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   March 18, 1904 BAILEY'S SWITCH Prof. Frank Dizney of Berea, was here Saturday visiting friends and relatives. We are always glad to see Mr. Dizney at this place. Mr. J. M. Hoskins, of Bell County, passed through here this week from Richmond. E. Hutchins, after a long spell of sickness, was able to be in Barbourville this week on business. Miss Cletie McDonald returned last week from Barbourville, where she had been for a few weeks visiting relatives. Mr. & Mrs. Henry Beasnick will move in a few days from this place to Utah. We wish them good luck. Dr. Burnside was up last week to see Mrs. W. H. Grace, who has been very ill for a few days. Mr. W. A. Donaldson's little boy, Berry, fell off the wagon last week near the Switch, and was run over and his leg was broken, Drs. Burnside and Lock were called and set the broken leg. Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Taylor were the guests of W. H. Grace last Sunday. Prof. Frank Dizney called and renewed his subscription to the Mountain Advocate while up here. That is the way all good men should do. Who will be the next to follow? J. F. Taylor was in Barbourville Monday on business. Noah Lockard, of this place, visited relatives in Pineville last week. John Blankenship, of Barbourville, was here Monday on business. B. S. Trosper and W. S. Taylor left here last tuesday to attend the sale on the head of Stinking Creek, Friday. Subscribe for the Mountain Advocate, the best local paper in the Mountains. W. S. Taylor HOLDEN, KY Wm. Walton was in Barbourville Monday on business. Ed Miller, of Pineville, was visiting Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Henson last week. Mrs. John Reeder, of London, was visiting Mr. J. T. Hopper the last of the week. Mrs. Elizabeth Wood, of Harriman City, Tenn., spent a few days with Mrs. Henson last week. G. Lee Gray, the prominent merchant, was in Barbourville Monday on business. Miss Mable Henson, who has been visiting in Pineville for a few days returned home the last of the week. Mrs. Dora Horn, who has been spending a few days with her father at his place, returned to her home, near Barbourville, Friday. Rev. R. H. Horton spent Sunday in Barbourville. Dr. G. N. Jolly, of Barbourville, was with us during quarterly meeting. We were glad to have him with us and hope he will come again. We fear that the correspondent at Cannon is trying to capture one of our girls. He had better look out. Joseph H. Walton spent Sunday at King, Ky., with his cousin, H. R. Hudson. Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Henson spent Sunday with M. T. Bends and wife. J. R. Goodin surprised the people of this place greatly last week, when they learned that he had been married for several weeks. No one could believe it until he brought her home the last of the week. We wish them success and happiness. From the appearance of things Tuesday morning, winter is returning, Walton says he would like to trade his bill of straw hats for some good heavy overcoats. Col. James Miller was in Barbourville Tuesday on business. Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Walton's baby has been very sick for a few days, but is some better at this writing. G. Ed Morris and Miss Rosa Creesey were out buggy riding Sunday. Somebody had better look out. J. W. Morris and Andy Brooks were in Corbin Monday on business. The M. E. church is having some badly needed repairs done this week. Verdant. KNOX FORK H. H. Donaldson, of this place, sold his farm last week to Green Daniels of Harlan County. John Helton of Saxton, Whitley County, has returned, with the intention of making Knox Fork his home this summer. Henry Helton, who has been in West Virginia two years, returned home last Sunday. Miss Ella McDonald is still recovering slowly. Ballard Spurlock, of Pittsburg, Ky., is visiting W. H. McDonald. Bennie Donaldson, son of W. A. Donaldson, while driving his father's team to Bailey's Switch, fell from the wagon, the wagon running over him and breaking his leg between the knee and foot. John Bolton, who has been very low with typhoid fever, is improving. Tip Powell is doing quite a lot of improving on his place. It is rumored here that H. H. Taylor, of Grays, while working at a saw mill near that place, fell on the saw, instantly killing himself. Miss Pearl Stanberry was the guest of Miss Rose Donaldson Sunday. J. J. Price is on the sick list this week. S. A. Parker, of this place, paid his respects to his best girl, Miss Mary Helton, Sunday. R. B. D. OLA, KY. We have had some bad weather in this part of the country since March set in, but now we are having splendid weather. Charley Haynes passed through this place a few days ago en route to the Burg. Jack Hammons has been very bad off with the measles, but is now some better. William J. and Willie Bates and William W. Craft are hauling some very nice logs down Thornton creek. George W. Jenkins is taking the measles and is suffering very badly. Arch Jenkins is doing his duty toward making a crop for 1904. G. Fred Stallard had been ill, but is now better. He had a bad case of pneumonia fever. Eliza J. Stallard, wife of G. Fred Stallard, is crossing the fence the other day, threw her ankle out of place, and to-day she went to Dr. Cook for the sprain. G. W. Jenkins and S. E. Hammons left Ola Thursday morning for Punching creek on particular business and we wish them a happy trip. Stephen Patrick, while crossing a creek the other day, a revolver dropped from his pocket and fell the into water and probably will be found in the near future. FLAT LICK H. C. Boston returned home with his mother last week. At the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Slusher, Mr. John Bargo and Miss Thursie Gray, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony Saturday evening. We wish them a happy and prosperous life. Messes Lucy Braughton and Lulu Slusher, of Pineville, have been visiting friends here the past week. R. J. Scott will leave Saturday night for Ironton, O., accompanied by his two sons, Walter and Harton. Tom Arthur, of Williamsburg, is visiting his brothers, Dr. and J. M. Arthur, this week. E. G. Saulsberry left Monday night for Sandusky, O., on a business trip. George Bryant will leave tonight for Bartless, Indan Ter. What is our loss is their gain. The ground hog surely saw it's shadow the 14th of last month, owing to the weather. Miss Dora Trosper has returned home from Williamsburg, where she has been attending school. Mr. & Mrs. Lee Scalf, of Barbourville, are visiting relatives here this week. George Messer went to Pineville Sunday evening to see his best girl, Miss Bessie Slusher. Wonder why so many girls are seen going to the depot here of late? They are surely struck on the new operator. How about it, girls? Messrs. Connor, Soles and Farran registered at the Scott House Monday. H. P. Kincade is visiting his home at Harriman, Tenn. Some say he has gone to get married. There are several from here going to Pineville Thursday night to hear Copeland lecture. G. M. Smith is on the sick list this week. Vaccination was the cause. G. W. Braughton was down from Pineville Monday. J. M. Arthur has been taking train orders while Mr. Owens sleeps. Will Yeager went to London Sunday, stepping high with his books, to enter school. He came back stepping low, as he was beyond the averaged weight. E. Bargo is on the sick list. He surely has lost too much sleep while Miss Braughton was here. E. P. Coone has quit working and has gone to hard courting. He says there is a time for all things. Alford Coone is always seen peeping in the windows at Mrs. Trosper's. Wonder why?? Cherry Pie. PERSONALS Mayor H. C. Cole made a business trip to Grays last Tuesday. R. M. Stansberry went to Fariston this week on business. T. D. Tinsley made a business trip to Louisville this week. Walter Hudson was down from Middlesboro Saturday and Sunday. Rev. C. K. Dickey paid this office a pleasant call while here last Monday. Rev. Lucius Roberson, of Coalport, was in town this week and paid this office a pleasant call. W. A. Brittain, City Attorney of Corbin, was in town the first part of the week, but returned home Tuesday.

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