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Land Grant between Robert Bain and William M Bledsoe

Land Grant between Robert Bain and William M Bledsoe, recorded in Deed Book C Page 475 Knox Co KY by James F Ballinger, Clerk

This Indenture, made and entered into this 11th day of July 1826 between Robert Bain of Knox County and State of Kentucky of the one part, and William M Bledsoe of Clay County and State aforesaid of the other, Witnesseth that for the consideration here in after named the said Bain has this day bargained and sold and does hereby convey to said Bledsoe the tract of land where the said Bain now lives, it being all the land which said Bain bought of William E?nis � the object of the foregoing conveyance is to secure of Bledsoe in the payment of two hundred and thirty five dollars together with the interest thereon for which said Bain has this day executed his note to said Bledsoe, now should said Bain pay said note and interest other? The foregoing conveyance to be void, otherwise the said Bledsoe is to be at liberty to subject said land to the payment of said note and interest together with any cost that may accrue in doing so, either in law or equity. Signed Sealed and delivered the day and date above written.

Robert Bain
Knox County, ?

I do certify that on the 11th day of July 1826, Robert Bain acknowledged before me the above deed, for the purposes there in mentioned, & the same is truly recorded in my office, given under my hand this 1st day of August 1826.

James F. Ballinger, Clk

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