Isaac Taylor Deed

Deed Book W pg 499
Where as in the actions of Sarah Smith and other plaintiffs against Permelia Taylor and other defendants then pending in the Knox County Circuit Court for the partician of real estate of Isaac Taylor Deceased an order was entered at the September Term 1898 directing W.F. Westerfield, J. R. Hammons and C.B. wilson as commissionours of said court to make dividson and allotment of the said real estate between the parties to said action, and the said real estate was divided in accordance with said order and said commissiours having made their report of division at the October term 1898 of the said court their said report was (unknown) by a further order of said court approved and confirmed and on the 20th day of November 1898 the said court appointed the undersigner W.F. Westfield a special commissiour to make deeds of partition conveying to each party the lands and property allotted to them in sovernity.

Now there fore this indeture made and entered into this 5th day of December 1898 Between China Warren and her husband Willis Warren, Isaac Mills, Margaret Mills and her husband Isaac Mills, Sarah Smith and her husband Newton Smith, Susan Messer and her husband Anthony Messer, Jefferson Mills, George Mills, Rosa Jackson, Awanda Patterson, and her husband James Patterson, by W.F. Westerfield as special commissioner before said of the first part and permelia Taylor of the second part. Two Hundred and 30 acres. Examined and approved in open court December 26, 1898.

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