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Many people have posted queries on various lists and message boards about ancestors killed in the coalmines. I have my great grandfather's copy of "Report - Inspector of Mines of Kentucky- 1899", which is the report of the state mining inspector's office to the Governor of Kentucky for the calendar year 1899. Information that may be of genealogical interest comes from two sections of the book: (1) reports of fatalities and injuries (pp. 42-53); and (2) the names of the owners, operators, and staff of the individual mines.

KNOX COUNTY NORTH JELLICO MINES - near Gray Station on the Coumberland Valley branch of the L. & N. Railroad
Operated by the North Jellico Coal Co., General Office, Louisville, KY. J. P. SNEED, president; I. P. BARNARD, vice-president; W. A. JONES, secretary; C. S. NIELD, treasurer. Alexander FROST is superintendent of the mine.

Operated by the East Jellico Coal Co. S. Taylor SHEAFFER, president and manager; R. G. YINGLING, vice-president; Fred. G. TICE, secretary; J. B. HANFORD, superintendent.

Operated by Mrs. Sarah M. GRAY in the name of the North Point Jellico Coal Co.

WEBB MINE - idle most of the year

BRIER HILL MINE - idle all of the year

Opened late in the year and operated by ROSS Bros.

Operated by the Artemus Coal Co. L. J. FALLON, president; D. H. WEBB, general manager.



North Jellico mine, April 5th: "Tom MURPHY and Ben BARNETT, miners, both seriously injured by fall of slate."

Also in the above named mine, on December 12th, James GOODMAN was slightly hurt in foot and ankle, while drawing up some track on Brunk entry. Lost three weeks.

Also in above mine, December 16th, Sherman MORRIS. Fracture of femur in left leg from fall of slate, and December, Thomas R. BRYAN, fall of slate; received severe bruises on head and neck.

Several accidents were reported from the West Jellico, or Grays mine, as follows:

In June, Mason McBRAYER, a boy, 11 years old, was coupling cars at the foot of the incline, and while reaching for the coupling pin, his foot slipped and he fell from the trestle. His collar bone was broken, and he also received a slight cut on the hand.

In July, Ed. WELCH, the weigh boss, while trying to start tip near scales, his foot slipped, and he was thrown with his hand under the bank car, mashing fore finger of left hand. Lost six weeks.

On November 17th, Green DINEY, a miner, was drawing a pillar and had fired a shot on the solid, and was digging down the coal when it fell and caught him, breaking his leg above the knee in two places.

On November 23d, George TUCKER was hurt but not seriously, in back and hip, by fall of drawslate.

The following accidents were reported from the East Jellico mine at Coalport:

On September 13th, James MEEK was run over by a bank car, and cut severely about the neck, and generally bruised up, but was up in eight days and able for work October 1st.

On October 20th, James STUART, a driver, was kicked on the face by a mule, breaking his nose and cutting his face. Lost two weeks.

On November 17th, Alex JAMES had back badly strained, and bruised by fall of slate, by reason of which he lost two months work.

On December 9th, James GOLDEN had hip badly crushed and was hurt internally from fall of slate, which confined him to his bed for about six weeks.

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