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Family Photos

Baker, Daniel and Leatha

Baker, Daniel and Martha and Shelton, Phoeba

Baker, Green Ward and Eliza Jane Berry

Baker/Delong family

Bargo, Tressie

Bays family - Maybe

Bennett family - Maybe

Bennett, Joel Myphrey

Bennett, Edward Greenberry

Bennett, Rachel and Perry

Bingham, Palestine and Talitha Messer

Bright, John and wife Dorcas Jordan

Bright, John and Sons

Bright, John and family

Bright, Dorcas Joran and daughters

Brock, James

Browning, Arlie

Browning, Henry

Browning, Henry and Perkins, Wiley

Bryant, Cenia Ethel Garland

Bryant, Cenia Garland

Bull, Nellie and Bill

Bundy Family Reunion 1940

Carnes, Cannie and wife Winnie

Cooper and Campbell families

Davis, Betty

Davis, Francis and Elizie

Dozier, Captain Billy

Engle, Elmer

Engle, Jess

Engle, Vience, Bruce, Virginia Sue, Russell and Jess

 Farmer, John Tye

Farmer, Tildia and Barbara Sue

Farmer, Tildia Garland

Flatter, Lucy and Charlie

Foley, Mary Ann Phipps

Foley, Phillip Everette

Foley, Rev. Greenberry

Ford, Hartwell and Delmas

Ford, Joseph Hartwell

France, William and family

Fuller, Nancy Ann

Gambrel, Rosie

Garland, Alex and Rhoda

Gray, Henry

Gregory, Oliver and family

Hale, Tucker
Hammonds, Rose

Hampton, John L

Hampton, sons of Joel and Nancy

Hampton, Joel and Ellen Bennett

Hampton, John and Francis

Hampton, Margaret

Hampton, Margaret and Garland, Cenia

Hampton, Margaret and Unknown Gentleman

Hampton, Mayme Hensley

Hampton, Nancy Gentry

Hembree, Arlena

Hembree, George Perry and Letitia

Hembree, Letitia

Holder, Thomas, Martha and Henry

Jarvis, Leander

Johnson, Faybelle

Keck, William and Permelia

King, Harold G King, Mahala E Faulkner
King, William D King, William D Family
Lambert, James and Odie

Lawson, John C

Lay, Cynthia

Lay, John

Ledington, Earl and Cenia

Littrell, Allie Hinkle

Lovins Family

Lovins, Gilbert

Macroe School Photograph 1915

Manes, Simpson Family

Maupin, General and Walker, William

Mayne, Ernest and Judie

Mayne, Family

Mayne, Family

Mayne, Floyd and Matlock, Lewverna

Meeks or Lawson Boys

Meeks, George and family

Meeks, Mahala and Fronie

Meeks, Sam

Miles, Charlotte

Miller, Ellen Helen

Miller, Ethel Lay

Miller, Ethel and Frank

Miller, Frank and Greg

Miller Gathering

Miller, Hearld Dean and Lay, Bill

Miller, Richard Ballinger

Miller, Virginia Ballinger

Miller, Wilkerson and family

Mills, Abijah and Jackson, Sarah and children

Mills, Abijah and Jackson, Sarah Children

Mills, Ben and Elizabeth

Mills, Carnes

Mills, Elizabeth Hammons

Mills, Escilene Jackson

Mills, John O and Lizzie Broughton

Mills, George Madison and daughter Charity

Mills, Nasby and wife Martha Gambrel

Mills, Nasby and Bargo, Larkin

Mills, Nasby and Elizabeth Jordan and children

Mills, Nasby and Elizabeth Jordan children

Mills, Nasby and Jordan, Elizabeth with Leon

Mills, Noah

Mills, Noah - Carnes - and wife Carnes, Lula

Mills, Benjamin and Smith, Hallie

Mills, Randall

Mills, Randall and wife Anna Sue

Salt Gum church

Moore, Barton

Moore, Fielding and Pope, Nannie

Moore, Irene

Myphrey Family

Noe, Steven and Ellen

Owens, Charles Rudolph

Owens, Charles Rudolph and siblings

Owens, Charles Rudolph as a musician

Owens, Charles Rudolph Sr. and Jr.

Owens, Elizabeth Myrtle Williams

Owens, John Allen

Owens, John, George, and Joseph

Owens, Marta Elzemann and parents

Partin, Perry Robert

Payne, Ethel


Payne, Henry and Edwards, Lucy

Payne, Lucy - Lula - Glen

Perkins, James and Matilda

Perkins, Wiley and Browning, Henry

Pope, Daisy Bell

Pope, Joshua Tye

Pope, Robert Lee

Railroad Workers

Rains, William B

Rasnick, James and Susan

Sanders, Ruth Owens

Scalf, Lee and Chambers, Julia

Scalf, Lee and family

Scalf, Lee and Owens, Polly May

Scalf, Martha Hammonds

Scalf, Thomas Jefferson and Martha Hammonds

Scalf, Thomas Jefferson

Scott, Franklin and Brackett, Sarah

Sexton, Calvin or Hiram

Sexton, John Quincy Adams

Sexton, William and Eliza

Sharp, Sarah Ballew and Unknown

Shelton, Phoeba and Baker, Daniel and Martha

Sizemore, Mabel

Smith, Elijah and Mollie

Smith, William and Pope, Arie

Stephens, Elizabeth, and Howard, Virginia

Stephens, Henry Clay

Stephens, Matison Adams

Stephens, Matison and Bingham, Ollie

Stevens, Kenneth

Stewart, Benjamin and Lula

Stewart, Elbert and Potter, Vina

Stewart, Mamie Lay

Sullivan, Fred and Marie Sullivan, Roy and John

Swafford, Henry and Mary Jane Hammons Theobald, Frank and Scott, Sarah

Thompson, Hiram Levi and Beadie

Trosper, Edward

Trosper, James Thomas

Trospher, Lillian

Trosper, Lillian and Ford, Hartwell

Trosper, Lucy and Marshal

Trosper, Lucy Ellen Matthews

Trosper, Marshal

Trosper, Teresa Belle

Trosper, Tom

Trosper, Tom and Friend

Union College Academy 1910

UNKNOWN maybe Mckeen or Lake

Unknown, Knox or Whitley County family

UNKNOWN Knox County Family

UNKNOWN Artemus Family

Vaughn, Webber Reed

Wages, John

Wages, Julia

Wages, Julia

Walker, Alexander

Walker, John - James - and Napier, Mary

Walker, William and Maupin, General

Walter, Sudie Gray
Williams, Elijah Sterling and Owens, Charlie

Williams, Larkin

Williams, Thompson Eliza America

Wilson, Charles Ballard

Wyrick, Theodoshia Patterson Money


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