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My grandfather John Allen Owens, b. 18 Dec. 1861, Rockcastle Co., d. 24 Oct. 1939, Barbourville.�The older picture was a tintype and�was made when he was about 17 years old, the other was made in 1934. Grandfather was the first agent at Barbourville for the L&N Railroad - he started at Livingston, KY on 1 Jan. 1882, and was sent to Barbourville on 1 Feb. 1888, and was the agent there until he retired on 1 Aug. 1937.

Our house at 335 Knox St.,�Barbourville - this was made�about 1953 while my Aunt Ruth was still living in it. Unfortunately the house was�razed�about 1975. It was built in 1894-96 by my grandfather,�John Allen Owens and his two brothers, George and Joseph.�It must have been nearly completed by 4 December 1894, as that is the marriage date of my grandparents and grandfather brought his new bride from Cincinnati to Barbourville to live in the new home.

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