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   MAY 20, 1904 BRUSH CREEK We are having some nice growing weather. Rev. Cole, of Flat Lick, attended church Sunday at Brush creek. Nimrod Lunsford and wife were in Middlesboro Tuesday and report a pleasant time. W. R. Casady and wife were guests of Green Golden and wife Sunday. A. D. Smith is getting along fine working at S. L. Lewis' saw mill. They are about ready to commence work. Fee Fox has moved to the East Jellico Coalmines, and says he would rather mine that to farm. Will Packer visited Brush creek Sunday. A. A. Cassidy and wife were guests of their daughter, Mrs. B. L. Rickett, Sunday. S. L. Lewis has decided he will try working. He has gone to Greasy creek to measure logs. Misses Flora B. Lewis and Mary E. Cassidy visited Powers Chapel Sunday. BEAUTY SPOT MESSER Seed eggs were all the go Sunday. Miss Kitty Bailey visited Mrs. Harl Simpson Sunday. J. W. Messer went to Corbin on business Sunday. C. T. Messer will spend this week in Williamsburg with friends. Mrs. Pleas Bailey has been very sick. I hope she will soon recover. John Taylor says if he lives he is going to farming on a heavy scale. He is going to plant ten bushels of soup beans to supply the coalmines this winter. Jacob Taylor says he is going to plant a large patch of peanuts next fall. Frank Lattimore and friends were guests of Ike Mills Last Sunday. SUNSHINE SLUSHER Mrs. Fannie Slusher received a letter from her sister, Mrs. Kittie Swanson, a few days ago which says she is in good health. Miss Sallie Bingham is visiting her sister, Fannie Slusher, in Bell county this week. Parker Bingham, son of Nelson Bingham, shot off a gun and the powder burned his eye. He was badly burned, but he is recovering. Mrs. Amanda Bingham, wife of Nelson Bingham, who has been unable to stand alone, has sent for a faith doctor in whom she has the utmost confidence. Mary Brock, is keeping the baby of Mrs. Vesty Braughton, who died when the child was but few hours old. Mrs. Fannie Slusher and Miss Sallie Bingham and some other ladies were taking a hand-car ride the other day, when it ran away with them upsetting on a bridge, but did no other damage. Mrs. W. P. Slusher is instructing Sallie Bingham in music. Nelson Bingham is going to visit his daughter, Mrs. W. P. Slusher this week. Jacob Slusher arrived Sunday afternooon to spend the week with W. P. Slusher. Miss Mollie Sizemore arrived Sunday afternoon to spend a few weeks with friends and relatives here. Boyd Bingham, of Knox county, is visiting his sister, Fannie Slusher, this week. Miss Sallie Bingham returned home Sunday afternoon. F. B. S. SCALF Dr. T. W. Jones had a log rolling few days ago and had twenty-five hands. Mrs. Nancy C., wife of Rev. T. G. Hammons, visited friends and relatives at Flat Lick this week. The funeral service of Polly G. Hammons was preached last Sunday by Rev. T. G. Hammons and J. W. Broughton at the graveyard at the old home place on Road Fork. Text used, Rev. 14:13 Hubbard & Hammons are now yarding their staves and will run several teams until they get done. T. G. Hammons, when asked the other day if he was going to become a candidate for County Assessor, said "That he would communicate with his many friends in a short time, and that he would let the citizens of the county know in time. The Second district has no candidate for Magistrate except Mr. Nelson Gray, at Flat Lick, and at this time don't know of any person that will run against him. Born, to the wife of E. G. Mills, a bouncing boy. Hurrah! one more Republican in the county. YOURS IN A RUN DRY GOURD JARVIS STORE Messrs. James and Dallas Martin, of Hopper, paid their brother, Wm. Martin, a visit Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Arch Beatty, of Bailey's Switch, were guests of John Beatty and wife, of this place Sunday. Frank Parrott and wife, of near Bailey's Switch, paid relatives of near this place a visit Sunday. Sunday-School at Callahan school-house each Sunday afternoon at 2:30. Everybody is cordially invited to attend. Noah Rogers and wife passed here Sunday on their way to Barbourville to visit his mother, Mrs. Frank Letcher. James Johnson and Miss Eliza Trosper set sail on the sea of matrimony Sunday. We wish them a safe and prosperous journey through life. George Dizney, of Bertha, was visiting relatives at this place Sunday. James Dizney and James Woolum, of this place, were visiting friends near Girdler Sunday. If you want the news of your county, subscribe for the Mountain Advocate. JUMBO FLAT LICK We are having plenty of rain this week. Business is progressing very nicely in our town. N. H. Tyree, formerly of this place and who has been running a blacksmith shop at Pineville, has returned to this town and is now prepared to do any kind of work. He is located in the shop occupied by Mr. E. R. Coone. Miss Alice Slusher, daughter of J. W. Slusher, has been very sick this week. A. P. Wilson has been very sick for the past few days. Mr. Duncan, representing the Wiber Wagon Co., passed through our town Tuesday. E. G. Saulsberry made a flying trip to Pineville Tuesday on business. T. J. Broughton was down from Pineville Sunday visiting friends. Our next sheriff and wife, Mrs. S. C. Early, were in Barbourville Monday. A. A. Arthur is here on a visit from Mississippi. