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Land Grant between Job Broughton and Daniel Stewart

Land Grant between Job Broughton and Daniel Stewart, recorded in Deed book C on the 4th of May 1826 by James F. Ballinger.

This indenture made the 16th day of December in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-five, by and between Job Broughton of Knox County of the one part and Daniel Stewart of County of Clay of the other. Witnesseth that whereas the said Daniel Stewart hath this day purchased a certain tract of land of the said Job Broughton and for the consideration of the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars to him the Job Broughton in hand paid, the receipt whereof if hereby granted, bargained, and sold and do by their presence grant, bargain, and sell unto the said Daniel Stewart a certain tract of land situated, lying, and being in the County of Knox on the waters of Goose Creek, it being part of the 36,000 acres entered and surveyed and patented of John Lewis, containing 138 acres and bordered as follows: Beginning on a beech on the east bank of the creek, above the mouth of Horn branch, running thence N-80 E-68 poles to a chestnut tree, thence N-81, W-243 poles to a black oak, thence S-71, W-93 poles to the beginning. He, the said Job Broughton, do by his presence, warrant and forever defend the above mentioned tract of land unto the said Daniel Stewart, his heirs and assigns forever. In witness whereof, he the said Job Broughton hath set his hand and seal the day and year first above written in presence of us.

John Henderson Job Broughton
Martin Cobb Mary Broughton
Elizabeth Cobb


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