enrolled in Captain William Drew�s company on the first Saturday in June 1776 - we was enrolled then at 16 years of age � in King and Queen County, Virginia, where I then lived. I was first called on in the month of January 1777 to do military duty for one month. Ware was my Captain we marched from King and Queen County to little York where Cornwallis was taken in �81. Colonel Nelson was the commanding officer, he was not from King and Queen County. At the expiration of a month I was discharged in little York. It was about 80 miles from my home to York. When discharged at York we got four days provisions to last us home. The next time I was called out was sometime in the latter part of �77 � his Captain at that time he believes was Campbell � we again marched to Little York and was discharged there at the expiration of one month. We were all numbered and when our numbers were called we went. On one of my trips to York, I went as a substitute for Dixon Lyon. He went three other times to York of one month each, but the precise time of when he went is not remembered with certainty, but he mentions the he was called on and served from the first time in �77 one and sometimes two times in every year until he completed the 5 tours. In one of the last three mentioned he served under Capt Hill in another under Capt Hoskins. He believes in the other tour he served under Capt Coatney. He knows he was down with Coatney, but whether he was his officer or not is not confirmed.

In November 1780 he was called out and marched to Williamsburg for a month�s tour, but he thinks that within 15 days from the call he was discharged at Williamsburg. He does not remember the Captain he marched with, but when he got to Williamsburg six of the company that went down with him, of which he was one, was attached to the artillery company under Captain Eddings.

In January 1781 he moved from King and Queen County to King William and a few days after he took up his residence he was enrolled in Capt Owen Gwathney�s company the first days of February afterward. I served a tour of one month under some Captain whose name I have forgotten. We then marched to Williamsburg and were then discharged before one month was out. It was 65 miles from where he lived to Williamsburg. On the 15th day of May 1871 he was called on for one month�s tour and marched under Capt John Quarles. We met up with the main army under General Lafayette at the 4 mile springs from Richmond. Although we started for one month this tour was in fact two months, but at the expiration of the month many of his company contrary to orders left the service and went home. One young man was overheard by Col Tolls that his

time was out and that he was going home. Col Tolls had him put under guard and the next day he got 25 lashes. Four muskets were stacked with the bayonets locked in each other, the young man was tied and hitched to the bayonets, and the men were drawn up into a circle to see him whipped. After this, even though many of us thought we had the right to go home, nothing more was said. This was in Spotsylvania County during the whole of these two months we were continually marching and countermarching __?___ to fight the British until we made a junction with General Morgan and some days later with General Stueben. After that the British retreated to Williamsburg. For seven weeks of this service, I was a corporal of the quarter guard commanding six men. Our duty was to guard the tents of Col Dabney of Louisa County, then of the continental line, Col William Campbell, Maj James Quarles, Maj Abram __?__ and a Maj __?___ on the 17th of July, I was discharged at __?___ Hills on the James River. We marched through the town of Richmond, Hanover, Spotsylvania, through the lower end of Orange, through Culpepper County then through the Raccoon Ford, then through a part of Spotsylvania again and took what was called the Morgan�s New Cut road then into Louisa. We went from there down the James River on the south side following the British. General Stephens commanded the brigade but he considered General Morgan the head commander of all. He never once received a written discharge in all his life and he has no documentary service by which he can prove his service. Brother William lives in Rockingham County, Virginia and William Lankford of Chesterfield County, Virginia both could prove his service if their testimony could be procured, but he states this is 4 or 500 miles to where they live and he knows of no one who can prove of his actual service.

He hereby relinquishes whatsoever to a pension or annuity except the present and claims that is name is not on the pension roll of any state agency. Sworn to and subscribed this day and year aforesaid.

James Chick

Mr. William Hopper, a clergyman residing in the county of Knox and Frank Ballenger residing in same hereby certify that we are well acquainted with James Chick who has signed the above declaration and that we believe him to be 72 years of age, that he is reputed and believed in the neighborhood in which he resides to have been a soldier of the revolution. We concur in that opinion and have the most perfect confidence in his statement from our knowledge of his character.

William Hopper

And the said court do hereby declare their opinion after the investigation of the matter and after putting the subrogation as prescribed by the War Department that the above named applicant was a revolutionary soldier and served as he states and the court further certifies that they know of their own knowledge the William Hopper who signed the primary certification.

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Date: March 2007 

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