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   May 13, 1904 OLA, KY Fried eggs was all the go Sunday. John W. Adams was here all the week visiting friends and relatives. Liza Collins is visiting friends at the mouth of Mallett this week. Mrs. G. W. Jenkins visited neighbors on Twisting Boon Saturday and Sunday. Willie and Eve Hammonds were in the burg Friday on business. Wash Jenkins will soon be a resident of the Kentucky River, near the burg. Captain Webb's normal is progressing nicely at this writing. Archie and Steve Jenkins will start to London Monday. Nellie Sexton is very ill at this writing. Cleve Holcomb was here the first of the week on business. Noah Holbrooks is establishing a new stock of goods at old Bates stand. Francis, the deputy, and other delegates were here the latter part of the week on business. W. M. Webb, the rheumatism man, is much better at this writing. Peter Adkins held a nice little meeting at the Madison Fairview. Letha Collins and mother were here Sunday visiting. Billy Dug passed through Ola this morning for Knott county, where he will be a month or two. Prince Holcomb left this morning for Norton, Va. Add Miller went for Glamorgan this morning for Craft & Sons. Bulger Bailey's Switch Judge D. McDonald, of Barbourville, was up here last week looking after his saw mill on this creek. Ex-Judge J. T. Gilbert, of Barbourville, visited relatives at Crane's Nest Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Kinder, Mrs. S. M. Bennett, W. S and Nannie Taylor were guests of E. Hutchins, Sunday. Our postmaster. S. M. Bennett, attended church at Locus Grove Sunday. Dan Grace is very ill this week. Dr. Burnside is attending him. Rev. Noah Lockhart has been highly complimented on his ad for a wife. The boys say that if Mr. Lockhart is successful that they will announce in the ADVOCATE for wives. Bailey's Switch is coming to the front. S. M. Bennett is building a new residence which will soon be ready for occupancy. James Hilton has treated his residence to a new coat of paint, and so has John Longworth. James Martin and a man named Jahnson, brother-in-laws, had some misunderstanding Sunday near Jarvis Store, and exchanged six or seven shots at each other. Neither one was hurt. I think it dangerous to shoot and would advise the boys not to do so any more. T. J. Jackson and John Hilton say that if Rev. Noah Lockhart keeps writing to the paper that they will subscribe, for he beats any one that writes for the Yellow Jacket and you know that paper is hard to beat, for one of it's correspondent's signs himself "The Devil" W.S. Taylor Brush Creek J. B. Trosper's son, who has been very low with fever, is getting better. J. K. Rickett and wife were visiting friends Saturday and Sunday. A. A. Carady has returned home from Corbin. Misses Alice and Ofa West have gone to Little Brush on a visit. George Sowders got very badly hurt logging this week. We hope he will recover. Uncle Frank Carr, our old peddlar, is very low, and no prospect for his recovery. T. M. Perkins sold his saw mill to the three Detherage brothers, and they have elected big John Detherage foreman. We think they will run the business correctly. James Golden, our deputy sheriff, is waking the peiple up about their taxed this week. S. S. Lewis London A convention was held at this place last Tuesday. The speakers were Messrs Ed, Parker, Kipp and White. But Mr. Parker beat the whole shooting match. Hurrah for Parker. Jenkins Oxford, KY Spring has once more made her appearance and the farmers are indeed glad to see it, as they are very far behind with their work, as some few of them are done planting their corn. Wheat will make a half crop. Tobacco plants are looking fine and plenty of them. Corn is selling $3.25 per barrel. The hemp is all about broke and sold. Grass looks well, and young lambs are doing fine. Gains May sold last week his lambs $5.00 per hundred to be delivered in June. Dr. Renaker/Kenaker, of Cynthiana, will locate at this place. W. O. Barkley, of Georgetown, spent the day last Wednesday with his father at this place. Rev. H.L. Cockerham has resigned his place in the pulpit at this place and has gone to Troy, where he will again take up his work. The community regrets the loss of such a man as good brother Cockerham, he will be missed by his many friends. Sheriff Warren, of Scott county, paid our little burg a visit one night last week and caught a good many of our boys knapping and summoned them for juryman: Ed Flinn, John Leach, Sam Tinder, Steve Obanion, Lewis Nichols, H. F. Jowett, Charley Stokley and Taylor Blackburn. Lee McKinney was seen driving out last Sunday eve headed south, some fair madam just beyond, I persume. As this is my first letter I will quit with many good wishes to Editor and readers of the ADVOCATE. Bluegrass Johnnie Pleasant Ridge Wm. Hall, of Fighting creek, was in this vicinity last week on business. Steve E. Golden and wife visited friends at North Jellico Saturday. J. T. Stamper is yet in the spoke and single tree business. Matthew Mitchell, of Barbourville, is farming near here this year. Miss Rebecca Smith of this place