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   May 6, 1904 Holden, KY Pal Messer, who has been visiting for a few days at Bailey's Switch returned home the first of the week. R. L. Henson returned home Sunday from a few days visit to her parents at Place, KY Miss Sarah E. Jones, of Cannon has accepted a position as clerk in her brother's store at this place and began with the first of the month. W. M. Jones has just sold and shipped 30,000 brick to Mr. Baxter Beatty in Pineville. Mrs. Martha McDonald spent Saturday with Mrs. Thos. Burnfin. J. T. Henson returned home from Pineville Saturday. He has been visiting his son there for several days. Miss Sarah E. Jones and Mr. John Hughes paid Miss Mattie Jarvis, at Jarvis Store, a short visit Sunday. Laid Payne had bought a new bicycle. Wonder who he will get to lead while he rides. K. D. Centers was up from Bailey's Switch Monday on business. A. H. Dozier came down from Pineville Sunday and returned Monday. H. V. Kelley, who has been logging at Artemus, has just quit and gone to planting corn. He says farming beats logging. Misses Mattie Jarvis and Sarah Jones were guests of Misses Clara and Nora Henson Monday. Since the bright days of May, fishing seems to be the general occupation on this creek the writer saw Monday. At one time, twenty-three boys between the ages of six and fourteen, and seventeen ladies between sixteen and ninety-five, and a few men, all fishing at one time along the creek. Miss Allie Bain, of Pineville, is visiting her mother, Mrs. Nancy Bryant this week. Miss Melda Bryant, who has been visiting friends here, returned to Barbourville Tuesday VERDANT DeWitt Elliott Baker's two girls were up on Moore's creek Monday looking for their cows but couldn't find them to save their souls. John M. Carnes is preparing to farm extensively this year-he bought ten cents worth of seed corn. Dick Epperson is quite an expert with cards. He has beat every one in DeWitt, and will banter any one to play with him. If you don't believe it, try him. Farming is getting pretty active here now, for T. J. Warren was seen saddling up his mule to go plowing Monday morning. E. E. Woolums is a good peddlar, he works of a day and gathers up his load after night. Any one having corn cola to sell would do well to call on or write to H. C. Mills, as he is paying ten cents a bushel for them BUSYBOY Whitesburg The farmers are hustling to get their crops in. The voice of the plowboy can be heard from every hillside. Lafayette Banks, the local newspaper correspondent of Dongola, has gone west to seek his fortune-Horace Greely-like. Archie Jenkins, newspaper correspondent of Ola, was in town last Thursday on business. Stephen Jenkins, a prominent young man, the professional "courter" and all-round good fellow, of Ola was in town Sunday, registered at the "Catskin Hotel". One more new firm will soon start up in this town, under the firm name of Craft & Hogg. J. J. Polly arrived Saturday from Norton, Va., with a wagon load of goods for Webb & Webb. J. D. fugate, the noted carpenter of this place, is on an extended visit to Ola. Misses Minnie Williams and Phoeba Caudill visited Misses Jane and Sallie Combs, on Colly creek, Sunday. Mrs. James J. Webb has been very ill for the past few weeks, is now on the road of improvement. Mrs. Sallie Sturdivant, of Johnson City, above here, is very low with consumption. There is no hope for her recovery. W. W. Jenkins, of Cown branch, was at the bank Thursday on business. George W. Pleasant Ridge Farmers are planting corn here this week. H. L. Smith and wife, of North Jellico, visited relatives at this place Saturday. John F. Golden, of this place, went to Wayne county last week to work in the oil fields. Rev. J. T. Stamper preached at Faulkner Chapel last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. James Hopper were guests of G. W. Randall Saturday. Frank Parott, who has been sick, is improving. Sunday school is progressing very nicely here. James McDonald and wife visited Mrs. Frederic, near Emanuel, Sunday. Johnny Jump-up Cannon Everything is progressing nicely in our town. Rev. Fisher preached at the Valley Sunday to a very attentive audience. Jasper Willis had visitors Sunday from Tennessee. J. F. Willis is out again. He has been attending the bedside of William Martin, and it seems as though he has been lost. Mr. Green Turner and wife passed through our town Sunday en route to Clay county. C. E. Sharreth took a spin to Wayne county this week. Garrett Daniels and Miss Lena Wombles set sail on the sea of matrimony Sunday. May their journey be a smooth one and may the vessel of happiness they embark in not capsize, and may their paths be strewn with flowers watered with due from heaven. W. P. Roach, lease boss for the Blue Grass Oil and Gas Co., has gone to his home in Virginia. Nathaniel Fryar thought it was not good for a man to live alone and took unto himself a partner for life Sunday, by the name of Sarah Ledford. Jesse Parrott, of Bailey's Switch, was sailing around in our town last Sunday. Mrs. Hallie Jackson and Miss Nora Doss were visiting friends here Sunday. Thomas Hopper, of Fighting Creek, was visiting friends here Sunday. J. F. Willis went to town Sunday morning, and Barbourville in the evening. J. H. Jackson and Read Hughes made a business trip to Corbin Monday night. Col. Bent was up with us Monday with a spring hat on, and looks real well in straw. Grit Messer Mrs. Richard Walker was visiting on Moore's creek Sunday and, on returning home, and while crossing the creek, the girth broke, and she fell into the creek, and came very near drowning. J. N. Lester returned from the Barbourville court Friday night and has been sick since, but I think he will get better very soon by using Ramon's pills. Brice Simpson got a chance to have a little chat with Miss Shellie Baker last Sunday. Revs. J. T. Spurlock and Dock Epperson went to Rip-Roaring fork Sunday