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March 11, 1904 Local Easter eggs will soon be in demand Start the move along for a new Court-house. A heavy rain visited this section last Sunday night. The croaking of the frogs remind us that winter has past. Flowers are blooming and soon the air will be laden with the sweet perfume of blossoms. Grass is peeping up and only needs a few warm days to carpet mother earth with a velvety green. Mr. J. M. Scott, of Columbia, local editor of the Spectator, paid this office a pleasnt call Wednesday afternoon. The protracted meeting at the Baptist Church still continues and considerable interest is being manifested in it. The river has been at a good stage this week and logs in large numbers have been constantly floating down. There are some cares of whooping cough among the little folks of the town. Among them the children of Mr. & Mrs. F. D. Sampson. Ed F. Hurst has just installed a handsome new refrigerator preparatory to handling his fresh meats during the coming summer. The second quarterly meeting of the Methodist church will be held at London next Saturday and Sunday. Eld. E. B. Hill will be present and preach. The officials have purchased 50 carloads of limestone rock which they are now having spread upon the streets, which will make them in fine condition. David Baird & Son, of Louisville, occupy large space in the Advocate this week to tell of their fine millinery stock. Those visiting the city from here will find it to their interest to call upon them. Dan H. Williams, the well known and popular business man, of this city has just opened a new Dry goods store and as he knows the value of printer's ink takes first page position with us this week. Mr. Williams is a man well known and well liked by everyone and we predict for hima a flourishing business. He shows his business qualifications by starting his advertisment at the same time he starts his business. We notice that there has been several hundred dollars invested in the erection of a splendid new steel bridge across Richland creek on the southwest side of town, but it does no one any good, no approaches have been built, and after you climb the abutments and cross the bridge, there you are out in a nice, broad, level field with not even a sign-board to tell you which way to go. Rev. J. T. Stamper was in town Monday. Mrs. Frank Letcher is quite sick this week. Mrs. Sam Davidson was in Ely Sunday morning. Uncle Taylor Byrley is on the sick list this week. Mrs. Dan A. Johnson will move into her new residence on High Street about April 1st. John Lovell, of Four Mile, was in town Wednesday and paid this office a pleasant call. Rev H. Y. Harvin, of Louisville paid this this office a pleasant call last friday morning. Billie Moore, who has been in Chattanooga during the winter, has returned to this city. B. S. Matthews left (Thursday) yesterday morning for Hot Springs, Ark., for the benefit of his health. F. D. and J. W. Sampson returned last week from a two weeks business trip through Bell and Harlan Counties. Dr. B. F. Herndon left last Saturday night to spend Sunday with his wife, who was visiting in Danville. They both returned home Monday afternoon. W. H. Green, of Coalport, was a caller at this office last Tuesday and informed us of the death of his youngest brother, which occurred at Woodbine the night before. John R. Bailey, of Bailey Switch. was a pleasant caller at this office Wednesday afternoon and complimented the Advocate, saying it was decidedly the best paper ever published in Barbourville. Mr. Bailey, while a democrat, is a big hearted, clever citizen, and our country would be much better off if we had many more such citizens as him. W. H. Moore, who has been for several months in the South, returning a few days ago. Mr. Moore will probably be given the refusal of the Chicamauga Park as a site to operator his merry-go-round, a spot familiar to a number of our soldier boys who are contemplating an excursion trip to the old scene sometime during the coming season. HOLDEN, KY William Hubbard, traveling salesman for F. Maer & Co., of Lexington, Ky., was here last week with an up-to-date spring line of dry goods and notions. Walton Bros. bought a nice bill and will be ready to serve the wants of the people when spring comes. Judge and Mrs. J. S. Miller were up from Barbourville Sunday, Pleasure their object. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hawn, of near Barbourville, were visiting her father, Robert Morris, this week. We are very sorry to learn that George Messr, who has been sick for a long time, is much worse. Later-We hear that Mrs. George Messer died Monday evening. She leaves a husband and several small children. We extend our deepest sympathy. Mrs. Rhoda Walton is very sick this week. L. R. Yeager went to Coalport Monday on business. John Clark and Wife were guests of Mr. & Mrs. Lee Rich Sunday. Miss Mable Henson, of this place, is visiting her brother in Pineville this week. J. H. Walton is suffering badly with several large boils on his neck. Isham Unthank was in Corbin last week on business. J. W. Morris moved a saw mill to Whitesburg Saturday and will be ready for sawing in a few days. R. L. Henson and Josh Parrott residences are being greatly improved by having a new fence placed around them. Lawson G. Rasnick was in barbourville Saturday on business. W. F. Westerfield was over Tuesday surveying out the land of J. T. Hopper. L. R. Morris of Wilton, was visiting his father a few days this week. John Morris and wife were in Barbourville Saturday. Preston Short went to Girdler the early part of the week. Farming has commenced: fencing grubbing and plowing. Seems like the farmers mean business since the oil boom is dead. Pal Messer was in Flat Lick tuesday on business. At the home of the bride's father Sunday, Mr. Joseph Powell and Miss Bettie Rich, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony, Rev