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Owing to incessant rains, the farmer's are behind with corn hoeing. Married:-John W. Collins, of ??, to Miss Pollie A. Hammons. May the tidal wave of happiness and prosperity ever wait around them, is the sincere wish of the writer. Whitesburg base ball team played a match game at East Bend on the 4th of July, with hundreds of spectators. A festival table, was the attraction of many of the spectators. Arch Webb, with the Mineral Development Co., is visiting homefolks on Long Fork. Your correspondent together with his brother, Stephen Jenkins, is comtemplatin a trip to the far away west for our health, we will leave home in a few weeks. Quite a number of the youngsters of this place, attended church yesterday, on Colly Creek. Rev. Joe Hall conducting services. They reported a large congregation and good behavior. Attorney D. D. Fields has just returned from Cattlesburg on business. A RED ROSE


Rev. W. P. Slusher held a meeting at the mouth of Straight creek branch last Sunday, had a nice meeting, and a good congregation. Other preachers were present, as follows: Rev. Patterson, Rev. Stewart Rev. Davis, Rev. Jackson and Rev. Warren and Bingham. The house was full and everybody gave their attention to the preaching. Text: St. John 5:28:29 John Taylor, Jr., has had A. B. Braughton's team over in Knox county, hauling lumber, but has returned home bringing Mr. Braughton's team with him. Mr. W. S. Taylor, of Bailey's Switch, is up in the head of Stinking creek, and across in Bell county, attending to his deceased father's business. Mr. Taylor took dinner with W. P. Slusher, one of the most progressive merchants on Stinking creek. Mr. Taylor left Mr. Slusher's in the evening for Red Bird to see friends before he returns home. J. C. Slusher has returned from Pineville to the head of left hand fork on Straight creek to put his saw mill in operation. He has about 800,000 feet of lumber to cut at this site. Mrs. Betsey Lawson, wife of Daniel Lawson, died one day last week of consumption. She has been lingering along for quite a while. Trade is very dull all over the country on account of people making corn. W. S. Taylor, I suppose, has arrived home from his Bell county visit. He left W. P. Slusher's store for Red Bird to see friends and relatives, and nothing has been heard of him since. M. A. Carnes is sub-contracting his large log job out to anybody he can. He has his tram road about finished on the Cow branch. Frank Gibson was up to buy the oak timber on the Slusher land, but has not dealt any yet. John Miller has not yet returned from his run-away, he left some few weeks previous, his wife at the same time knew nothing about where he was. We are informed he is at Mustang, Canadian county, Oklahoma, Territory. WILD CAT



The people are beginning to lay by their corn in this place. Rev. J. T. Martin filled W. C. Judd's regular appointment at Calahan, near this place Sunday. Attended by many hearers. Many of our friends spent the 4th, at various picnics. All reported a nice time. George Jarvis spent Sunday with his best girl. Samuel Parker was smiling on his best girl Sunday. Miss Luby Beatty and her father, John Beatty, were visiting relatives near this place Saturday. Born to the wife of S. R. Lawson, a fine girl baby. Listen' Girls, Leap year is half gone, you had better get to moving around. Mr. Thomas Owens, of this place, and Cheslyn McDonald, of Knox Fork, were united in matrimony Wednesday. We extend to them our congratulations, and wish them a happy and prosperous life. S. R. Lawson is the first to begin to cut grass at this place. James Dizney, the noted hunter, went out the other day and killed a wild hog - I mean a ground hog. Mrs. J. D. Jarvis was a pleasant caller on Mrs. W. F. Dozier the 4th. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lawson were visiting their son S. R. Lawson last Sunday. JUMBO


Corn is looking well in this section. Thomas Owens and Miss Martha McDonald were quietly married last Wednesday. May they live a long and happy life is the wish of the writer. Rev. W. C. Judd preached an interesting sermon at this place, and after services Miss Rebecca Price, Bettie Israel and Laura Wyrick were babtized. Misses Mary Parrott, Ethel Donaldson, Lizzie and Mary Helton paid Callahan Sunday-school a visit last Sunday. Thomas Parrott entertained quite a number of friends Sunday. Mrs. Lydia Campbell of Grays, was visiting at this place Saturday and Sunday. Mrs. Lizzie Jackson of near Bailey's Switch, was visiting her daughter, Mary McDonald Sunday. Harvis Jones still continues to be a pleasant caller on Miss Cora Stansberry. Messrs. J. J. Price, G. C. Humfleet and Misses Lizzie and Emma Mort?? are attending the Institute at Pineville this week. Embra Wells of London, was here visiting his brother, Joseph Wells, this week. We have candidates here by the bushel. ROSE


Wash Jenkins and wife, formerly of this place, have moved to the burg where he will reside for a while. John R. Taylor, who conducts a dairy on Rockhouse avenue, in Hindman Park, had a rather exciting experience with a mad dog on last Monday. He was in his barn lot when the dog began snapping everything around him. He immediately went to the barn door and stood guard with a pitchfork to prevent the canine entering where the Jersey cows were kept. Some one about the place ran to the house, secured a gun and shot the dog while Mr. Taylor was holding him at bay. William and Walter R. Webb, two of our most industrious young men, left this morning for Camp Branch on important business. Steve Jenkins and Archie Craft paid Miss Berdie Webb a pleasant visit Sunday. Wash Jenkins, the "dog-gondest" newspaper correspondent, was in the burg Monday on business. The feature of the Swedish day celebration in Festival Hall, was a chorus of fifty students from the Universities of Colly and Millstone. The exercises, which were preceded by a parade, were opened by a welcoming address on "Thornton" by C. A. Ekstromer. George Rogers' "Clark Day" was celebrated by a special program at the Kentucky building to-day, Col. Stoddard Johnson of Potters fork, delivered an address on the "Life and services of Gen. Rogers" and the Statue of Gen. Rogers was unveiled. Archie Jenkins was in the burg Monday on business. WHITE ROSE


Mrs. G. A. Harman, of Corbin, is visiting her son, S. C. Early. Plenty of rainy and muddy roads. Kit Baker and Sam Early are farming on a large scale. They claim they are sticking their corn with bushes, so it will not fall down. W. H. Davis was in our town yesterday. W. H. Morris, of Middlesboro, representing Dabney-Ould Co., was in our town Wednesday selling groceries. G. W. Smith and wife have been visiting her father, J. W. Slusher, for the past few days. G. M. Knuckles of Pineville, was in our town Saturday. E. M. Gibson of this place was in Barbourville Saturday. The Flat Lick baseball team says they are able to compete with any team in the mountains. G. W. Field went to Pineville Sunday night. MARK



Crops look well in this neighborhood. A good many people attended the celebration the 4th with the Odd Fellows at the Fair Grounds at Barbourville, and all report a good time. Mrs. Mary Rose, of Sewanee, Tennessee, visited Mrs. Nannie Taylor at this place last week, and other relatives also. Revs. W. C. Judd and J. T. Martin filled their appointment at our church Sunday. There were several people out, and all behaved themselves well. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Frederic and Mr. David Martin, of Wallsend, visited Jake Kinder at this place last week. Your representative visited his brother correspondents at Mills and Slusher last week and found them to be high-toned gentlemen. Arch Beatty and wife of this place, are visiting relatives at Catfull?? Caine this week. J. E. Helton and wife of Pleasant View, visited Mr. Helton's father at this place last week. W.S. TAYLOR

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