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submitted by Shawn Byrd-Johnson  We have recieved this week some very interesting correspondence from Messer, and also from Mills, but as the editors failed to sign their names to the letters we were forced to consign them to the wastebasket. We hope they will write again and sign their name next time, so that we can use their items.


Weather extremely hot - 90 in the shade. A copious rainfall in this section on the evening of the 24th. Theodore Fleming is having a handsome frame residence erected on North Broadway. Bud Wolf's wife and baby made a drive to Lone Elm on the evening of the 23rd. Harvest is now with us, and the song of the merry husbandman is heard as he gathers together the golden grain. The palatial home of Delingplain that is being built near the Elks Fair Grounds, will soon be completed and ready for occupancy. There has been the largest shipment of bluegrass seed from this place the present season that we have known of before. Mayor J. W. Keller was in Beattyville this past week. Corn and tobacco growing nicely and the prospects for a full crop is flattering. Mrs. Robert Coleman, of Donerail, was visiting in Cincinnati the past week. We were very much delighted with the poem, "My Mountain Home," by George Higgins, and would like to have another from his ready pen. George Tucker and wife, of South Broadway, are visiting the sister of Mrs. Tucker at Tyrone during the week. Robert Coleman had a good horse killed on the evening of the 24th by one of the Georgetown, Lexington and Paris trolley cars. Evemont Hambrick is erecting a neat and commondious frame cottage at the corner of Bourbon and Mulberry streets. We were astonished by the challenge of Bluegrass Johnny, of Oxford to Hayseed, of Lone Elm. It does appear to us that someone had their corns stepped upon. We doubt not a fellow feels a little off when his girl is at the World's Fair with another man and he is compelled to remain at home. THE SMILING ONE


On account of the wet weather farmers are quite behind in the weeds as they are accumulating very fast. John S. Webb and wife visited homefolks Saturday and Sunday. E. M. and S. E. Hammons were in the burg Monday on particular business. Lula and Wash Jenkins visited Jane Hammons Sunday. S. P. Jenkins paid Miss Birdie Webb an extended visit Sunday. Rev. Riggs and Ballou held a nice little meeting at the mouth of Bottom fork, and we had a fine meeting accordingly. Jane Jenkins passed through here this morning en route to Dr. Collins' on business. James Collins, J., fell from the top of a mulberry tree Sunday, breaking his arm at the wrist. He is suffering very much. Mrs. L. J. Jenkins, wife of George Jenkins, is very sick at this writing. Wash Jenkins is preparing to move around the bend in a few days. Mrs. Jane Franklin and daughter paid Rockhouse a visit last week. Eliza Franklin, of Colly, was here Monday on business. James J. Webb is visiting friends at the mouth of Millstone this week. Miss Joe? Edds left for her home in Rose Hill, Va., Monday afternoon after spending a very pleasant week with Miss Amanda Hemphill, of this place. Miss Edds was returning from Jackson, Ky., where she has been visiting her sister, Mrs. R. L. Baker. ALL.


Some few of the farmers are laying by corn, and, are behind with their work. Several of our young men attended County Court at Cynthiana last Monday. Kimbrough Jonett has returned home from a visit to Troy, and reported a delightful time. Ed Smith candidate for sheriff of Scott county, was in our little town last Monday scattering cards and shaking hand with his many friends. Lookout boys he is coming up second. Amos Hammond, of Georgetown, was out last Monday buying cattle. The death angel visited our midst last Friday, June 24th at 3:20 a.m. and from us Mrs. Martha Ann Gunnell, wife of Willis Gunnell. Mrs. Gunnell was born Aug. 24, 1847 married Willis Gunnell Dec. 11th 1882, during a protracting meeting at the Dry Run Christian Church, under preaching of John A. Gano? she made the good confession Aug. 1867. In 1885 she took membership with the Oxford Christian Church since that she has been a very active member, always ready to give and help the churches if she thought she could give five dollars, she would give ten to the cause. It was hard for her loved ones to stand by her bedside and see her breathe her last and to see the color and bright smiles leave her face, that they so much loved, but when the angel of death takes us by the hand and whispers come, we must go, we can but answer I am ready, my Lord, thy will not ?? be done - and the debt is paid forever.



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