to church. John Messer was plowing the other day on a steep hill when, by chance his mule looked back and caught a glance of him and got frightened and ran away, leaving the "buggar" standing there looking like he was scared. Eli Bowlin and wife visited her parents on Moore's creek Sunday. J. H. Warren is out again after an illness of about two weeks, and is highly praising the pills that cured his ills. J. H. Warren's wife and sister-in-law visited Dewitt Sunday. Allen Warren is a good salesman, he solicited all winter and spring and delivered one dozen papers of cabbage seed. May Bee ____________________________ (From another Correspondent) Mrs. Botner Stewart, from Clay county, is visiting her children this week. Coon Messer went to Flat Lick on business the first of the week. Mitchell Carnes and wife visited Mrs. Champ Messer Sunday. Mrs. Green Simpson died at the home of her father, April 18, 1904. She leaves one child and a husband to mourn their loss. Miss Martha Bingham is very sick this week. We hope she will soon recover. Candidates are hatching out, but how many will live? Geo. Grant Grubb and wife visited Harl Simpson and wife Sunday. John Taylor says if he lives he won't plant any corn till the weather gets warmer. Misses Ada and Martha Bailey spent Sunday and Monday with Misses Myrtle and Maggie Messer. J. W. Messer is visiting his friend A. Y. Mills, at Hammons this week. Botner Messer and family were the guests of Harl Simpson Sunday. Willie Edwards and Harl Simpson went to Flat Lick Monday. People on Stinking creek are kicking about the bad roads. If Calebs and the Graham Lumber Co., would pull their purse strings with E. G. Saulsberry, they would have good roads. Gen. Grant Grubb has moved his little family to Cripple Creek this week. Miss Myrtle Messer, who has been quite sick for about three years, is slowly improving. We hope by the grace of God she will shortly recover. Jumbo _____________________________ Jarvis Store ______________________________ The farmers are very busy planting corn this week. Messrs. Garfield Gilliam and Robert Elam were pleaant callers on Misses Ida and Carrie Messer Sunday. Rev. W. C. Judd filled his regular appointment at Callahan schoolhouse, near this place, Sunday, and was largely attended. After preaching there was a large sum of money donated toward building a church-house, and any sum that might be donated would be highly appreciated. W. F. Dozier, who is at work at Chenos, Bell county, was at home Saturday night and Sunday. Wm Burnett and wife, of Knox Fork, passed through this place Sunday en route to Wm. Baker's near Bailey's Switch. Mr. and Mrs. John Beatty, of this place, paid relatives near Emanuel a visit Sunday. James Dizney, of this place, spent the early part of the week with his grandfather, near Girdler. Miss Francie Willis, of near Carson, has been visiting relatives near this place this week. Mr. and Mrs. James Ray, of Emanuel, were visiting relatives near this place Saturday and Sunday. Jumbo NO2 - Crane's Nest Born, to the wife of John Garrison, a fine boy - both are doing well. Fee Dickinson is back on the mail route again. He is well liked by all who know him. Henry Cobb is in Laurel county this week on business. John B. Hubbard, of Tuttle, paid his brother a visit Sunday. A Sunday school has been organized at New Bethel. Everybody is invited to attend. Wm. Hubbard, of this place, traveling salesman for F. Maer & Co., of Lexington, is in Pulaski an Whitley counties this week. S. H. Black was in Barbourville Monday. N. J. Hubbard is visiting his grandmother in Laurel county this week. J. T. Black is in the bark business this season. Smith Bros. are getting --- quite a lot of tanbark at this place. Wm. Hubbard is now agent for the Studebaker wagons. Richland Mills Richard Epperson is going to farm heavily this year. He is going to plant his farm in turnips and supply all the coal mines this winter with them. James Spurlock and Tom Hawn were in DeWitt Tuesday. L. C. Baker, of DeWitt, is running a big thing now. He is building a house 40 X 60, and when he gets her full, he is going to buck against C. B. Woolum. John W. Messer has declined the idea of running for Magistrate. We think spring is coming. We saw Isaac Asher Tuesday with a big straw hat on. Elliott Baker and James Walker are kicking about the road running through their lands. Bailey's Switch Rev. W. C. Judd filled his regular appointment here Sunday. Rev. Thomas Hopper and Robert Castleman, of Holden. Hon. J. D. Jarvis, of Jarvis Store, was here Sunday to see how much this church at Callahan's. We suggest $10. We wish the church good luck in their undertaking in building a church. Mr. John Hughes and Miss Sarah Jones, of Barbourville, were guests of J. D. Jarvis Sunday. Mrs. George Gibson is very ill this week. Mr. Arch Beatty and Miss Bessie Maddox were quietly married at the residence of Mr. J. R. Bailey Wednesday evening, the 27th inst. Rev. J. T. Stamper officiating. We wish them a long and happy life. W.S. Taylor Ola, Kentucky We are having some nice growing weather. Silar adams and Charley Haynes passed through Ola this morning for the burg on business. Joe Jenkins has the measles and is suffering bad. Lich Collins was here the first of the week on business. Bill Kincer has returned from Norton and is now hauling goods for Webb and Webb. Arch Jenkins is very poorly this week - but not serious. L. Collins was very badly hurt last Thursday by a wagon running over his head and is suffering very much. B. M. Bates & Sons are recruiting their store on Dampbranch. Arch C. Adams the County Superintendent was here the later part of the week. Willie and Robt Bates left for Glamorgan Monday. Bennie Caudill, clerk for Lewis Bros., visited home folk Saturday. They are having a new Postoffice built in the city. It is needed. Willie Banks, the Ola merry was in the tub Monday.

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