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   April 29, 1904 MILLS Dan Bingham is having his clover hay hauled across the creek rom Henry Mills' place, in order to be ready to feed his work stock this summer. The egg and chilcken peddlers are stirring about to-day near DeWitt, fixing to take another trip to Black Raven. Green Lester has returned from his trip to Four Mile and is filling out the day stopping cracks in the fence to keep his hogs inside. Wesley Gray entertained a few boys at John N. Lester's store last Monday night and while the fun was going on his horse broke loose and had to walk home, and when he found his horse it was a gray mare. Brice Walker is a hard working man; he works everything he can to please his young wife. Brice Simpson, a merchant of this place, had a good trade Saturday, having sold seven cents worth of goods, and five cents on credit. Thomas Warren and Mat Broughton have to take a pencil and paper to set down the names of their children before they can count them. Rev. Nasby Simpson took his last text in his shop, and when he got through he had turned four mule shoes at 2 1/2 cents each. Farmers are very active at DeWitt this spring, trying every plan to keep from making corn or to avoid work. The county road viewers are going to have a road near DeWitt. They are going to swing a wire bridge from B. J. Mills' farm to Jas. Luster's barm in order to get out of the high water mark. E. G. Saulsberry is a very good man, he has got the roads in good shape to dry out by ditching them from one end to the other. S.E. Early is a very independent man. I guess he will be Sheriff-if he can. M. G. Hignite is the stuff, and if everybody thinks it, that is enough. Hurrah! For him. J. H. Warren, salesman for the Begg Manufacturing Co., has been sick for some time, but his ills have been relieved by Ramon's pills. Green Luster will not suffer with hunger this summer, for he has just brought in a good fat cow and a nice male calf. The cow looks like she will give plenty of good, rich milk or the poor Republican and his Democratic boys. Dick Epperson will make a good crop this year. He has been thinking about planting two acres. Andy Gambrel and wife visited their parents last Sunday and took them back home with them. Isaac Messer accompanied Miss Beckey Epperson to church last Sunday on Moore's creek. Campbell & Baker, merchants of DeWitt, lead other for prices. I saw Campbell leading a goose to water the other day. The prices are higher and others follow them. Henry Mills, a miller, at DeWitt, will have lots of corn to ship off this summer. He grinds from one peck to a bushel ever grind day. John Carrier will move to his place very soon. He has been building seven years and has got his chimney up already. T. J. Warren and Mat Broughton will make lots of corn this year if Mat can keep Warren from cursing his mule. C. B. Woolum, a merchant of DeWitt, has sold out his large stock and bought young yearlings instead. W. R. Walker is a farmer of DeWitt, he has sowed lots of oats and will plant his corn very soon if winter breaks. Frank Warren, our postmaster, has bought a new fire proof safe, and when it was put in place, invited all his friends to bring in their money and leave it for safe keeping. A few days ago he was showing his wife the new safe, and, closing it, in her presence, bantered her to open it. She tried and failed. He then attempted to show her how easily it was done but, to his chagrin and surprise he could not open it himself. The combination instructions were locked up with his money and other valuables inside the safe and refused to come out. He spend the day showing his wife how it worked, and at night had not succeeded in opening the safe. He wrote the company in regard to his troubles, and they told him to read the instructions, but he can not do that as they are in the safe. His $800 is, safe, and he has not spent a penny of it in the past two weeks. We think he has a sure enough safe. David Mills

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