visited relative at North Jellico Saturday and Sunday. We want to correct brother Noah Lockard a little in his advertisement of last week's issue. It was not a red-headed girl that put the item in about him. Sure, it was a black-head and not a red-head-a him and not a her; married and not single. W. M. Golden was the guest of James Jackson, near Cannon Saturday. Rev. J. T. Stamper and wife visited Mr. Golden on Fighting creek Sunday. The new organized church at Pleasant View seems to be prospering. Regular session second Saturday and Sunday in each month. John Allen moderator. John Brown had an old fashion log rolling last week. John Bruce is farming extensively this year. He says he is going buy a bicycle so that he can sit down to walk when he goes to see his girl. If you want the best paper in the mountains subscribe for the Mountain Advocate. JOHNNY JUMPUP SCALF Thos. Hubbard was out on Flat Lick Monday on business. We all sympathize with Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Coone, of Flat Lick, over the death of their son which was brought about by railroad wreck in California. Nelson Gray, of Flat Lick, was here last week with his many friends telling them he was a candidate for the next Magistrate. Mr. Gray is a good man and we certainly believe he will look after the interest of the people of the county, if elected. Hurrah! for him. Marshal Hubbard killed a fine wild turkey a few days ago. it weighed twenty-three pounds and was thirteen inches long. Larkin Hubbard and wife were guests of T. G. Hammons and wife last Sunday. The farmers are getting down to business by planting corn. The almanac, the early Easter and the ground hog who was to look at itself on the 14th of last month have all failed to bring us an early spring. Wonder if Frank Warren has learned the combination of his safe yet? Hurrah! for the Advocate, it is the best country paper we know of. DRY GOURD GIRDLER Be kind enough to write on one side of the paper only to insure insertion of your article.- Letcher. The Richland Oil Co. is moving their machine to another location. They are cleaning out and drilling their wells deeper. They are getting a good production of oil on the Hammons lease. Mr. T. Wyrick is field boss for this company, and things are moving along nicely. Ira Nash is cleaning out wells on the Jones-Black lease. He had quite a time moving their machine. Green Epperson is getting out telephone poles. He says he will have a phone in his house if it cost him his farm. The great Northern Oil Co. is going to drilling on the Epperson farm. P. J. Wyrick was the guest of Miss Gessie McWilliams Sunday. Willie McDonald is all the go up here for County Court Clerk. Willie is a nice, sober young man, and we believe he will make a good official. GIRDLER CANNON Business is at the highest point now; everybody seems to be up with their work. Rev. N. M. Pickard preached at the Valley Sunday. James Brooks and wife were guests of Henry Valentine and wife Sunday. Sunday-school at this place seems to be gaining ground. We hope it success. John Doss and wife were guests of Henry Cannon and wife Sunday. Jess Parrott was in this neck o' the woods again Sunday. Mrs. Kitty Brooks and family were guests of Henry Valentine and wife Sunday. Grover Jackson and Emma Hearst were Sunday at the home of the bride. Marrying is very common of late. Charley Sharrett has vacated the company's property and moved to Barbourville. There were several of the leading oil men in the field Monday. This looks as though the field was going to boom again. George Hughes has purchased a tract of land from Everett Tiller. He formerly owned the land and sold it. George Daniels is through planting corn. Grover Jackson and wife took a spin on horseback to Calebs creek Sunday. God created all equal, at least Noah Garland thinks so. He is Road Supervisor. Col. Bent and wife were up in the oil field last week. GRIT HOLDEN, KY Mrs. Allie Bain, who has been visiting her mother at this place, returned to her home at Pineville, the last of the week. J. H. Walton was at Four Mile on business Thursday. Mrs. Martha McDonald and Mrs Ada Burnfin were visiting at Coalport the last of the week. F. A. Morris, from Four Mile, visited his brother, G. C. Morris, at this place Sunday. B. H. Hudson was down from Flat Lick Sunday. Miss Bell Goodin, of Pineville, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Goodin, Sunday. Miss Mable Henson is visiting her brother, John Henson, at Pineville this week. Rev. J. T. Stamper and wife, of Bailey's Switch, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Goodin Sunday. Mr. Ben Burnett and wife, of Cannon, spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr. Robert Short, of this place. John Hughes was over from Cannon Monday on business. Preston Short, from Grays, is visiting friends and relatives at this place. James T. Goshen is at Grays on business this week. R. L. Henson, who has been at Corbin for a few days, returned home Monday. Nathan Short from Grays; is visiting his sister, Mrs. James Goshen, at this place. VERDANT

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