Knox County Marriage Index Grooms "I"

This Marriage Index was transcribed by Terry McDaniel

Date Male Surname Given Name Female Surname Given Namr Male Address Female Address Book Page
01/08/1902 Ingram Frank Fortney Bettie Flat Lick Flat Lick J 77
12/14/1815 Ingram Isaac I Walters Betsy Knox Co Knox Co A 52
10/14/1865 Ingram James A. Goodin Elizabeth A. Knox Co Knox Co BB 1
07/14/1925 Ingram Myers Smith Annie May Pineville Barbourville 9 37
04/06/1901 Ingram Sidney Fortney Maggie Flat Lick Knox Co K 229
4/20/1852 Ingram Thomas Ingram Nancy Knox Co Knox Co B 7
1/1/1866 Ingram Wm. H. Goodin Rachel
Knox Co BB 1
4/7/1887 Ingram William J. Hoskins Jennie Knox Co Knox Co E 141
12/14/1929 Inman Andy Cook May Elys Elys 18 103
11/14/1921 Inman Finley Hodge Virginia Place Place A-9 44
9/4/1806 Inman Thomas Senters Presellah Knox Co Knox Co A 12
12/27/1902 Inman William Messer Francis Pineville Flat Lick J 503
5/25/1882 Irvine J. A. D. Golden Highlie WhitleyCo WhitleyCo S 229
9/8/1866 Irvin James Arthur Mary Knox Co Knox Co B 226
05/04/1918 Irvin Steve Lee Tulela Grays Baxter X 84
3/15/1894 Irvin William Farmer Mary A. Grays Knox Co V 213
9-31-1929 Isaac Clay Stanifer Dema Pence Richmond B 25
09/03/1927 Isabell Alex Teague Dorothy Place Corbin 14 55
9/2/1898 Isabell Fred Short Lucinda Knox Co Knox Co A-10 500
03/19/1902 Isabell Fred Woodall Elizabeth Knox Co Knox Co J 163
03/24/1921 Ison D. B. Elam Bessie HarlanCo Knox Co 5 9
08/07/1919 Isreal Bradley Hurst Ana Gray Jarvis Store A-7 70
2/9/1892 Isreal Frank Baker Amanda Knox Co Knox Co Q 199
10/23/1900 Isreal Frank Trosper Laura E. Knox Co Knox Co O 407
1/11/1863 Isreal F. R. Campbell Rebecca Knox Co Knox Co B 159
10/06/1915 Isreal George Jones Laura M. Gray Gray A-3 35
10/20/1874 Isreal John H. Mongold Martha Knox Co Knox Co D 31
06/14/1933 Isreal Oscar McCowan Bulah London Corbin 26 40
12/14/1935 Isreal Robert Reynolds Ida Gray Gray 33 61
07/09/1901 Isreal Wm. Jones Mary J. Knox Co Knox Co K 321
11/22/1893 Iseral W. J. Shelton Fannie May Knox Co Knox Co V 111
11/26/1912 Ivy John Webb Ida Warren Warren Z 195
11/12/1921 Ivy John Miracle Mary Trosper Trosper A-9 42
07/06/1935 Ivy Noah Matlock Lucy Anchor Trosper 32 49
03/19/1931 Ivy Nox Berry Sarah Lee Warren Warren 20 112
05/01/1912 Ivy Robert Hamblin Malinda Knox Co Knox Co Z 94
11/25/1912 Ivy William Nelson Susan no address given Warren Z 194

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