E. M. Ketron performing the ceremony. We wish them a long and happy union. Finley Smith and Gen. Lee Higgins went to Richland Sunday. Mrs. J. L. Dozier of Barbourville, spent Friday with her mother, Mrs. Miller. Robert L. Henson was in Pineville Monday on business. John and James Kindred were over from Trace Branch Saturday on business. Rev. W. C. Judd, Mr. Ridnor and Miss Laura Judd were in Barbourville monday and returned by way of Holden. Miss Clara Henson must be going to housekeeping as she purchased a beautiful set of dishes Monday, consisting of one plate. Verdant WHITESBURG The Whitesburg Telephone Company is now at work on the line from Stonega, Virginia to this place. We will then be connected with the different parts of the country. W. M. Vermillion, of East Bend, is bad off with the measles at this writing. Clarence Craft, of Big Stone Gap, Virginia, formerly of this place was visiting friends and relatives here during the during the past week. Dr. John Collins, of Colson, was in town today on business. Wash Jenkins, a member of the National Guard and teacher of Letcher county got into a shooting aftray with Green Hall, in which several shots were fired but neither were seriously hurt. Jenkins received a slight flesh wound in the neck, Hall a slight wound near the abdomen. More trouble is expected as the Jenkins' are very bad class of people. James J. Webb, Bottom Form, a member of the firm Webb & Webb, recently moved from Mayking and located in town. We are glad to have Mr. Webb with us. Henderson Mullins the clerk for Webb & Webb made a business trip to Est Bend Saturday. Felix G. Fields, the stenographer has left for Louisville to take a course in law.-Success to you, Felix. John D. Fugate, the and saw mill man, of Bottom Fork, was here Monday on business. Dr. J. D. Fitzpatrick, has returned from Louisville Medical College, on a visit and will go back next week. The Sunday School here is progressing nicely with Rev. Lander as instructor. Company "H" of the National Guards will be mustered out soon, the guns and equipments have already been sent to the Arsenal at Frankfort. "Old Black Joe" FLAT LICK Miss Sudie Smith spent several days in Barbourville last week. Mrs. D. Slusher has been very sick the past week, but is convalescing. Mr & Mrs. Anthony Hawn and two daughters, Eva and Axie, spent Sunday in Corbin. Mr & Mrs Ret Farmer were the guests of Mr & Mrs. E. R. Coone for the past week. George and Frank Brawley, of Ironton, Ohio, were the guests of their sister, Mrs. H. J. Scott: They were very much pleased with the southern people. Miss Myrtle Dewitt entertained the "Reading Circle" Thursday night at the home of Mrs. J. N. Archer. All report an enjoyable time. Miss Minnie Coone won the prize for giving the best proposal of marriage. W. A. Yeager and Miss Stella McCary were out driving Sunday afternoon. H. C. Boston has gone to Texas to bring his mother home with him. We are sorry to announce the death of Mrs. John Calebs. Mrs. Margaret Hawn is building an addition to her home. John Yeager and family are boarding at Renfros. It is rumored that small pox is in Needmore. G. M. Smith spent several days in Louisville last week. Andrew Hunter left Monday night for Attica, Ind., where he will spend the summer with his brother, Abe Hunter. Quite an enjoyable time was spent at the beautiful home of Mr. & Mrs. H. J. Scott Saturday night, quite a number being present. Tom Slusher make a flying trip to Pineville last week. Geroge Hendrickson, of Four Mile, spent Sunday with Eve Bargo. Joe Cox, of Corbin, was here Sunday to see his best girl, Miss Pearl Hunter. He left Sunday night for St. Louis, where he will spend several months. Mrs. Charley Grove, of Pineville, was the guest of her grandmother, Mrs. Shafers, Sunday. Annette and Walter Scott have returned home from London, where they have been attending school The Methodist preacher filled his regular appointment here Saturday and Sunday. Miss Myrtie Dewitt entertained the Flat Lick Literary Club at Mrs. J. N. Archer\'92s on Thurday evening. Delightful refreshments were served. Everyone reports an enjoyable evening. J. W. Baker, of Barbourville, spent Sunday and Monday here. Mr & Mrs L. W. Farmer were the guests of Mrs. E. R. Coone last week. Mrs. Will S. Harness of Jellico, spent last week with her parents, Mr and Mrs David Yeager. Mr & Mrs H. J. Scalf gave a dance in honor of the young folks Saturday evening. Miss Sudie Smith is visiting friends in Barbourville this week. E. W. Morris and Charles Chandler were registered at the Archer House monday. Dr. S. M. who has been very ill at the Archer House for the past week, was able to return to Pineville Sunday evening. Mrs. H. C. Mills of Dewitt, spent a few days this week with her parents, Mr & Mrs William Smith. Little Lucile Boston celebrated her ninth birthday yesterday afternoon by giving her little friends a peanut party. Miss Stella McCleary, who has been visiting her uncle, Gen. Smith, here, expects to return to her home at Stanford soon. Adelia BAILEY'S SWITCH Mesdames W. B. King and J. T. Chelt, of Pineville, were here last week visiting Mr & Mrs B. Hutchins. Mrs. W. B. King says that she is always glad to get the Mountain Advocate, and especially to see the Bailey Switch news, for she has an uncle and aunt living at this place. John & Sherman Taylor, Jr. of Ferndale, were down Sunday to see W. S. Taylor, their brother and uncle. SCALF Messrs G. B. Jackson and Joe P. Dicky will move to Flat Lick in a short time. Grant Hammons shot Levi Bargo last Sunday through the arm. The facts of the case have not yet been known, but it is believed to have been done without a cause. G. M. Dean, of Flat Lick, was here Tuesday buying furs. Mr. William Hubbard, of Cranes Nest, was in our midst last week with a full line of samples. T. G. Hammons will preach at Salt Gum church Saturday and Sunday .   

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