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Smith were in Barbourville Saturday. Mr. J. P. Porter, representing Brown, Payne & Co., of Knoxville, Tenn., was with us Tuesday. E. Bargo, who was seriously injured in the wreck near Needles, Cal. on the 24th of last month, is improving very nicely, his many friends are glad to hear. Plenty of fish -- John H. Slusher and S. C. Early went fishing Wednesday. Mitchell Baker, who succeeded _. M. Asher in the restaurant business, says he is prepared to serve meals at all hours. The people of our town and district in general, are well pleased. They advocate the following officers in the next primary: Sheriff, S. C. Early; Jailer, Jeff Hale; Magistrate, Nelson Gray. MARK MILLS Mrs. Effie Warren and her sister, Alice Morse came in great haste to the old home place last Sunday. They did not stay long after they learned of the death of the mother of her husband, who died Saturday. David Mills is feeding the E. E. Saulsberry stave mill. J. H. Bargo, the stave inspector, says David Mills can make just as good a stave as anybody. He has been an engineer for a year. While he has been working for us we have tried him on almost every king of work and he proved to be all o.k. M AND B CRANE'S NEST While moving J. H. Black's boiler and engine last Friday, J. M. Jones, the driver, was severly injured by the wheel running over his foot. Dan Smith, spoke and produce dealer, has quit the entire business and gone to farming. Engineer Matt Wyatt, of Laurel county, is at this place running an engine for J. H. Black. While on the way from Laurel to this county, J. H. Black had a general wreck with his saw mill, engine and boiler turning over an embankment with four spans of mules hitched to it. The loss will be about $100. A. L. Williams went over the same place with an engine and boiler, but he made his escape by being slightly wounded. J. H. Black, who has been sawing in Laurel county, has moved his machine to this place, where he expects to do a great deal of work. J.H.R. BAILEY'S SWITCH C. B. Wilson, of Jarvis Store, was in Barbourville Saturday on business. Rev. W. R. Cheeks, of Crane's Nest, went to Grays Saturday to fill his appointment there Sunday. Grover Mealer, of Barbourville, visited at the Switch Sunday. Judge James S. Miller, of Barbourville, was up last week and let the contract to build the Knox Fork bridge to James Jones. J. F. Taylor and J. H. Woolums were in Barbourville Saturday. James Martin and wife visited relatives at Pineville last week. Rev. Noah Lockhart attended the Baptist meeting in Barbourville Saturday. I or J. T. Black, of Crane's Nest, was in Barbourville Monday on business. W. M. Hubbard, of Crane's Nest, was down Monday and said he had the contract to carry the mail from the Switch to Crane's Nest for the next four years. Willie McDonald and S. M. Bennett were at Locust Grove church Sunday and report great encouragement for Willie McDonald for the office of County Court Clerk. Rev. Noah Lockhart entertained last Sunday, the following guests being present: Misses Birdie Childern, Seney Centers, Lucy Hutchins and Mrs. sarah Millender. Messrs C. W. Hutchins and W. S. Taylor. They were highly entertained with the sweet strains of music furnished by the host on his fine organ. Mr. Lockhart knows how to make everyone of his guests feel at home; and as he draws a pension of $24.00 per month this is an excellent opportunity for some dashing widow, as we see Mr. Lockhart is using printer ink extensively in his endeavor to secure a good wife. W. S. TAYLOR OLA, KY Hurrah! for the fine farming season. Alphonso Bates, of Perry county, visited George Jenkins at this place Saturday and Sunday. John D. Fugate has returned from London, where he has been on business. Steve Jenkins returned from London a few days ago. Dave Holcomb has returned from North Carolina, where he has been for two months. Wash Jenkins and Silar Adams left for the burg this morning. Francie Blair, deputy marshal, has returned from London, where he has been on legal business. Everybody is about through with their corn and will probably take a rest for a short time. Eliza Lucas, of Camp Branch, died Thursday night and was buried in the Lucas graveyard. Joe Jenkins is suffering with a bad fellon. Louie Jenkins has gone to Norton, Va., after furniture. Grant Craft left Thursday for Big Stone Gap on business. Mrs. G. W. Jenkins was visiting friends on Boone's creek Saturday and Sunday. BULGER EVANS Grant Stallard left Sunday morning for Camp Branch. Crawford's steam saw mill been running in full blast for the past week. Noah Holbrook is establishing a new store about a mile from here. Prince Holcomb left Thursday for Glamorgan, Va. Eve and Jack Hammons passed through this place Monday en route to the burg. S. P. Jenkins is visiting the hotel now. Lula Jenkins is very ill at this writing. Archie and Walter Webb, of Tacket, are in the burg this week. BANGLER.

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