MEMBERS 1831-1848

John Engle SR, Mary Engle, William Helton, Margret Helton, Margaret Vannoy, Elizabeth Campbell, James Helton, Francis Helton, Fanny Campbell, Joab Moore, Rachel Campbell, Solomon Terrell SR, Sarah Foley

1837= Catherine Muncy, Margret Floid, Stephen Floyd,  Elizabeth Vale, Mary Pickett

1838- Phillip Engle, Jane Thompson, Mary Thompson Catherine Thompson

1841- Lydia Barton, Fanny McVey, Mary Logan
1842- GB Foley, Nancy Williams, Sarah Campbell, Elijah Foley, Levina Williams, Joel Costellow, Joel Engle, Jesse Engle, George Campbell, Solomon Terrell, Spencer Foley, Malinda Helton, Elizabeth Engle, Catherine McVey, Joel Vannoy, Anna Foley, Elizabeth McVey

Feb 1843- Nancy Westerfield, Lomon Terrell Jr, Levi Campbell,
April 1843- Margret Anderson, Elizabeth Mabes
June 1843- James C Westerfield, Luke Foley, James Barton,
1843- Mary Thompson, Nancy Foley, Mahala Foley, Jane Campbell, Lydia Campbell, Sarah Campbell, Abby Burken, Anna Thompson, Jane Barton, George Helton, Sally Helton, Anna Thompson, Jane Collins, Phillip Burken, Moses Foley, Hiram Thompson, Elizabeth Barton, Lurena Helton, John S Reese, John Helton, Margret Foley, Sally Walters, Martin Dameral, Susannah Dameral, Anis Dameral
1847- John Thompson
1848- Rachel Engle

William Hopper Feb 1836- Jan 1848
GB (Greenbury Foley) 1848, Dec 1887
Phillip Foley ( Greenbury's son) Jan 1888- April 1897
OP Pritchard May 1897- June 1899
JOE? Allen- July 1899- June 1901
?? Baird July 1901- May 1902

James Helton 1836- July 1843
John Engle- 1843- 1844
JC Westerfield- 1844-1855
John Thompson- 1855- 1872
CS Brown- 1872- 1876
John S Reece- 1877-1908
WL Brown- 1908- 1913
Laura Campbell 1913-1947
Maude Taylor- 1947-1952
Edith Engle- 1953-1979

1853- Hiram G Miller, Jordan Hampton, 
1855- Emily Cooper, Sarah Cooper, John Thompson
1859-Henry Warfield
1860- Isreal Engle
1861- Malinda C Thompson, Jane Phipps, Ivin Hogg, Mary Owens
1862- Samantha Campbell
1864- Elizabeth Helton
1866- Hiram Engle, Polly Thompson, Nancy Sexton, Martin Engle, Eliza Engle, Lucinda Engle, Elizabeth McVey, Joseph Engle, Sarah Engle, Isral Trosper, Malinda Campbell, James W Thompson, Sarah Thompson, Phillip Foley, Malinda Engle, Nathan Thomas, Henry Thompson, Green McCabe, Rebecca Engle, Mary M Thompson, Biddy Thomas
1867- Mary Ann Foley, James McVey, Clem S Brown, James Cooper, Frankie Williams, Emily Cooper, Rachel Floyd, Didama Mitchell, Emaline McVey, George M Helton

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Most likely copied down by Lida Foley Moore

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November, Thursday 8, 1866

Indian Creek church met and after worship proceeded to business. First a door was opened for the reception of members and adjourned til Friday the 9th and met Friday according to adjournment and after worship received Bro. Joseph Engle and Sarah Engle, his wife, by experience and adjourned til Saturday 10th at 11 o�clock and met according to adjournment and joined in worship and received Malinda Campbell by experience then adjourned until Sunday the 11th at 10 o�clock. The church met according to adjournment and joined in worship then received James W. Thompson and Sarah Thompson, his wife and Philip Foley and Israel Trosper by experience and Nathan Thomas by relationship and adjourned til Monday according to adjournment and joined in worship then received Henry M. Thompson and Green McCabe and Rebekah Engle and Mary M. Thompson by experience and so concluded.

John Thompson, clerk  G.B. Foley, moderator

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Knox Co. Ky. Apr. 2nd Saturday 1870
Indian Creek church met and after worship proceeded to business. First a door was opened for the reception of members. 2nd the references from January meeting in regard to the ordination to the gospel ministry of bretheren Israel Trosper and Philip Foley came up 3rd ordered that they be placed under the following bretheren as presbytery Eld. W.K. Davis, G.B. Foley, & W.B. Estes. The same is postponed till tomorrow 10 o�clock Sunday. The church met and according to adjournment. Elders W.K. Davis, G.B. Foley & W.B. Estes Presbytery met with the Indian Creek church of United Baptists for the purpose of ordaining bretheren Philip Foley and Israel Trosper proceeded to relate their Christian Experience and call to the ministry which was satisfactory to the Presbytery and the church. Elder W.K. Davis delivered the Ordination sermon from 1st Timothy 4th chapter and 16th verse. Ordination prayer by Elder W.B. Estes.

Elder G.B. Foley moderator
W.B. Estes sec.
John Thompson, clerk

Page 3  
October Second Saturday 1888
The United Baptist Church of Christ at Indian Creek met, joined in worship organized and Sunday morning being set apart for the church to dedicate their house to the Lord. First � Elder G.B. Foley explained the object of the meeting by making a few appropriate remarks and read the 61st chapter of Psalms. The congregation sung the 100th hymn in the New Life prayer by Bro. John L. Reeves after which Elder G.B. Foley read a part of the first chapter of numbers and delivered a very appropriate discourse on dedication.
Elder Philip Foley followed by singing �Let Christians all agree� read part of 61st chapter Psalms also first Kings 3rd chapter second chronicles 7 chapter and delivered a fine discourse on dedication. The church with elder Philip Foley to preach and conduct the meeting protracted 7 day and received the following bretheren & sisters by experience to wit: Susan Fore, Virginia B. Campbell, Laura A. Brown, Anna Helton, Louisa Davenport, Jane Engle, Nancy Helton, H.W. Davenport, Jane Engle, Nancy Helton & James Helkton & adjournment to next meeting.

John S. Reese clerk  G.B. Foley moderator

Page 4
Knox Co Ky. Dec. 23, 1892
The members of the Baptist church at Indian Creek with their pastor met at Walnut Grove School House, joined in worship and continued to January � 1893 and received by experience the following Bretheren and Sisters to wit: Louisa A. Foley, Ida Campbell, John Helton, Jacob Foley and James M. Moore also received Hanah Hughes by restoration and adjourned.

J.S. Rees clerk  P.E.Foley moderator

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